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  1. I've eaten there about five times. Way better than Pinks.
  2. Everyone knows it will be "no, they didn't" if they pull that this season so just make them kiss already. JUST KISS!
  3. yes, but because they overlap before release and people use them just to talk about reactions to specific episodes after they air, it's hard to keep a continuous conversation About speculations for the entire season going.
  4. the other forum has a limited spoiler thread where taping info is off-limits, but you are free to discuss released promos, pictures, or cast member/writer quotes.
  5. you can at least make it head canon for your head canon.
  6. A lot of the good bts stuff gets lost in the thread. Do you think we should make a separate thread just for that like we do for taping reports?
  7. I'm looking forward to Bernadette laying down the law the most. The Disneyland analogy was ridiculous in my opinion. Sheldon shouldn't need to have the reason someone would be upset for not being given credit for a major scientific breakthrough. That's part of the bedrock of sheldon's Meaning of Life! If it plays out more that Amy was referring to sheldon's anger at the child (who was completely blameless) to explain leonard's anger at sheldon when it was mostly the magazine's fault, then I'll be ok with it.
  8. And with Bernadette standing, it looks like her place is at the other end facing him, which is also traditional. Having his best friend on his right and stuart on his left probably means they've buried the hatchet. It's clear who made the food. Notice raj's apron?
  9. they're eating brisket. I think it's a memorial dinner for Debbie.
  10. see, now how do I know whether that entire quote was sarcastic?
  11. Perhaps we should agree on a font signifying good-natured sarcasm.
  12. they can be if she stays to the following Wednesday
  13. um, I guess this means you haven't actually checked fanfiction dot net yet? April In Paris already wrote a nice one. although, I don't think it will be perfect until she updates the tags on it to show as a Little House/TBBT crossover, not just tbbt.
  14. Always keep in mind that a step backwards for the shamy is only the first step in the cha-cha.
  15. there are a few benches but no guarantee you'll be in the right spot to sit on them. If you bring a folding chair you'll have time to put it back in your car after they move everyone inside And split the line. Everyone gets a bench then.
  16. Was there more than one version of the procreation bit? If so, which was the last take?
  17. Yesss. <insert imaginary gif of penny's fist pump here>
  18. perhaps he only wears the underroos on special occasions, or while in bed, which is why he got so angry when she looked in his underwear drawer and saw them.
  19. rest assured that penny and Bernadette's foot stomping was echoed many times over in the audience.
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