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  1. Hello! Belgium sounds like a great place. I admire your chocolate and your fictional detectives. Welcome, it's nice here.
  2. Yuck Chocolate covered raisins.
  3. Perhaps the writers think they've done all they can with Leslie - she'd be a bit of a spare wheel now. I would like to see her again, though, even if just for a single episode..mainly because I had a big crush on Darlene in Roseanne(!) It was always fun seeing Leslie and Sheldon go to war. Imagine if Sheldon was invited to work on some project and found out Leslie was in charge of it - oh the horror on his face!
  4. False, and don't ask me to prove it! PBM has cooked a meal from scratch in the past week.
  5. Oh wow that's awesome. I have to do the tour next time. Hope anyone going to tomorrow's taping enjoys!
  6. I think they need to be way more comfortable with each other physically first. Eventually I would like them to - after a slow, gradual intimacy increase. It really will be a huge step for Sheldon, it wouldn't be realistic if it happened tomorrow. Unless Amy just gets him drunk and ties him to the bedposts. Even then, I don't think Sheldon would turn into a Howard! He'd still be "oh what again? But I have a headache..."
  7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in 2011. Gosh, it's been longer than I thought since I last went to the cinema. Maybe I'm weird, but I much prefer to watch movies at home, where there's nobody but me creating annoying noises, lights and smells. Most things are released so quickly onto DVD now, I'd rather just wait. Plus if it's a terrible movie I can just turn it off instead of sitting there hating the human race because I don't want to disturb an entire row of people. Hah.
  8. Raising Steam, Terry Pratchett (Discworld). Loving it, but I'm sooo behind on my reading. My kindle to-read list is enormous, I need to put more effort in.
  9. Hello, hello! Do I just reply? Seems easy enough. 21,742. I think.
  10. Yep, original NES owner here too. Still works. Still occasionally gets played. My phone's ringtone is the Super Mario Bros theme tune, and I can play several of the background music tunes from SMB1 and 3 on the piano. Hmm, I should probably be slightly embarrassed to admit all this. Mario is the best thing ever!
  11. One dog, a rescued Saluki - named Samwise. Ahem. Also a gaggle of frogs in the garden, who probably don't really count. walnutcowboy, your donkey kissing photo is really disturbing me!
  12. That was entertaining. I had no idea what was happening and why, but I enjoyed it.
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