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  1. Everyone will have to wait and see, but it seemed very leonard and lady focused to me, with sheldon as leonard's sidekick. Sheldon gets some funny lines, but hawking was teasing both of them.
  2. it wasn't reaching. It completely depended on how leonard would react to what sheldon did. And up until he flipped through the paper and got excited about what a good job sheldon had done, the audience Oooooohs made it obvious we all thought it was going to result in a huge rupture between the two of them. Instead in turned into a very rare moment been them when they were both in the same headspace and working together in harmony. Leonard made the mental breakthrough but admitted it wasn't his field and he couldn't do the math like sheldon, and when sheldon worked it all out because in his mind he was helping, for once it turned out that was what he actually did.
  3. actually, Op is a made-up language from the babysitters club book series, and Amy's example in TSR followed the rules for it. Janko and her other flash cards later showed she'd made up a completely new language on her own. Plus she loves chaucer in middle-English. I think she's more info that kind of stuff than the boys.
  4. with amy's predilection for made made-up languages, I think sheldon will eventually convince her to learn elvish and klingon, even if he fails to get her into lotr or star trek. I bet she'd be open to saying her vows in klingon if he'd say his in Op.
  5. At the taping Mr sweet asked 3 guys what they notice first in a woman in a mock Dating Game. Her eyes her face her hair Liar liar liars all!
  6. actually, I normally do not find "sheldon" attractive at all unless he's in a suit. And whenever we have gotten to see some skin I always thought that with the lighting and his body language in the moment, that he wasn't attractive at all. But this was definitely an inside-amy's-head scene. The lamplight gave his skin a romance-cover tinge and you could actually see "jim's" muscles, and I could swear they oiled him up in addition to having him sit in the water.
  7. The exact phrase was "the only way we'll know is if we just post it to the preprint server". I'm pretty sure that's what arxiv is. Scientists and mathematicians can post stuff there and get feedback from anyone (including trolls)before they get published in a peer-reviewed journal.
  8. I doubt it. The sheldon's council shirts happened once at the season premiere, then nothing until the last taping.
  9. She's here. I'm way further back in line.
  10. if you have a link there the site isn't letting you post it. The site is up right now, and it says it's been updated as of 1/19. I'm doing some laundry in rpv before I head to the taping. I will keep checking and let people here know if they post tickets. The No Audience taping could be for Hawking, which would make me sad, but understandable considering logistics for him.
  11. was that an email? I still don't see it on the AU website.
  12. It's down for everything, not just tbbt.
  13. I think it will be. He's important enough that I believe they'd change the taping schedule in order to accommodate him.
  14. oh, sure. Now that you're in boring Michigan after your fantastic week that I don't envy AT ALL you're suddenly ready to get chatty.
  15. It's all good. Another obvious kiss opportunity passed by: my expectations have been raised to the possibility of some fondling with a high probability of frenchy french frenching.
  16. I'll be there, but I'm not a qualified vixen.
  17. I think kripke probably approached amy about help with the math because sheldon told him she's brilliant and crazy in the sack, and he's a slimy douchebag. Amy would have thought nothing of it because she knows she's brilliant and likes feeling appreciated. She was completely clueless that bert liked her until raj and Howard told her.
  18. Howard always said he wanted to live in the house after his mother died (of course he never planned on moving out in the first place). I love the idea of them renting a room cheap to stuart. I think they'd all be on board with that if it was agreed stuart was in charge of the housework. Howard could adjust to life without mom without having to instantly mature in all the other areas he needs to, and Bernadette could chill out a little bit if she had her own mr. Belvedere instead of picking up howard's slack.
  19. I would like to hear more about the new comic book store as well. This episode didn't feel finished to me. The amy/kripke thing didn't feel over, and I think sometime in the future they will either bring up more about amy's intelligence or kripke will try something inappropriate with her. Debbie's death isn't over with either. She was a huge part of howard's life (and stuart loved her in a way that may now never be made clear). Plus the house issue is a big deal. I think they will continue with this immediately on the next episode.
  20. The more they delay physical contact, the more hope I have that when it finally comes, it will steam up my laptop to the point of shorting out.
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