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  1. I still think it will come up again, even if they don't actually move in together. Sheldon did ask amy to move in with him while they were still broken up.
  2. It actually is on the cbs site now, so posting the link should be ok.
  3. My in-laws have one regular tree in the living room and a smaller, skinny one next to the front door. They're both fake. They let the kids do whatever they want to decorate the small one so they can keep the big tree the way mommy and grandma like it.
  4. I bet the reason amy enjoyed The Force Awakens is that through the whole movie (as they held hands) she was "in the zone" replaying her birthday night in her mind.
  5. 1/19 standby tickets are up. 6 hours later: they're still up.
  6. I thought that when Dave told sheldon to kiss her, sheldon was really worried that this was one of those moments when sarcasm was being used and following through might end up getting him punched in the mouth. So he was a little awkward trying to initiate and keep an eye on Dave at the same time. But once he had her in his arms, he just didn't give a f---.
  7. Yes but not right away. They delay it by hours and they add a lot of commercials you can't get away from.
  8. Don't skip out on work to do it but keep checking today and in the future. Look back through the thread. We announce whenever we see tickets posted. There isn't really a pattern anymore but you'll see what I mean.
  9. I think it was along the lines of: Don't screw this up! You're on her couch. She hasn't kicked you out. She must like you. She smells nice. Should I kiss her now? I wonder what doctor cooper's doing right now. Something brilliant, I'm sure. Don't screw this up!
  10. Slow motion is great, but I wonder what these kisses would look lIke sped up.
  11. When we saw them film sheldon recording with his phone from his point of view, they used something like an ipad on a kind of dolly so there wouldn't be any shakiness when he moved it.
  12. So is this the first time we've had shamy intimacy progress without sheldon immediately regressing in some way in the following episode?
  13. I am interested in you finishing the story. If you can tweak it though for fiction press, you will get a different kind of valuable feedback from readers that don't have preexisting ideas about the characters your writing about. Whatever you decide, if you stay with tbbt, I think you should swing the focus back to leonard and Penny if you can just because you started the story that way and the shifting focus takes away from the story. If you go to fiction press, you could tweak the beginning to make Michael and Hayley the main characters right off the bat and make L--- and P --- the catalysts for their current conflict. Or maybe you could write both stories. It's not like you have to worry about deadlines here.
  14. The dress definitely fits her better now. It looks like the girls convinced her to at least take her date clothes to the tailor if they couldn't get her to agree to buying a new wardrobe.
  15. Hadn't planned on it, but I'll be at the Star Wars opening night on Thursday now (whether costumes will be worn is still be argued about). Now while I'm in line I'll be thinking about what fictional characters will be doing instead of standing in line like me!
  16. Have you ever seen "I'm Fracking You Tonight"? Kunal is actually in it and there's even a line about TBBT. I'm considering it Sheldon's theme song for the rest of the season.
  17. It was started that early in the series they wanted the boys to identify more with the other's mother than their own. So since penny is more like Mary and amy is more like Beverly, it still makes sense from that perspective.
  18. I remember my brain started melting and I was sure I wasn't remember the shirts properly when I realized the direction the episode was going. For the last part of your quote, it reminds me of what Leslie said: Come for the boobs, stay for the brains (or personality, mutual interests, returned affection, whatever keeps you going)
  19. "Our belov├ęd nerds experience the newest Star Wars movie for the very first time, et cetera. Heavy emphasis on the et cetera. You'll enjoy it more than you think you will!"
  20. It's not just stuff that bothers the majority. You're right, that belongs more in the Jim appreciation thread. But you get better results if you just report the post (or one of them as a representative) so the moderators will know to take care of it instead of waiting for them to catch it on their own or letting it get under your skin as it continues unchecked. Avoids hurting people's feelings accidentally, too.
  21. Nope. Not unless he felt the urge to use his hands to coach her during her impression of a chicken pecking for corn.
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