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  1. you know, I always saw a future plotline of Sheldon finding out Amy was "technically" smarter (ie IQ or something). Didn't know how this would pan out, but if she got something over him like a promotion, or a grant....or for some reason they took IQ tests...who knows, but I could see the comedy potential in it....

    I know some character profile "baseball cards" warner brothers put out listed amy's IQ at 190, so although that isn't canon yet, they could certainly go that direction.
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  2. They've already done the "Sheldon is an awful teacher" thing a couple times now, and I can't see them doing that again. I have a feeling it will be different this time around.

    Of course not. After all, they knew when to drop the jokes about leonard's lactose intolerance, sheldon's bowel movements, how fat Mrs Wolowitz is...

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  3. I looooooove Stephen King's books. And he just churns them out like a machine. I remember reading 'Salem's Lot' this past winter and being absolutely blown away. And who said vampires were overrated? :wink:

    One of my teachers gave me a copy of his book 'On Writing', and it's full of great advice. I've got about 50 post-it tabs glued to the pages and half of it's highlighted, lol.

    The last book I finished was 'Gone Girl' by Gillian Flynn. It was wild. A total joyride. I've never felt so whiplashed by a book before. But it was fantastic!

    Right now I'm reading 'Pillars of the Earth'. I'm only 100 pages in and have 900 to go, but my history teacher said it's her all-time favorite, so I'm optimistic.

    I love pretty much everything by Stephen King, including 'On Writing' (though he had help with that one)

    Which author do you mean for 'Pillars of the Earth'? There's more than one out there.


    Right now I'm reading 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' (it's hard to get through her examples of 'good negroes' but it does have some good storytelling) and 'The Erasers' ( I love books where I don't immediately know what's going on).

    Ender's Game, 1984, and Brave new world. not all at once at least.

    When you're done with (or before you start) Brave New World you should read Plato's Republic. It will make it even more disturbing.

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  4. For the last couple years all Stewart's character was about was running the store and being depressed because his life was so awful. You can only highlight that so much before it gets depressing for the audience, too. I think things will be a lot different this season and I'm looking forward to seeing more of him being inappropriately close with Debbie, fighting with Howard over it, and maybe clashing with Sheldon too if he decides to do something other than open up his money-losing store (they said there will be a comic book store, not necessarily Stewart's).

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  5. He was awesome. I've never seen Stuart stand up to people like that. Deb-Deb is good for him! I want them to be a permanent disturbing couple like Harold and Maude and have someone else for Raj to compare his love life to and moan about.

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  6. Everything kazzie said is right, except it was kingman, az, not phoenix. Leonard and amy drove 6 hours there to get him.

    Stephen root from Office Space (that's my stapler) played dan, who hired penny based on their mutual fear of Bernadette.

    Stuart's fight with Howard over him staying with Debbie were the funniest scenes in the episode.

    If i were amy, this would have been the last straw for me. I am not satisfied at all with how they handled that.

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  7. To those going Tuesday

    Have a fantastic time and don't forget to come in chat after where we will be waiting anxiously for news!!!!

    Have you all decided who's doing the report?

    I haven't really talked to anyone yet. I just finished convincing my husband to let me take his car down the day (it's hard work getting stubborn people to think things are their own ideas) I know I'm doing a taping report.

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  8. It says that as off July 30th taping report has been delayed. I am really trying not to panic.

    Who is "It"? Audiences Unlimited shows no changes to taping dates on the future date page nor on the changes and cancellations page.

  9. I don't want Penny and Leonard to get married this season but I don't want them to break up again either. I'd like it if they ended the season with Leonard having tenure so he can't move to another position and Penny getting the opportunity to go to Toronto or Bollywood for some kind of movie opportunity that would cause them to have to postpone the wedding indefinitely. It seems to be a regular thing now for all or one of the guys to take off over the hiatus. I think it should be Penny's turn next.


    (Writers, feel free to use this. I promise not to sue.)


  10. I could see Raj proposing to Emily as soon as he could, but I think she would turn him down once she realized how wealthy he was. They really emphasized how much she likes being in charge (as opposed to Lucy) and I think she wouldn't like the idea of a power imbalance that went the other way that much.

  11. Hello. I'm new to this forum but I've been on the other TBBT one for a while. Glad to see how active everyone is on this one. Hopefully I'll have a taping report to contribute soon.

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