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  1. I really LOVE the way he posted today..."moment of silence"... peace Ki .
  2. Hey!...thats my thing! 12 year old girl. Kindred! "squeak". KI
  3. I was at work. (not a "snowy tree cricket" they have a continuous trill of chirps.)
  4. I think at this moment...he may have changed His posting time. It throws the nasty people off.....then you have to change again. I don't know. The 12 year old in me is very happy HE is still posting! The 47 year old tried to explain..."He could stop at any time." 12...Noooooooo (sad little girl voice).....awwwww. Love that they still post on instagram! I wish I could, but, I have a dumb phone. ki
  5. I predict he will move to Asheville, North Carolina.
  6. Just saying...I HATE ADDS! Know it is "money" but hate it! sorry. , KI
  7. I also wish that I could follow on-line. I have a dumb phone and can only see on-line.
  8. I LOVE the blue she wore! My favorite color. Upset She did not win. But, I think She will in the Future. Also agree She is a winner by Nomination! And the need to have a different Category for Drammedy. LOVE, KI
  9. SLOW is mean....I am doing this thing twice....ALS and "Brother Wolf" a local non-kill shelter....and making donations.
  10. This is the relief we get. The stress is gone for little while. We can take a breather and just LAUGH! Everything is good and "right" at that moment! It helps! LOVE, KI
  11. What are your favorite COMEDY MOMENTS?
  12. How far in advance to they sell the tickets?
  13. I would totally take SHOE for Him!
  14. I did not expect anyone to respond, even though, I know this is on everyone's mind. You never forget these things which affect you. I am Depressive. It is never gone...it is a part of you. In many ways, it is the best part of you. It makes you "feel!" It may be good...it may be bad. It is still that STRONG and PASSIONATE part of YOU that is responding! I cannot deny the sadness in me, it is there. They do not harm me much anymore, I have made "time" for them. I go ahead and have a "SAD DAY". I spend that time listening to music,watching a sad movie, or just "being with that feeling". It is not harmful... it just is. I am grateful, as a person, for ALL of my experiences. Granted....some I have had more trouble with than others. We ALL relive the lives that have touched us. This is what we give to them! I am not angry...I understand...I have been there. I miss Robin...I LOVE HIM and HIS work. This is all I can do at this point. Just be there. SEE HIM for the person HE is. He is forever.....Robin Williams! Live on...BABY...Live ON! BRAVO!
  15. I was hard hit by 9-11-2001...I could not watch "recreation T.V." for six months....It was AM talk radio and CNN all day every day. I was helpless. I felt guilty for enjoying anything.
  16. He was also wearing it season six DVD of TBBT Paleyfest extra. Wait...that is a different ring. HUH? I don't know....
  17. Sweet Baby!....He knows.... Jim has had that ring for a long time.
  18. Thank you for responding...going to have to think about how to reply. You all are beautiful! KI
  19. I meant that NH did not win in the other categories....sorry.
  20. Mayim wins in my book! Congrats to Jim! I hate NH did not win!
  21. I defend my friends...tooth and nail! Nobody attacks my peeps! GRRRRR! Jim is a great friend! You always protect the people you love. all I'm saying.
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