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  1. it was not a promise ring that a teenager would give his girlfriend. It was a full-on engagement ring with a ROW of white diamonds.
  2. People always swing back and forth on finales; they either love them or hate them. But has there ever been a penultimate episode that everyone didn't love?
  3. not quite. They definitely both had to lean into it to reach and embrace eachother for the makeout, but a pure, sheldon-initiated hug is still something we can look forward to for next season.
  4. don't forget the heavy breathing, and how much more he was smiling during the actual take.
  5. per forum rules, since some threads are completely spoiler free and promos count as limited spoilers, you can't change your avatar to that until the episode actually airs. You can post a gif of it in the episode thread though as soon as cbs releases it.
  6. So as this is the spoiler thread, I'm assuming everyone knows how the whole season will finish. So overall, how do you think this season ranks compared to others? What about how things have changed; do you think there will be a big shift in season 9 for the whole show's tone?
  7. I think this is part of kunal's dream to make out with every tv girl he had a crush on as a child.
  8. sure. If sheldon needs something that is more than the epitome of indifference this time, maybe he'll offer to dogsit and refuse to give her back.
  9. I'll be there too but I can't waste a whole day (or more) waiting in line to try to get into their panel when there's so much else going on.
  10. In the interview he said raj had been cut off financially and was trying to fix that in tonight's episode. Did I miss when that happened? I know his parents cut him off when he was dating Emily the First, but I thought all was forgiven when they broke up.
  11. I have to say that,even though he chickened out at the last minute (this time), I was so proud of raj for acknowledging that he and Emily just weren't compatable and had decided to break up with her. I hope next season he actually goes through with it or at least stands firm about not doing things with her that are so far outside of his comfort zone anymore. I'll be really disappointed if he goes passive-aggressive and tries to get her to break up with him instead.
  12. I don't know. When leonard asked to suspend their friendship and be strictly roommates with no obligations, he went through a lot to try to get leonard to come back. and of course, the cats.
  13. ha! It's vegas. They could get a small "church" black tie wedding conducted by elvis entirely in klingon.
  14. Am I the only one who thinks sheldon's been getting secret therapy to get better control of his issues in order to get closer to amy? He's been touching Everybody more, not just her; He could focus enough to learn how to drive this year; He hasn't freaked out as much at small changes...
  15. I can't tell on my phone. Is this thread spoiler-free?
  16. it was a spoken line. so he might have been speaking to gollum still. "you don't really wear pants to speak of, so I guess you wouldn't recommend keeping this in my pocket." or something like that.
  17. Leonard asked penny straight out of they were still going to Vegas and still getting married and she was angry but she said they still were. They kept driving east, but not goofy excited anymore.
  18. Maybe they reserved tickets for extra VIPs so have since declined.
  19. if Penny leaves for an acting job he might push for them to make it more official because he's even more worried about the stress breaking them up. Gotta maintain that homeostasis as best as you can.
  20. if no one else does it I'll do a taping report. I have to drive back to work first. Other people will also visit the chat room right after the show.
  21. as long as she's back by September. 4th quarter's a b!#@/. But though I still think penny's going, with the latest press release I'm moving amy to the number 2 slot for leaving over the summer. Also for work opportunities. If it was something that gave her a shot at a Nobel that would definitely add some drama to the shamy relationship.
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