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  1. I'm planning on trying too.good luck!
  2. The only thing I am sure of is that they won't go the whole season without a single kiss.
  3. looks like she got rid of the water bed.
  4. you must understand, the adult store in san diego has an amazing selection. And they validate your parking for free.
  5. I think the writers have a bet going: for how long can we consistently increase shamy intimacy, emotional and physical, and still get away without showing a kiss?
  6. Someone just pointed this out in a fanfic and I think they're absolutely right that Emily would get a kick out of dressing up for conic con. Especially something dark.if she isn't here to stay I hope they do something like that that she and Raj enjoy together first, especially with the missed opportunity for Halloween
  7. Penny will leave for clerks 3 location shots in new jersey and studio scenes in Toronto. Leonard will visit while she finishes in NJ at the beginning of the next season and they will both visit leonard's family, who will make both of them feel like failures.
  8. Kevin Smith has no fear of going meta, so who knows? Maybe kaley will have a part.
  9. Between G and PG? hands off the private parts, frenching allowed
  10. sounds like they're describing zach. Don't need 2 of them.
  11. My expectations are high. I haven't disappointed myself yet.
  12. Hmm. the omens for shamy goodness tomorrow increase. Wish I wasn't getting laid off this month so I could justify taking a day off to go to the taping.
  13. I keep meaning to change my avatar but the shamy gifts just keep on coming. I feel like a baseball player who's afraid changing his socks will kill his winning streak.
  14. we just need them to double the time per episode.
  15. definitely. And his beard is getting a little crazy.
  16. Didn't Rocky use buying a pet turtle as an excuse to spend time with Adrian in the first Rocky movie?
  17. What a sloppy summary. They can do better than that without being too specific.
  18. I saw the perfect day promo. I was very pleased that it didn't look like sheldon had to think hard after the fact to squeeze amy into his fantasy the way penny did with leonard. It seemed clear to me that Sheldon had envisaged her there all along.
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