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  1. ohh no!! ...very sad face. Rest In Peace.. Carol Ann. :-(
  2. Thank you 3ku11. Could you please post us a link to the Penny Hair cut thread which i never started (24 posts) so i could not express my unhappyness with Penny's new hair cut. Penny's hair cut looks fine to me imo btw. I never meant to upset you. I am so glad TBBT's is coming to OZ. Bunny loves and Humphry hugs...JD
  3. ...so...whats the story with Penny's hair?
  4. Bernadette getting angry more, lol. More Dungeons and Dragons...i used to play that alot when i was a kid. :-P More old school video game refs. Maybe Sheldon could bring home an old 3DO console...first 32bit gaming system that had a fan on the motherboard...but Sheldon already knew that. They make a Paint Ball final championship. Sheldon should drink a little more coffee. Thats all i can think of for now. The show is already perfect. JDVHS
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