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  1. Everything kazzie said is right, except it was kingman, az, not phoenix. Leonard and amy drove 6 hours there to get him. Stephen root from Office Space (that's my stapler) played dan, who hired penny based on their mutual fear of Bernadette. Stuart's fight with Howard over him staying with Debbie were the funniest scenes in the episode. If i were amy, this would have been the last straw for me. I am not satisfied at all with how they handled that.
  2. I have a few minutes while I'm in the drive through. Can i talk about the taping here or is there a better thread for that?
  3. I haven't really talked to anyone yet. I just finished convincing my husband to let me take his car down the day (it's hard work getting stubborn people to think things are their own ideas) I know I'm doing a taping report.
  4. I don't know what the title will be, but I'm hoping for a joke about how Sheldon will either let them know where he is or how fast he's going, but never both at the same time.
  5. Audiences Unlimited's changes and cancellations pages shows the taping for August 5th has been cancelled.
  6. Who is "It"? Audiences Unlimited shows no changes to taping dates on the future date page nor on the changes and cancellations page.
  7. They're just delaying the start of production. But they already have scripts so if it's just a few days it shouldn't delay taping or air dates.
  8. I don't want Penny and Leonard to get married this season but I don't want them to break up again either. I'd like it if they ended the season with Leonard having tenure so he can't move to another position and Penny getting the opportunity to go to Toronto or Bollywood for some kind of movie opportunity that would cause them to have to postpone the wedding indefinitely. It seems to be a regular thing now for all or one of the guys to take off over the hiatus. I think it should be Penny's turn next. (Writers, feel free to use this. I promise not to sue.)
  9. I could see Raj proposing to Emily as soon as he could, but I think she would turn him down once she realized how wealthy he was. They really emphasized how much she likes being in charge (as opposed to Lucy) and I think she wouldn't like the idea of a power imbalance that went the other way that much.
  10. Hi! I'm new to the forum, though I think Tensor forwarded on one of my taping reports. Happy to be here.
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