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  1. Wouldn't explain amy's hair. That would have kept her hair relatively neat even if she tossed her head around.
  2. He calls information (411) to try to identify the song. It's how you found phone numbers before google.
  3. From what I can remember: Amy tells Bernadette she's going to go out with Dave again. Bernadette asks why after he spent the whole date talking about Sheldon Amy says that's not really different from how dates with Sheldon went and she can't blame Dave for getting carried away when she doesn't have much experience with dating herself. Bernadette asks where they're going, and Amy says he's coming here to her apartment and she's making dinner. Bernadette says that's a big step. Amy looks confused and asks why. She says asking a man to your apartment can be very intimate It's where your underpants live. Amy looks a little nervous but says she at least she knows Dave really likes her and wants to spend time with her. She needs to get some experience some how. Bernadette asks if she thinks doing that with someone who's 6 foot 7 is a good idea. That's like taking your driver's test in a bus. Amy looks even more surprised and uneasy.
  4. Bialik reveals that she would have been happy for their relationship to never be sexual and instead "just be a romantic, intimate love." Still, the story "is so well done," she adds; perhaps, too well done, as one woman in the audience on tape night almost lost her mind. --- Glamour: When you and Jim were taping the scenes in bed, how did the audience react? Did they lose their minds?Mayim: Melissa Rauch said there was one woman [in the audience] who was holding her head like she might have a seizure, God forbid! We didn’t know! We were afraid we might have to reinforce the railings! --- My, my, my. Who on earth could they be talking about?
  5. Hands above the waist but full body contact and passionate. It was not "how mommies and daddies kiss". To quote one of my favorite movies: -maybe that's his wife. -no married man kisses his wife like that!
  6. Maybe 8 seconds for the first, then the second one I'd guess 6, still going when they cut to commercial, still going when they come back from commercial, and continuing uninterrupted for about a minute while Dave stands there making awkward yet enthusiastic one-sided conversation. They still have not come up for air when amy kicks the door shut in his face. If it were any other tv couple the implication would have been that they were about to have sex then and there, so the star wars sexy times episode doesn't seem that crazy to me.
  7. Well, he could recommend a good french caterer.
  8. Then maybe leonard should be giving sheldon away instead.
  9. I wish we still had a separate thread for spoiler reports. Hiding it doesn't seem to have stopped people from reprinting information inappropriately. I don't like going to those people's links to refresh my memory.
  10. I don't know that answer, but from the description of the state of her hair, the only way those glasses could stay on her head would be if Sheldon asked her specifically not to take them off. So, win-win!
  11. The majority of men in the US are circumcised. But it's for usually for health reasons, not religious.
  12. Ah, the Giuseppe handhold. I can't wait to see something so intimate and awkward free between them again!
  13. What do you think an episode that had both Dave and zack in it would look like?
  14. Han and Leia had boy/girl fraternal twins, followed by another boy. Until the new movies rewrite that, the universe of the continuing novels will be reality for me. It will stay that way if I decide the movies suck.
  15. Can you blame him? The conversational possibilities are practically limitless. We could discuss the cost benefits of bulk buying vs the problems of long term storage, or segway into the purported benefits of probiotic foods aimed at women.
  16. No. It means menstrual pads or panty liners. Wearing tampons all the time puts you at risk of infection. Toxin shock syndrome is scary stuff.
  17. It's part of my head canon that penny and Bernadette would have talked her into the pill to regulate herself better so she didn't need to wear pads all the time. Not that as an educated woman who loved sticking around to talk to her gynecologist that she didn't know that. However, I think she would have needed some peer encouragement that taking BC doesn't make you a slut (honestly, what do you think amy's mother told her? ). I also believe that if sheldon decided ahead of time to have sex, he would have practiced putting a condom on until he could do it one-handed in the dark while being distracted by the sound of the new Doctor Who playing in the living room. I've read many versions of both of these in different fanfics. I never thought anyone was being plagarized. It's just so IC I will continue to take it as self-evident until the official writers do something blatant to contradict it.
  18. I am hoping the early reconciliation and sex for shamy (season-wise) is because they are going to start focusing on Raj a lot more. I don't want him to break up with emily because she's scary or creepy. I would like it if they broke up because he realizes he just doesn't want to spend the rest of his life for her and it's not fair to her to stay together just to have regular sex with a beautiful woman.
  19. I don't think raj has resolved his issues with Emily. He really really wants to get married and start a family. They've been together for long enough now that if he hasn't proposed or at least been obsessing over what his parents would say, things can't be good.
  20. You know, if amy moved in with sheldon now (married or not) considering that she's had her own space for so long and is like sheldon in liking things neat and under her control, I think she'd quickly become ticked off at her bestie just walking in all the time and raiding the kitchen.
  21. This feels like a knife twisting in my heart. Knowing good things are coming doesn't erase the real pain they put eachother through.
  22. So what now? Will having physical proof of love (etc.) mean amy will have no problem waiting for her next birthday (or wedding night)? Will one of them push to continue indulging, and will the other resist or be grateful the other caved first? How many different fanfic scenarios can be written before TPTB answer?
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