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  1. I am a Neutral asexual. I recognize certain aspects of the "Sheldon" character as the same. I understand that this is a fictional character and is going to change to something more acceptable to the general public. I am just saying...as the character is now...That is asex Neutral. It is not like we don't have relationships with others, we do. It is just different. We care, we want to be with other people, we just do that in a different way. I am neutral...I have friends. Relationships do not go further than that. It may seem cold and "unnatural" to some, but, this is who we are and it is not wrong or unnatural. (Like I said, I am a neutral asex and I cannot speak for the other asexual people) I am sorry if you don't see it. most people don't. It is what it is. Also...I am not requesting that the writers get on my "band wagon". They don't have any other responsibility than making the greatest show ever. It does not matter how the "Sheldon" character changes as long as it is true to the show....and it is funny. ki
  2. I like what you said, but, also sexual orientation is not a label. This is the way he acts and the way he is written. anyone would tell you he is written Asex until written otherwise. The "Train kiss" was different and interesting. Since then, it has become a CHECK LIST item at date night. Sheldon is not in the kiss if there is anything else in his head. It is part of the agreement. It is ritual.
  3. "They spend hours arguing about things that don't even exist!" (koops) Yes I agree, this does not exist. We, as asexuals, are told that we don't. We do not exist and we are unnatural. I have been trying to find a group in my area to advicate for. AVEN and all of us do exist. Sheldon and Amy are fictional... You still have to be true to the characters you created. Even Sheldon said people don't usually change. But there is a chance for us to be heard...even if the PLOT changes. They have had that kind of relationship and it is NOT invalid...even if the writers move on. Nobody needs to know what goes on behind the closed door. Thank you for the little bit of time. Done. Ki
  4. I did not say asexuals have sex out of peer pressure...I said that some asexuals who are relationships with people who are not asexual have sex because the other, whom they love, needs it. They are there for them...because they love. Side note...the writers of bbt may feel peer pressure to change the relationship between Sheldon and Amy. That is what I said.
  5. I am asexual. I am neutral. This is my natural state of being. There is nothing wrong with me. I have done the research, I have looked for other reasons, what ever remains must be the truth. Natural state. This is not the place for this,but, I will not have anyone attacking us and saying we are unnatural. You are uninformed and clearly have no insight as to the diversity of life....natural life. Side note...Sheldon is Asexual until the writers choose to change Him...(find Him unnatural) ki
  6. You will find that there are Asex people who do enjoy touch...human contact. It usually does not go further than that, unless the the other person in the relationship is not Asex...then the do that for them...to be with them. This is not because the have need, want, desire, or interest, it is to be there for the other person. We are all social creatures and touch is a big part of that, but, sex is a very small part of the overall relationship. I think that will probably happen on the show...peer pressure. I am just sad that we have so few positive role models. This is a true state of being. This is not unnatural. (I blame Fraud)froid ; ) Again...check out AVEN. We exist.
  7. AVEN.net com It is OK..to be together and not have sex. I am not against sex...I am ACE.. WE are OK! AVEN
  8. Just popping in for a bit...post
  9. The cats loved the new toys and did ok with the picture taking. Watching Princess Bride...."No more rhymes now! I mean it!!"
  10. need a nap...be back soon....post
  11. Lived in D.C. for a year....did not need a car.
  12. I had a praying mantis as a pet. sad pet...they don't live long. Fun to watch and very smart. ki
  13. F5 did not work....I have to go back to the previous page and then go to the current...to get updates. (sigh) FUN theories...what if...to an extreme! Ki anyone have pets? Three cats are turning 5 years old today! They have all kinds of treats set out for them! and a rainbow birthday hat...in commeration! ki
  14. I have that! Have not watched that in years....fun! thanks! Ki
  15. Thank you! ddsunny473 How do I refresh the screen?
  16. you want me to go away? sorry, what are the rules? did i mess up? ki are the rules posted? I would still like to play...Can I get another chance? ki
  17. Happy!!! NC RAINBOW STATE! YEH!!!
  18. NC is now a RAINBOW STATE ! YEH!!! But, if it had been up to Asheville, that would have been the status quo from the get go!

  19. Totally forgot about this....Gasparilla these last 4 years. All kinds of Pirate! hit by...AHOY ye matties! Got hit by a drunk woman while trying to stop a fight. Weird
  20. YEP....He is officially...a goofball! Love it! ; D KI
  21. I wish you well,darli'n...please get well soon!
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