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  1. well, they can't show the naked ones ahead of time.
  2. a whole year? That's it, I'm done. I demand a fresh kiss ASAP. The expiration date has passed.
  3. yes. dear constanza is written by xmarisolx.
  4. Mine of course! But more seriously, I like Dear Constanza for a warm fuzzy because it shows just how far our "real" shamy has actually come.
  5. THAT'S why they had the café set up so far ahead of time!!
  6. The shipping lanes thread is the right place to complain about shenny stuff. I like reading about hopes and fears for shamy here. I don't like hearing other ships criticized here whether I like them or not.
  7. So was the title actually released by cbs?
  8. I think for amy this was just as big as howard's moment when he kicked Bernadette out of bed for crossing the line.
  9. No, it happens all the time, especially if your computer is slow. Some of the people on this site are friends in real life though and they help eachother out If they have trouble getting on the site. I'd suggest you and the people you want to go with you all try to get tickets the next time they're offered to practice and see how you do. If you get tickets you don't want to use yet you can transfer them to friends, or maybe offer them here to someone else a little closer to the date. it could encourage them and other people who noticed you helping to help you the time you really really want to go in the future.
  10. no, don't pay anyone. They will cancel your tickets if they find out that's how you got them and it can encourage people to hoard them just to sell them.
  11. pretty sure Missy would have her birthday posted on Facebook too
  12. couldn't they have at least have acknowledged this somehow? Like have howard's at least make an attempt to get her body flown back or get a last minute plot in Florida, and get balked each time by the astronomical cost and say "screw it. I love her but I know for a fact the woman kept a bag of pork rinds under her pillow"?
  13. I'm sorry. This is all my fault. I wasn't there to sprinkle my magic perfect-episode-guaranteed fairy dust.
  14. I've haven't gotten to read anything past this yet but I agree. Besides, I thought the I love you made it clear to shennies it wasn't going to happen. this just sounds like the writers were being mean without accomplishing anything else.
  15. she could come back... and bond with Emily, her brother's girlfriend, over hating penny. It could work for a few episodes.
  16. I'm so happy for them. I don't see how a title like this cannot be about shamy doing something (not necessarily graphic) to further their relationship considering past use of key words. I would not rule out a parallel plot of raj and Emily making an effort to spend more time together and grow closer. But although the other couples certainly have room for improvement, when I think of them getting more intimate, I imagine them going to the bathroom while leaving the bathroom door open.
  17. If they'd already kissed, this in addition to the I love you would make me not expect anything else. But we are still waiting for that kiss. And the longer we wait the better I think it will be.
  18. sheldon does not look pleased about being hip-deep in frosting. Amy must have talked him into participating.
  19. that would work out perfectly for us. Guaranteed for all who show themselves worthy, regardless of bandwidth.
  20. Ok, I grabbed two for us, but I can't go that week.
  21. makes sense. They showed us TAO before they started filming. I think the next taping will be the fallout from her death.
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