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  1. My condolences as well to those who knew her. Taken too soon.
  2. Were you there for it? Just checking. I was curious if anyone on here was at the taping when it happened.
  3. Just read the TR from last night again. So happy with this episode!
  4. It varies. There is no way to know for sure but if you commit to the standby line early you have a very good chance. I showed up at 830am and was number 8 in line. 50-55 were let in and there were at least 70-80 in the line. My suggestion would be to come out the day before and get a bag of snacks to sit in line all day. It's long but you meet a lot of cool people. For travel purposes it's about time to get the ticket now. Use something like kayak.com and southwest.com. Kayak takes care of all the other airlines and will mix airlines to get the best fare. Use the nearby airports option. LAX and BUR are the two best but if you get a rental car you can add LGB SNA ONT to the list as well. Good luck!
  5. My plane is broke. Luckily they have spares around so should only be about 40 min delayed, then IHOP with kazzie!
  6. The refreshing the website for tickets was very familiar to me. Just like trying to bet tickets to a taping.
  7. That's what I thought. I have season 7 on iTunes and saw the bloopers and stuff.
  8. Is it different than what we get through iTunes?
  9. Hey everyone I'm Justin, I live in Phoenix Arizona. I am 34 and LOVE TBBT. I was at a taping Season 7. The episode was the one with Professor Proton and Bill Nye. My favorite couple is the shamy. I am going to a taping on Sept. 3rd. I am an air traffic controller and also a pilot. Previously a pilot as a career now a controller. Pilot for fun.
  10. It's like a count down to a space shuttle launch. We had the typical delay and now we are just a few hours to lift off of season 8! Can't wait to find out how Sheldon's journey is going and if he comes back to an empty second bedroom!
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