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  1. How do I know what has been nominated? Also, what is the time frame? Can I nom stories that are "Older"? I have been out the game for a while, but I am trying to be back!
  2. @boys3allc Is it too late to Nom some fics? I want to Nom These: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11727109/1/The-Superlative-Chemistry for Romance https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11104189/1/When-Sheldon-met-Amy for best Alternate Universe ALso Nibbler747 for Best Lenny
  3. Been awhile since I've been here, but just wanted to say, its hard when there is no drama in our ship AFTER we had such a terrible first few episodes of the season. I think we were all shell shocked and that is where the bad vibes flow from. I think this is what the Lenny's had after their terrible times. However, I think we should not look for bad drama where there is none to be found. My ONLY beef is why after the hoarding episode, they would have Amy be worried about Penny (Next Episode). I would have made SOOO much more sense if they did that episode BEFORE the hoarding episode. I need to see the episode for more about that. But that is my ONLY problem. Other than that, I think we deserve a few episodes of just cute looks and side smiles. Shamy's relationship is not the focus of the show. Its the relationship of everyone, not just the couples. I love they have a SHeldon and Bernadette episode. I hope for another Raj and Sheldon one soon. I would love to Leonard and Bernadette at some point. They never do that one. Anyway, I know I am drinking the koolaid, but I think we have a right to have some super chill episodes for ALL the ships. Like I said, the only outlier is the one with Amy being upset with Shenny relationship. But they have been writing her out of character so much this season, I am not surprised. There My Two Cents!! WOOHOO!
  4. I thought this was the California Criminal code thread. My bad...
  5. It would be like QB Maja's Fan fic.!! https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10812849/1/The-Transboundary-Peregrination
  6. Hey guys. Let's do a MEET up for here: http://chooishi.com/menu.html I will make a reservation for a table for 10 at 5:30 PM. That should be plenty of time!! Table will be under Rachel Can't wait to meet you!!
  7. I love my quote thing so much. I am such a Shamy nerd! LOL Thanks so much!
  8. ANYONE NEED TICKETS!!!???? PM me!!
  9. Thank you so much for your kind words!! i did love Sheldon Five so much! He was fun to write, but I agree, Sheldon Six was my favorite too!
  10. Folks... a few of us might have extra tickets to Paley Fest. Please if you are interested in tickets, write back on this thread. Also please vote on the dinner options!! See ya soon!
  11. I really think that Kripke one was amazing. Just so epic how you captured the expression of sarcasm. That is not easy. I really loved it. Each drawing you are capturing such an array of emotions. I love it so much. I used to draw a LOT when I was young, especially faces. Just so much fun. Its how I try to describe a person when he is in my fan fic. its subtle, not too much, just enough to convey a thought. you captured it in one drawing. A picture is really worth a thousand words. for sure....
  12. Thank you so much! I am so glad you liked it!
  13. yep and a little thing I like to call.... ESP... We WILL SEE THIS SOON!
  14. I had this happened to me on a chapter or two ago. I had a whole section of text deleted in my story and since I do most edits in word before I post, I was shocked when I started getting reviews that my story didnt make sense. Now I have to read very carefully to make sure this doesnt happened, but if it is going on again, I dont know how to fix it. It maddening! SOrry for your trouble!
  15. I was going to say in my post that the one author I think can pull off a truly CANON fic is you @RJ1013. You keep them so in character its amazing! It reminds me of @madamocho and her fabulous stories. Keeping in character has always been a goal of mine. I find it hard to do when they start having sexy time, but less so lately since that is now canon. When I wrote Sheldon Five story about Shamy at Harvard, I thought, boy this is way too AU for the fans. People seemed to like it, though. I am enjoying @boys3allc story set as they are teenagers, and I also love @kimbee73 When Sheldon Met Amy. @Darcyfitz new story is great AU as well. These stories to me are quintessential AU stories. @nibbler747 Lenny story is not AU to me based on this. I dont know what you could classify this as. Its almost like an expanded back story. It could have happened, and the main story line of the show would not have changed. That is canon fic to me. If the story would not have changed the trajectory of the show's plot. Thanks for all your opinions. Its so nice to get this collective poll on Fan Fic. Its been so much for me to learn to write and try out my crazy ideas. I think a WWII TBBT would test my writer's chops. I will have to really plot it out. Sounds like the key is stay in character through out. Hell, I dont even think I do that with my "canon" stories, but I will try! Its all a learning experience. You guys have really helped me learn. Thanks!
  16. Its really over this time folks. This is it. Thanks again so much! Here is a link https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11405562/17/Six-Sheldons
  17. Two questions: How do Fan Fiction readers feel about AU (Alternate Universe) stories? How far off Canon will allow your story to go before you say, this isn't even the show anymore? I am thinking of writing a story based on the characters of Big Bang, but set in a different time frame (WWII). I have read some stories like this and have enjoyed them. I also have read that many readers do not like AU. Another question: What do you consider AU? I consider all Fan fiction to be AU, even stories that expand the canon story and do nothing to change the main story line. What do you guys think?
  18. I really think if I ever do a taping report, it should just be plot points, not a blow by blow... (Pun intended?) Saw the 200th taped, and I would NOT want to do a taping report for that one, let me tell ya. Who KNOWS how they will change it, what things they have in it. PS that No Gif makes me want to kiss him for some reason. Like he is answering the question, "Do you want me to keep my panties on?" Sorry. I went there....
  19. They cut a couple jokes from the first scene. Like SHeldon saying, I wish I got out of that uber before we got to the beach. They also had Raj and Kripke say their lines outside the door during the taping but then had them in the office and Raj at home later. The biggest change to me was Lenny. Their interaction in the car was sweet. Penny was frankly a bitch during the car scene at the taping. When Lenonard threw the fries at her, it was like she was going to kill him. The show scene was sweeter and she almost cracked a smile. Almost. The show had her being happy with the IN and Out Burger and the sweet smiles were different and just I dont know... sweet. I think that was done before, and we just watched them do the scene so they could have the laugh. The Shamy scene at the end was the same. This was the taping I went backstage, so we were whisked away before I could process anything. Suffice to say, the taping report will never really give it all to you. I think if I ever do a taping report again, I will leave it more nuanced and not try and make it like a transcript. @camelliayao taping report was just fine, but I added the dialog I could remember. You never know how they are going to do it. All and all, I dont see WHO could not like this Episode...Scratch that... Sorry Rajmily shippers... (Did I get that right, what are they called?)
  20. I just have to say, This post is so perfect how I feel right now!
  21. I think having an Asteroid named after her AND the show was a good enough V-Day for Amy. Let's not get too greedy after mushroom logs and Bday coitus, now!
  22. Not the words, how it was delivered. The taping I saw, they looks on Penny's face was so harsh. She was PISSED. Like the WHOLE time. The car scene was so much softer, sweet, not a raging bitch fest. Just a subtle difference. Also, I think they took out the really harsh line in the restaurant scene. I forget what it was. @kazzie or @camelliayao might remember. I saw a way different episode played than taped for no other reason than delivery. Which is good!
  23. Its different than what we saw, Kazzie. They changed the Lenny and they added Raj and Kripke to their office and Room. You will like. I wonder how the Lennys feel about it? I hope they liked it.
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