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  1. The site is back up but guaranteed are gone. Keep checking for standby tickets.
  2. I wish that in addition to scribbling on sheldon's face after he'd passed out, that Leonard and Penny nestled a Geology book in is arms.
  3. Keep refreshing the AU site periodically to check in. They can post them at any time. If any of us notice them posted we will let people know here, so check here as well.
  4. The way they've been, I'd say just wait a few hours for a ticket email before asking them if you're in the list.
  5. You can take pictures of anything outside in the WB lot or inside old sets like the Friends coffee shop, but nothing inside the sets still in use. Let your tour guide know as soon as you meet them how big a fan of TBBT you are and how much you'd appreciate seeing that set. They have some discretion on which sets they visit.
  6. I heard all the standby got into the 200th taping. Does it seem like the number of percentage of different ticket types they give out has changed, or do you think this kind of thing is because of their "no transfer" policy for guaranteed ticket holders who find they can't make it?
  7. Still curly hair and Amy's date night dress
  8. It looks like Leslie Winkle will be making a visit for the 200th. If they need a character to cause trouble and bring this issue to the fore, I think she'd be perfect for it.
  9. Something is definitely wrong on their end. I've got a story running in my head where the intern who should have taken the site down when it froze up, instead caught a hang nail in the gap between the L and K keys, panicked, tried to yank it out and instead ended up swinging the keyboard into his supervisor's nose, blood and chaos ensue, a coffee is dumped over a computer, an electrical fire ensues , the entire building is evacuated, the news in lieu of no information begins reporting on a possible terror attack, helicopters arrive in the scene, and TBBT fans continue to click refresh, refresh, refresh.
  10. Just keep refreshing. Check everyday, not just the first release day.
  11. The tickets for guaranteed/priority say get there 90 minutes early. So if it's still 6:30 showtime, you should be fine. They can still give your seat to a VIP technically, but I don't think that's likely for the 1/19 taping.
  12. I think you'll be ok as long as they don't send an email out announcing a time change. I'm assuming your very familiar with the ebb and flow of LA traffic patterns.
  13. Did Sheldon just admit that he's been in love with Amy for the last five years?
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