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  1. Amy did tell Dave she was thinking about getting a better place. It would no longer be out of the area with sheldon back in the picture, but it could bring up the issue of living together again. But if sheldon's force had awakened, maybe he knows living together platonically would no longer work for him.
  2. No. He said that to leonard and Penny. It was the opposite of the table episode. Same epiphany, but this time it made him happy.
  3. Yes. Sorry. We've had company and I haven't had time to type everything up yet.
  4. It's fine that you don't like it. Sheldon doesn't like it either! Leonard- do you even like the Beach Boys? Sheldon- it has the word "beach" in it. What do you think? It just happened that the song expressed perfectly how he felt, and his subconscious used it to tell him. Once aware, he could use a more sheldon-appropriate laundry metaphor. "She's the fabric softener of my heart. "
  5. You're right. I would love to see raj date that girl!
  6. FAIRY DUST DEPLOYED. You're welcome.
  7. Fyi, yes I am going tonight. No, I will not be in chat.
  8. but what total number is it? One hundred and...?
  9. Which number episode was the spock resonance?
  10. I'm talking about the video preview in the link. The focus and insinuation is solely about sheldon gleefully jumping back into the dating pool and nothing about the girls' plot.
  11. ugh. I've read a small number (ok, extremely small number) of decent sheldon/OC fanfics, but how many people out there are excited about seeing that on tv? The preview seems designed to make shennies, shamies, and sheldon-purists all sick to their stomachs.
  12. I think this was the best episode so far this season.
  13. Maybe like when Bernadette found out Penny knew what a sleaze ball Howard could be, and not only didn't tell her, but set her up on a date with him?
  14. That's it. I'm going to the next taping. And I'm bringing my fairy dust with me.
  15. she has coverage/data limitations right now though, so we may not hear anything from her until tomorrow. If she does stop by it won't be for long. She isn't the only person there, though.
  16. 11/17 standby tickets are up. When are priority tickets being posted? I haven't seen them for a long time.
  17. I don't think sheldon will ever see that tape. But, let's say he does. I think he's more likely to to watch with mounting concern and horror while thinking "dear lord, he's talking about the most interesting subject on the planet (me). Someone stop him before they jump into a broom closet and have coitus together! ". The fact that she broke off going any further with Dave because of it will be just as confusing as the fact that asking about The Flash led to their own break up, and won't lead him any closer to the light.
  18. He broke up leonard and Penny at the bowling alley.
  19. i want wil to show it to amy at some point. It has nothing to do with the documentary and would be cut, but as we saw at howard's bachelor party, he couldn't keep something juicy secret, and since he's sheldon's friend now (and to get karma back for wrecking leonard and Penny) I want him to be deliberately helpful.
  20. I am. But I'm working 12 hour night shifts 6 days a week right now and tickets come up 2 hours past my bedtime. If they don't post the tickets promptly (or I fail to wake up) I can't afford to stay up and wait for them.
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