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  1. How is there not an interview out about the I Love Yous yet?
  2. being interested in someone is not the same thing as wanting to become intimate with them. I imagined it more as the kind of crush a 10-year-old boy has on the popular girl which instantly dies when he sees her give a sloppy kiss to another boy. Then it's back to "girls are gross!" for another two to four years. Actually, that timing seems to be working out for Sheldon after all.
  3. I'm probably the only person who thinks sheldon had a secret crush on professor plimpton until she started "playing" with his friends.
  4. No, that would be the definition for a hypothesis. A "scientific theory" (in my head I think of the t as capitalized) has been tested enough that it's generally accepted as the reason why something works the way it does by the scientific community at large. It's not the same as when an average person uses it in everyday speech.
  5. The way we use theory in everyday speech is not what scientists mean when they use that word. An average person might say theory when they really mean idea. A scientific theory has been consistently and repeatedly proven by testing hypotheses (or failed to be disproven for string theory). Again, when an average person says hypothesis they might just mean guess, but when a scientist uses it, it has to at least agree with preexisting facts and be logically sound for others to take it seriously enough to test it out.
  6. I don't know. I don't see a dot for the i.
  7. I think leonard is about to have a midlife crisis over his career.
  8. is still a comedy. Even if they write her off they might do something crazy like drop a piano on her head.
  9. I can't. I'm going to a lindsey Stirling concert that night.
  10. They already do regular kissing, so they can continue that without setting any new precedents. But when we finally get to see one, even a peck, we'll know they're doing it while aware that they both love eachother.
  11. If you go to magic mountain it's not much farther to get to Vasquez Rocks
  12. Happy new year! Waiting the last few minutes before the new year, my friend's 8-year old, who was staring at the apple cider we wouldn't let her drink yet, suddenly yelled out the question, "why do we call it a toast?!" Like she'd just realized the world was insane. Guess who was the only person who knew the answer?
  13. it's possible they could swap schedules. They'll need Emily for a valentine's episode and they've filmed more than usual out of order this year in order to work with the actress's schedule when it conflicts. Of course I'm going on 1/20, so for my own selfish reasons I'm hoping they won't.
  14. I couldn't get online this morning. If anyone happens to have a ticket for 1/20 that they decide they can't use please keep me in mind. Thanks.
  15. I'm more hopeful we'll actually get one. Amy kicking sheldon out of their date prevented us seeing the normal end of date kiss. I'm choosing to believe they're holding out for something good. Although I wish if they were going to do it anyway though that they would have thrown in a joke about amy refusing to let him kiss her goodbye because he was so smelly.
  16. a trip to the zoo, a conversation in amy's lab on the ethics of animal experimentation segwaying into the treatment of circus animals, sheldon having a nightmare of being an elephant who starts to choke because there are Brazil nuts in his peanut bucket and amy isn't around to pick them out... the possibilities are endless.
  17. he can't stand watching her because he just wants her to stick it in her mouth already.
  18. I like to imagine her mother originally tried to avoid that as well and tried to get amy hitched directly through a matchmaking service. Instead she found faisal, who was also trying to avoid marriage while pretending to try, and then amy's mother changed her tune.
  19. Let's all go to the lobby, let's all go to the lobby, let's all go to the lobby, to get ourselves a treat!
  20. I hope you don't get sick from being out in the rain all day, dana.
  21. Sometimes I seriously think I need to store the image of leonard's sarcasm sign on my phone. For, you know, reasons.
  22. he probably bought the pack specifically for the pimp pack he put together for leonard, but that doesn't mean he doesn't still have the rest of the box tucked away in the back of his closet.
  23. I hope so. It's time to bring in some Lenny in-law episodes, even if they aren't getting married this season. Leonard's been too comfortable, he's funnier when he's squirming. Plus I'd love to see her interacting with amy.
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