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  1. I never heard this before about Johnny and Kaley's opinions about Kunal and Simon. Could you possibly link me to the source article about this? Thanks.
  2. First of all, I'm glad that you took the time to actually read the Halloween challenges without outright condemning them site unseen. Not all of them were my cup of tea as I like humour or a plot twist with my kind of murder but writers were having fun with it. In terms of fan fiction, I looked at these as being Halloween 'can I weird you/gross you/make you laugh/intrigue you' one-offs as opposed to 'serious' Shenny fare. I suppose, however, there will be some that think that this is how all Shenny stories go and that thought really does a disservice to the Shenny fandom as a whole. Not all Shenny stories are romantic. Additionally, Leonard and/or Amy aren't tools in every story, either. Some focus solely on romantic Shenny while others involve the entire cast. In fact, when I started reading fan fiction four years ago I read everything, Shamy, Shenny, Lenny, etc, and I have to admit that I was drawn to Shenny because of the strength of the writers. There are some stories I read where I was torn between sheer awe and green envy as I only wish I could write like that. Until I fell under their spell I had never even thought of romantic Shenny but that's what strong writing does—take you into a world where you have no choice but to believe. As for your comments, you'll have to forgive me but I was shocked to read that some of your Shamy compatriots actually sent you hate PMs. Are we really in such dire times that one can't stray from one's 'faction', to just be a reader or writer of fan fiction instead of a card-carrying member of Team Shamy or Team Shenny? I've always stood up for friend!Amy because I really liked her in s4 (and if they did a Shamy with s4 Sheldon and Amy with things similar to the meme theory moment I would have been in like Flynn) and I do like the Shelnard in any capacity. This has, at times, put me at philosophical odds with some Shennys but I've never received hate mail. Sorry, this really blew my mind. I applaud you for taking up the challenge. I did enjoy your story, it was hilarious. I read your reviews and I'm happy to see, and really, I'm not surprised, that familiar Shenny readers were receptive to your work. I've done some pretty whacked things in my own fan fictions that, at times, merited PMs of a 'You sure you know what you're doing, right?' nature, but overall I've found Shenny readers to be quite open to having writers try new things. If ever you take up the pen to write another Shenny-esque story I'll be there to read. Your humour really is a scream. Regards, Project Gorilla
  3. The dueling scenes were absolutely wonderful. *This* is what I complain about being missing from the later seasons: times when it's just the four guys completely geeking it up. The physical comedy when they had their own battles while Kripke was on the phone has been sorely missed. I mean, they might be married and in relationships, but that doesn't mean they've lost their inner geek. I worked in a comic book store and it was cool seeing husbands coming in with their wives to pick up the latest issues or the 'let me be on the other team so I can hunt down my bf' paintball games. Basically, it would have been nice if even one of them met and got involved with someone who was more into their hobbies than just tolerating them. Raj was my hope. Alas, poor Raj.... Consider Raj and Howard's duel: the quips, the sword work. They were in their own little world and I completely believe that Raj was wearing Puss n Boot's hat with white plume and Howard had his flowing hair and moustache twirled as they en garded and parried with the best of them. This season has really been a bonus for those of us who enjoyed the Raj/Howard 'bromance' in earlier seasons. TBH I still can't get 'Thor and Dr. Jones' out of my head. Having more moments and plotlines like the fencing and song writing helps strengthen the comedic elements of the show—and are the main reason why I watch (there might also be a sort of attraction to JP that has me glued to the telly and clicking away here on the JP thread, but that's neither here nor there). My geek-shipping heart nearly burst when all of the guys went berserk with their swords while Barry was on the phone. The passion. The 'I have so done that with my friends and I can see us doing this when we're in our 80s using canes' comradery as they re-enact every Jedi and Highlander duel they'd ever seen. So far, this season is an infinite improvement over s8. I've actually laughed out loud and had fun with the guys that brought me to this dance 8 years ago.
  4. Martha managed to interest Sheldon in the humanities while at the same time wasn't phased in the least at his wearing Hulk hands for the evening. In fact, even after his 'Goodnight puny human', she was still game for sleeping with him.
  5. Kasey--Not to belittle your derogatory comment (because I am sorry you had to experience such a thing) but that level of vitriol is what I've been seeing on Shenny fics for a while, and has really picked up in recent months. Except for one chap, the rest of the comments are anonymous, use an extraordinary amount of expletives, and have even gone so far as to ask writer(s) to kill themselves. I wouldn't be surprised if the level of nastiness you got was precisely because the reviewer thought you were writing a Shenny. Not that I'm going to give a 'see the crap the Shennys have to put up with?' speech, but it is really disturbing the level some Canon people go to belittle others who do not share their point of view (I only say that these anonymous reviewers are Canon because they always seem to uphold/reinforce Canon pov). It's been said by both Shennys and Shamys alike that if one doesn't like the other, don't read their stuff. Easy peasy. However, sometimes we do read each others' works and sometimes we might not like what we've written. That's okay and I have no problems with a review being left that might express displeasure with plot, etc. BUT, it's obvious that the anonymous reviewers are reading Shennys for the sole purpose of personally attacking the authors. To the Canon writers--as it's been a dog's age since I've read anything Shamy (I only read things that are Sheldon-centric hence no Lenny) I'm not up to speed on the state of your reviews. Have you had uber nasty reviews that deal less with your actual story than they personally attack you? If so, has this been a fairly recent phenomenon? It's just to gauge whether the anonymous vicious troll(s) are spreading their 'love' across the fandom. Saying your story sucks is one thing. Saying you should kill yourself is another matter altogether.
  6. When I first started writing I was hesitant to write in sex scenes so I delayed it for a loooooong time. I read a lot of M fictions in a lot of different fandoms to get the feel for the mechanics of writing the scenes without the personal involvement of the BBT characters to muddle things up. I've also flipped through a couple of those 'So you wanna write romance' books under smut to see what they have to say about it. Personally, I learn more by example so the ff site has been wonderful to see what's comfortable for me. I don't want to sacrifice mood for 'insert stick A into slot B'; a story needs to be organic and will tell me what, if and how much sexual content I need.
  7. I always wonder what the big deal is when it comes to whether a particular ship is canon or not, particularly when it comes to fan fiction. I see fiction of any type as an exercise of the imagination and therefore subject to its own 'rules'; and when I say 'rules' I only mean the set parameters which the writer chooses to set his or her story. Borrowing from the many worlds theory, every possible relationship that could ever be on the show is a plausible 'ship' in the imagination of a fan fiction writer. The show, itself, isn't the 'be all and end all--this is the way you will write all fan fiction upon pain of death'. Pish on that. I write what I want to write. End of story. I'm sure those of us who read fan fictions have come across some even within our own character universe preferences that we do not agree with. Perhaps Sheldon is 'off' to you in terms of characterization or that Leonard wouldn't find himself in a particular position that's presented in the story. When I come up with a problem I'm left with those 'choose your own adventures' moments: Do I go on or do I quit? Personally, I'm more forgiving of plots than flaws in characterization. As I stated before, my interest is Sheldon and as long as his character 'rings true' to me I'll follow him anywhere: Shenny, Shamy, Shelnard, you name it. Now I've noticed in this thread that Shenny is a dirty word. You are quite right in that it is a ship that's not on the show proper. Did Penny and Sheldon form a romantic relationship? No. Will it happen now or in the future? No. --And yet we have oodles of Shenny fan fictions that have been written and continue to be published to this day. --And yet this seems to bother some of you like having a tooth in need of a root canal. The only advice I can offer you is, 'who cares?' That someone wants to write Shennys, whatever floats their boat. Is it canon? Of course not, but why is there such a fear and anger over anything written that isn't canon? Why is there such a need to belittle and ridicule just because someone writes something you don't like to read? It's bully behavior. As was pointed out on another thread, how are new people who like the show for whatever reason supposed to feel welcome and confident to post when they see comments that they are "sick"? Unless what you're trying to say is that there's only one way to like the show and if someone doesn't like it the way you do, they don't belong on this site. **I ask again because this is important: is that what some of you are saying? Because if that is not what you're saying, having a thread like this one, where people are invited to openly mock other peoples' ships, even calling actual readers and writers "sick" just for wanting to write what ships they wish, screams of intolerance. This wouldn't be a big deal if this was a 'Canon-Only Site'. But it's not. It's a BBT site. And just because someone writes Shennys or reads Shelnards doesn't make them any less of a fan than you. The majority of people here are not trying to make other people feel unwelcome and for you, dear readers, please do not take offense at this note as you are not its subject. I converse with people of all ships and I do so with respect, even if it's something I don't ship personally. Why? Because who am I to tell you how to like a show or a particular character? This is not to say that there can't be discourse on this site. Heavens, this is a forum--discourse is a must! I just don't want to see threads like this where people feel welcome (and are openly encouraged) to ridicule other ships. I'm on this site because I like to see pictures of Jim Parsons--not to be called "sick". As Amy said, '[You're] killing my buzz', and I'd appreciate it if this would stop.
  8. I can't really recall seeing any Shalex stories. As I'm a Sheldon shipper I like him in various ships so I'd be open to reading a Shalex.
  9. My 'bent' is Dr. Sheldon Cooper. He's what drew me to the show, what held me over the years and inspired me to write. I glance over stories with him in the tag line just to see how different people write him. When people 'get' him the way I like my toesies curl and I admit to cutting and pasting sentences and paragraphs for inspiration for my own work. Okay, and to sigh and coo over them too! As for what I write I tend towards ensemble fics that are Sheldon-centric. I've written Shennys, am trying to work up the courage to write a Shelnard (but afraid I'll screw it up!) and have been asked several times to write a Shamy. I'm also putting together a ship-free story for those that just want the gang to be friends and have a romping silly time. Basically, my belief is anything + Sheldon is a good combination if Sheldon is believable (to me).
  10. As to your first thought, I agree. Things have to be plausible within the universe of the story itself to satisfy me. If someone says/does something I consider 'out of whack' I want an explanation and I'm a big believer in 'show, don't tell'. If the writer presents me with a believable explanation I'm game to go--either to the next chapter or else the next story. After all, even if the plot is consistent and believable doesn't mean that it's necessarily something I want to read. You're probably right with your analysis that Shamy and Shenny readers are for the most part polar opposites when it comes to their choice of reading material. However, that doesn't mean that the site (imo) shouldn't offer both in its fan fiction section--and a whole lot more! What gets my goat is when a person can read and dislike a story from a particular 'ship and then come up with a sweeping conclusion that *all* the stories in a 'ship suck. I know from reading over hundreds of stories crossing multiple 'ships that there are stories that work for me and some that don't but I can't say that the writers in a particular 'ship are 'right' or 'wrong' in their basic premise whether it is Shenny, Shamy, Leonardette or Shelnard. What counts for me is whether it's well-written and interesting enough to keep my attention. Granted, if you lean towards a specific 'ship you'll be more patient, tolerant and accepting of stories within your 'ship; and it's also probable that having a specific leaning will make you less forgiving if you find things you don't like in stories that aren't of your 'ship. I just want people to remember that regardless of your 'ship we're all, first and foremost, fans of the show and its characters. Sometimes I think that gets lost by the wayside....
  11. I agree wholeheartedly concerning the emphasis on characterization. When a writer 'nails' the gang in terms of tone, habits, mannerisms, phrases, etc that sets the stage for me to sit back and say, 'ok, I know the cast, lead me to wherever you want to go.' If the voices aren't 'right' (again, very subjective but in this case I'll just say 'to my satisfaction') then I find myself struggling to maintain my belief (and interest tbh). As for stories that are OOC to the point of unfamiliarity I leave that 'to the eye of the beholder' so to speak as all I can firmly say is, 'to me, there's little in common between your characters and the ones on the show.' It could be that I just 'don't get it' and that's very possible. At the end of the day we all write to our own satisfaction and not everyone is going to get how our minds tick! I don't consider what you're saying to people as being 'negative' feedback. In my fictions I've had many people comment on things that seemed weird in terms of plot or inconsistency in characterization and I'm totally fine with that because, as you said above, if nobody says anything I'll continue to make the same mistakes (if they are mistakes. Sometimes they're intentional and it might be a case of rubbing up against a reader's individual preference, which happens). In one story of mine I had to take a hiatus as a particular reviewer got me really thinking about the direction of the plot. When I say I keep my comments on the positive side I mean that I keep in mind that the writer isn't getting paid for this. She's passionate about the subject and is doing her best. When I'm confused, I ask questions. When I like an idea or line of dialogue I let her know. If the author responds I sometimes engage in pm conversations elaborating on the story. Like you said, I don't believe in 'this is stupid' or 'you're delusional' comments. They really don't help the author in any capacity and can be particularly demoralizing if this is the writer's first attempt (because I'm sure we can all look at our earliest work and cringe).
  12. Personally, I like all of the characters through season four mainly because I feel that the quality of the humour on the show was top-notch. The writers took chances and were very inventive with their situations and I loved the playfulness of the dialogue. It's why for me the Scavenger Vortex was such a wonderful throwback as it had unusual pairings and zany situations. I don't tend to read fictions that mindlessly bash particular characters. If a character in a particular story is a shmuck, show me why s/he is a shmuck. If I find it implausible (for me), I move on to another fic. I don't leave a negative comment because I realize that this isn't my story, my vision. Perhaps the character needed to be a shmuck in order to illustrate the point the author is trying to make. All the writer has done is offer me the opportunity to read her work and after sampling I declined. It's not personal to me; it's just not my taste. I'm definitely not advocating reading stories you don't like. I just want it known that there are wonderful stories out there in all sorts of 'ship and friendship scenarios that deserve to be read, or at least made mention of in the Fan Fiction section of the site. This thread is an example. The show is all about diversity and I think it's important to show that, to offer choices to potential readers in the hopes of them becoming as passionate about the show as we are!
  13. I don't believe that imagination should be limited and given that the writers on the show can have their characters come up with something so lovely as 'secret agent laser obstacle chess' it's a sign to me that imagination is the name of the game. There are no rules to fan fic because fan fic is, by its nature, a celebration of a particular fandom. I'm not telling you how you should express that joy. Really, it's none of my business why you like BBT. It could be for the comic book references or Shamy or Howard. That you can become passionate enough to actually want to create something of your own (and have the courage to post it!) is absolutely wonderful because it says that the show has *engaged* you. As soon as a single word is typed on your processor you've entered into an AU as even canon-like stories are still not the show, itself. That doesn't mean that your particular take from a different character's perspective or a continuation of the scene is invalid. To me it adds to the Big Bang fandom. I mean I think we've all read a particular story where we sit back, sated, and say, 'I'd love for the show to be like this'. That doesn't necessarily mean that it's better or worse than canon. It does mean that the story is *different* and that the writer has succeeded in her attempt at expressing her passion for the characters. Writing fan fiction is an effort. It takes time and imagination. Your statement that 'obviously Sheldon is not Penny's type' is how you choose to align your Big Bang world. Power to you. I, however, can read stories where not only is Sheldon a viable candidate for Penny but also Leonard, Martha, Ramona or Leslie Winkle. If someone can draw my imagination into their depiction of Sheldon I'd follow him into relations with Wil Wheaton! I guess that's the point for me: if a story captures my imagination then it becomes a part of my own 'personal canon/headspace' and to me that's valid.
  14. I'm not a long-standing Shenny/Sheldon-shipper or nostalgic on this site like the many witty people you've met here but I just want you to know that it was a pleasure to actually see a thread mentioning 'Shenny' that didn't go on to belittle the topic. There is a serious lack of Shenny stories on the site and I thought that was sad given that Shennys are a part of the fandom and I feel that the site should welcome all who feel affection for The Big Bang Theory. I read fan fiction of all types: Shennys and Shamys and Shelnards, etc. Humour, drama, romance, et al. What draws me to the story is the strength of the writer. I want my characters to 'ring true' in tone but beyond that the writer can go nuts with it. Sheldon can be a freedom fighter in a terminator world. Amy can cure Raj of his selective mutism. Leonard can marry Leslie. Or date Stephanie. Or Sheldon. I like writers who take chances, who surprise me and make me more than a little green with envy at the strength of their imaginations. I read to be entertained, pure and simple. What I don't appreciate are the nasty anonymous or dummy account comments I see left on stories just because they are 'Shenny'. Yes, I understand that there are stories out there people might not agree with in terms of character portrayals (and I've seen unflattering portrayals in every 'ship' I've read, Shenny and Shamy included) but when I encounter such a story I do something silly called 'not read it'. Not everything is to my taste, even in my preferred 'ships, but I click and move on. The author doesn't need to know that the story didn't tickle my fancy or that I don't read a particular 'ship because it's 'delusional'. I like thoughtful comments on plot and dialogue and seeing people praise something I, too, enjoyed and I make it a point to provide the same. Fan fiction IMO takes guts to write and post. All the writer asks is for the privilege of your time in the hopes of entertaining you and possibly getting a review so she knows she's not alone. I write fan fiction and while my stories are of a particular bent I know that I have readers from all tastes and persuasions reading my work. Truly, I appreciate their efforts in reading my stories as I do try my best to entertain. I know that my stories do not please everyone, even those in the 'ship category I write for, but that's okay. Fan fiction fills in niches where canon does not go. It allows us to ask, 'what if?', and that there are so many different categories like Shenny, Shamy, Lenny, Shelnard, Pamy, Raj/Howard, no relationships, etc, says to me that the characters created by Lorre et al are so rich and dynamic that they raise imagination to new heights in terms of the creative output of their fans. There are those who prefer canon fictions and that's okay. Some like Lennys. Others, however, like Shenny or Rajette or stories without a romantic angle. And still more who follow specific characters through every incarnation. This is what makes The Big Bang Theory fandom thrive. And allowing people of all bents and persuasions a forum in which to express their joy for the Big Bang universe would be absolutely wonderful. After all, the show, itself, celebrates 'differences' , has characters who believe in multiple universes, and discourages bullying. I guess I've bought into this central message, have embraced the 'weirdness', and enjoy seeing it in fan fictions, whether it's a Shamy, Shenny or any other 'ship. If there's a world where Sheldon's made from cotton candy there's one where Shenny exists. Or Leonardette. Or Ramy. Whether you, as a reader, care to enter these worlds is solely up to you but don't take away another's enjoyment. 'Ships in all forms are celebrations and their diversity is what makes the fandom healthy. So, ATOB, my thanks for sharing your work. Normally my comments are solely observations of the show so this one is a bit OT for me. Nevertheless, I didn't want you to feel like your attempt was in vain. Regards, Project Gorilla
  15. Agree with the humour over relationship. What stands out for me about the winning episodes to date are how much they rely on the ensemble for humour as opposed to 'couples humour' (with The Scavenger Vortex being an exception at the beginning although I'd argue that the humorous parts occurred when the couples were separated and 'on their own' so to speak.). There's a balance with characters taking turns as supporting and lead roles; for instance while Leonard has a lead in Bath Item and Staircase he plays a very effective supporting role in Panty Pinata (Johnny delivers my favorite line in the episode when Penny storms out of the room with her 'It's junior rodeo on!' and he gives that whiny 'Not the junior rodeo.' Cracks me up every time!). There's more interplay between the characters, even introducing new characters such as Mary Cooper and Dave Underhill as needed to keep the jokes flowing as opposed to being the joke themselves. What also works for me is that Howard and Raj's parts are stronger. They are awesome in Bath Item taking Sheldon to the mall, their hippy 'trip' in Adhesive Duck and (IMO) the show stealers in Panty Pinata as in syndication I find watching their plotting to find the next 'Mrs. Wolowitz' just gut-busting as they show the tenacity of Wile E Coyote's 'genius' at work. Scavenger Vortex is a throwback episode to the time when the writers took chances and mixed up characters to generate new punch lines and avenues of humour. I mean who would have thought Amy and Howard would get along as well as they did to the point that they ditched the scavenger hunt to spend more time together? Thanksgiving Decoupling didn't work for me as the humour was couple-based and while the entire cast was there (even throwing in Zack) there wasn't a free-flow that was seen in Vortex and the other winning episodes. For me, the next round of voting will be difficult. This round has been a series of 'no-brainers'.
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