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  1. I never heard this before about Johnny and Kaley's opinions about Kunal and Simon. Could you possibly link me to the source article about this? Thanks.
  2. First of all, I'm glad that you took the time to actually read the Halloween challenges without outright condemning them site unseen. Not all of them were my cup of tea as I like humour or a plot twist with my kind of murder but writers were having fun with it. In terms of fan fiction, I looked at these as being Halloween 'can I weird you/gross you/make you laugh/intrigue you' one-offs as opposed to 'serious' Shenny fare. I suppose, however, there will be some that think that this is how all Shenny stories go and that thought really does a disservice to the Shenny fandom as a whole. Not all Sh
  3. The dueling scenes were absolutely wonderful. *This* is what I complain about being missing from the later seasons: times when it's just the four guys completely geeking it up. The physical comedy when they had their own battles while Kripke was on the phone has been sorely missed. I mean, they might be married and in relationships, but that doesn't mean they've lost their inner geek. I worked in a comic book store and it was cool seeing husbands coming in with their wives to pick up the latest issues or the 'let me be on the other team so I can hunt down my bf' paintball games. Basically, it
  4. Martha managed to interest Sheldon in the humanities while at the same time wasn't phased in the least at his wearing Hulk hands for the evening. In fact, even after his 'Goodnight puny human', she was still game for sleeping with him.
  5. Kasey--Not to belittle your derogatory comment (because I am sorry you had to experience such a thing) but that level of vitriol is what I've been seeing on Shenny fics for a while, and has really picked up in recent months. Except for one chap, the rest of the comments are anonymous, use an extraordinary amount of expletives, and have even gone so far as to ask writer(s) to kill themselves. I wouldn't be surprised if the level of nastiness you got was precisely because the reviewer thought you were writing a Shenny. Not that I'm going to give a 'see the crap the Shennys have to put up with?'
  6. When I first started writing I was hesitant to write in sex scenes so I delayed it for a loooooong time. I read a lot of M fictions in a lot of different fandoms to get the feel for the mechanics of writing the scenes without the personal involvement of the BBT characters to muddle things up. I've also flipped through a couple of those 'So you wanna write romance' books under smut to see what they have to say about it. Personally, I learn more by example so the ff site has been wonderful to see what's comfortable for me. I don't want to sacrifice mood for 'insert stick A into slot B'; a story
  7. I always wonder what the big deal is when it comes to whether a particular ship is canon or not, particularly when it comes to fan fiction. I see fiction of any type as an exercise of the imagination and therefore subject to its own 'rules'; and when I say 'rules' I only mean the set parameters which the writer chooses to set his or her story. Borrowing from the many worlds theory, every possible relationship that could ever be on the show is a plausible 'ship' in the imagination of a fan fiction writer. The show, itself, isn't the 'be all and end all--this is the way you will write all fan fi
  8. I can't really recall seeing any Shalex stories. As I'm a Sheldon shipper I like him in various ships so I'd be open to reading a Shalex.
  9. My 'bent' is Dr. Sheldon Cooper. He's what drew me to the show, what held me over the years and inspired me to write. I glance over stories with him in the tag line just to see how different people write him. When people 'get' him the way I like my toesies curl and I admit to cutting and pasting sentences and paragraphs for inspiration for my own work. Okay, and to sigh and coo over them too! As for what I write I tend towards ensemble fics that are Sheldon-centric. I've written Shennys, am trying to work up the courage to write a Shelnard (but afraid I'll screw it up!) and have been asked s
  10. As to your first thought, I agree. Things have to be plausible within the universe of the story itself to satisfy me. If someone says/does something I consider 'out of whack' I want an explanation and I'm a big believer in 'show, don't tell'. If the writer presents me with a believable explanation I'm game to go--either to the next chapter or else the next story. After all, even if the plot is consistent and believable doesn't mean that it's necessarily something I want to read. You're probably right with your analysis that Shamy and Shenny readers are for the most part polar opposites wh
  11. I agree wholeheartedly concerning the emphasis on characterization. When a writer 'nails' the gang in terms of tone, habits, mannerisms, phrases, etc that sets the stage for me to sit back and say, 'ok, I know the cast, lead me to wherever you want to go.' If the voices aren't 'right' (again, very subjective but in this case I'll just say 'to my satisfaction') then I find myself struggling to maintain my belief (and interest tbh). As for stories that are OOC to the point of unfamiliarity I leave that 'to the eye of the beholder' so to speak as all I can firmly say is, 'to me, there's little in
  12. Personally, I like all of the characters through season four mainly because I feel that the quality of the humour on the show was top-notch. The writers took chances and were very inventive with their situations and I loved the playfulness of the dialogue. It's why for me the Scavenger Vortex was such a wonderful throwback as it had unusual pairings and zany situations. I don't tend to read fictions that mindlessly bash particular characters. If a character in a particular story is a shmuck, show me why s/he is a shmuck. If I find it implausible (for me), I move on to another fic. I don't
  13. I don't believe that imagination should be limited and given that the writers on the show can have their characters come up with something so lovely as 'secret agent laser obstacle chess' it's a sign to me that imagination is the name of the game. There are no rules to fan fic because fan fic is, by its nature, a celebration of a particular fandom. I'm not telling you how you should express that joy. Really, it's none of my business why you like BBT. It could be for the comic book references or Shamy or Howard. That you can become passionate enough to actually want to create something of your
  14. I'm not a long-standing Shenny/Sheldon-shipper or nostalgic on this site like the many witty people you've met here but I just want you to know that it was a pleasure to actually see a thread mentioning 'Shenny' that didn't go on to belittle the topic. There is a serious lack of Shenny stories on the site and I thought that was sad given that Shennys are a part of the fandom and I feel that the site should welcome all who feel affection for The Big Bang Theory. I read fan fiction of all types: Shennys and Shamys and Shelnards, etc. Humour, drama, romance, et al. What draws me to the story
  15. Agree with the humour over relationship. What stands out for me about the winning episodes to date are how much they rely on the ensemble for humour as opposed to 'couples humour' (with The Scavenger Vortex being an exception at the beginning although I'd argue that the humorous parts occurred when the couples were separated and 'on their own' so to speak.). There's a balance with characters taking turns as supporting and lead roles; for instance while Leonard has a lead in Bath Item and Staircase he plays a very effective supporting role in Panty Pinata (Johnny delivers my favorite line i
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