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  1. I think I'd like sheldon to go back to the psychic and complain that everything in his life is falling into place except for amy and demand a refund. Then pay her more so she has to continue to listen to him rant.
  2. just go to the line outside. Standby and priority will be mixed together. Later they'll take you inside the parking structure and separate you into 2 lines and check you in. If you want to do a tour first, make sure you buy tickets online ahead of time. They will sell out by the time the day arrives.
  3. congratulations! The first 2 rows are always reserved for VIPs, so you'll never get absolutely in the front. And the further back you are, the higher up, so you actually get a better view of the 3 main sets. So, I wouldn't worry about trying to get a better seat. Buffer time for missing a bus, meeting other fans, or doing a WB tour would be good, though. If you have no where to stow your phone, bring it anyway and security will hold it for you during the taping. They will understand. They just can't do it for all 200 people. You can bring your own food and drink, but don't expect to be able to really chow down until pizza time. Practice your favorite Netherlands song and maybe Mark Sweet will throw you a piece of candy.
  4. I couldn't get to a computer this morning. I don't know if there will still be standby tickets posted later.
  5. I really, really want to go to the 200th episode, but I will probably at least be going to the first taping in November. And since I shed Shamy fairy dust the way Amy sheds dandruff, we may see them getting back together then. Ask anyone. My shamy taping record is pristine.
  6. Yes, I requested the graphic and chloe designed it. But I'm thinking of changing it this year to him with devil horns and a pitchfork.
  7. I think the scavenger hunt when he and amy were in the car together highlighted the changes the best. He really rode the creepy/corny line before. But nowadays I think raj is probably more likely to fill that role.
  8. I just heard "cool on your island". It seemed to have a lot of amy's state of mind in it.
  9. Since they aren't letting then get back together right away, is it too much to hope for a Beverly/amy scene?
  10. I just caught up on this thread. I usually don't come in here unless I'm trying to help someone get tickets. The new no transfer rule stinks! I'll try to come in chat to help get others tickets from now on. I don't plan on going again until #200 or later in the season.
  11. I'm sure the guy who does the Australian promos will be over the moon
  12. I want the next episode to start with lenny arriving at the hotel and finding it stocked with monkey paraphanelia and old issues of Neuron and Only One Bed.
  13. could be. Either returning it since he won't be allowed to play in her room anymore, or... I really want it to be or....
  14. it looks to me like the box is holding either a striped scarf or blanket with tassels at the end.
  15. I don't know. Ask String Theory what she thinks about the morning Sheldon woke up in bed with a Geology book.
  16. wow. I just realized I got to see both bookends of the season live. I'm so grateful to everyone who helped and everyone I've met this year.
  17. as far as the makeout goes, neither penny not leonard seemed surprised or confused when sheldon told them they were necking, so I would say that shows it definitely wasn't the first time and that they knew it. On the other hand, the Molaro interview seemed to insinuate maybe it was the first time. So maybe the writers aren't entirely in agreement about it. Considering the writers' habit of ignoring continuity for the sake of whatever joke or story they want to go with, I'm sure they'll change that as needed for what they need for season 9. In the meantime, we should just choose the reality we want, and indulge in some fanfiction.
  18. From the interview it sounds like this is going to last for more than just one episode. They want to explore how relationships shift and how people react going forward? This sounds like a priya arc without a priya.
  19. Can someone put a copy of the instagram you're talking about here?
  20. sometimes I like to go back and just look at speculation before and after big moments happen. Not just for the last season but for the whole series.
  21. even after watching the episode it still looks like they were about to announce their engagement.
  22. that is another reason I think they used a promo shot for the kiss or reshot it after we left. I remember their knees touching but their bodies being further apart. The nice thing was all the movement was exaggerated more that way as they had to purposely lean into eachother more.
  23. in my head canon, amy avoided seeing mary because, although she enjoys being cast in the role of "bag girl", she didn't want to cause any trouble during the visit.
  24. For the record, my husband, as a point of pride, will do anything to avoid buying or picking me flowers, no matter how much I ask for them. On my birthday four years ago, guess what I got? A mushroom log.
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