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  1. Wait, where is this quote coming from? I can't find the original source in the thread or the whole thing together.
  2. if it was anything serious the media would have picked up on it.
  3. I don't remember, are permanent cast members listed whether they're in the episodes or not? does anyone have a program from when a character was missing that can check? If there really is a missing scene, then I would guess it is either a lead in for something big next episode (although in sure it will be a big Lenny one) or mayim was just sick. Nothing bad happened. She is so famous now the paparazzi would be blabbing about it if there was.
  4. I'm unjinxable. My positivity lives in a land where Murphy's Law is unenforceable.
  5. I am so positive there will be some sort of shamy kiss in the finale that I will still believe they're holding back a pretaped scene if I don't see it live in person next week. It may just be sheldon giving her a peck on the cheek, but it WILL happen. Remember, I'm a Shamy good luck charm.
  6. what the heck kind of shirt do they have penny wearing? Amy might ask if she can borrow that later.
  7. there's nothing thoughtful about it. He will moan about as much as sheldon did when leonard went to see the large hadron collider without him. But that didn't stop leonard and it won't stop me.
  8. So my layoff's been pushed back a week. Again. There's no way I'm missing this taping anyway, but my husband isn't happy about me leaving him at work without a car while I enjoy myself. Does anyone happen to have a guaranteed ticket they don't need for 4/21 so I could bring him along?
  9. wow. Honestly, sheldon enjoying building a blanket fort with amy so much that it leads to a sleepover sounds totally believable and in character, but Sheldon lighting candles to host a romantic date night at his place? Hubba hubba.
  10. If mary and Beverly are in the penultimate episode, how will they top that for the finale?
  11. look at the huge stack of girl scout cookies. My guess is raj couldn't help buying them but brought the to howard's to try and keep from eating them all himself.
  12. Aww. I hope the reason involves you getting paid lots of money.
  13. I am disappointed that new jersey was involved and we didn't get anything with leonard's family, but I'm glad they brought Mrs koothrapalli back. I was afraid she was gone for good.
  14. we don't know that. I just said she looks like the right type. She looks too young to play leonard's sister, but other than that she could be anyone With a part big enough for a dressing room.
  15. I think she has the right look for penny's sister
  16. I expect a kiss in the second to last episode for the season, in what will overall be a lenny heavy episode. Then again, I'm going to the taping for the last episode and I've got a hot streak going for shamy moments whenever I attend, so we'll see.
  17. no, but they usually do between scenes towards the end.
  18. I'd like to see an episode where Emily is hanging out with HER friends and Raj ends up in the next room with a bunch of men he doesn't know-either feeling horribly out of place or Ending up charming them all. I don't think she spends all her time either working or sitting in a room by herself when Raj isn't there (lucy), and she seems like the kind of girl who would already have her own social group. It would explain some why she hardly ever spends time with raj's group. Even if she is a serial killer, it can't take up all her time.
  19. I think I'll like this one better than the Skywalker incursion
  20. I guess phantagrae and the others got in ok. I hope they have a good time
  21. I am very curious about what his face will look like when they have the G/PG discussion.
  22. lots of secrecy should give you a good feeling. There's no reason to be sneaky about a boring filler episode.
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