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  1. ohh no!! ...very sad face. Rest In Peace.. Carol Ann. :-(
  2. Thank you 3ku11. Could you please post us a link to the Penny Hair cut thread which i never started (24 posts) so i could not express my unhappyness with Penny's new hair cut. Penny's hair cut looks fine to me imo btw. I never meant to upset you. I am so glad TBBT's is coming to OZ. Bunny loves and Humphry hugs...JD
  3. ...so...whats the story with Penny's hair?
  4. Soz for the late reply. Seggsy means "sexy"
  5. No worries...ok, well, i guess if no-one else would like to have a go here i will post one. I'll give it a week or so then put one up if someone hasen't posted by then. :-)
  6. Yes Sir!! The original and best version. You're up mate.
  7. Close. Super Mario _ _ _ _
  8. You guys are unbelievable!...there is at least one reference to the modern version of the above video game being played in TBBT - and i haven't watched every episode yet so there may be more - and NO-ONE can guess this game?!? *very sad face*
  9. Ok...heres an easy one. Name the video game.
  10. The PC game is called "Trespasser" and the girls name is "Anne". Someone else should have a go and post a video game SS. I think i posted one that was too hard for ya'll. :-(
  11. He also did the voice of John Hammond in Trespasser (1998 Video Game) R.I.P.
  12. Well, im very very disapointed no-one has guest this yet. :-( I thought i was amongst fello nerdions here. Where is Sheldon when i need him? I played this PC game four times, i can finish it in under 7 hours. First time i played it, it took me 32 days to complete. I hear it's getting a remake with the Cry engine... This is my fourth and final clue.
  13. ...3rd clue?!?, ...and this pretty much narrows it right down... it's not Dino Crisis 2, Lost Eden, Jurassic Park - 16bit SNES, MDrive/Genesis - 32bit PS1, Saturn or 3DO... .........
  14. nope...but very very close my friend.
  15. ...mmm, aaalright then. First hint.
  16. Don't think we have one of these yet? Name the Video game "game" rules. - One video game ss, concept art etc post up at a time. - Person who guess's correctly posts next. - Keep it clean (admin nipple rule...not that i am personally against nipples..but you know) - Always congratulate the winning post and give some info on the game ss you originally posted. - Post regular clues/hints to the really really hard ones. - (anyone else think of some other sensible rules please feel free to add here) So...i'll get things started... Who is she and what video game did she star in?
  17. Hi all, TBBT makes me laugh so hard, and since Sir Robin is gone i thought i might return the love. Life is short. Life is very short. 2004 On-line FPS MMO PC game Joint Operations :BREAK : Think, Sheldon, Raj, Howie and Len playing WOW...mixed up on TeamSpeak, Vent, X-Fire and being recorded :BREAK: Here is, for your listening pleasure, my complete Joint Ops 2006-2011 Team Speak mix tracks. :BREAK: The pitch, random Joint Ops TS samples chopped, edited, re-arranged and mixed on-time over custom break beats. Free to listen to and DL...serious production - but dun forget to laugh!!...it's very important that you laugh at this sh!t, it's supposed to be funny. If you don't laugh at this stuff you might just hurt my last remaining feeling man :-( May not be your thing, though i sincerely hope you likey...and if you dun find it funny...just speed it up so we all sound like chipmunks then you will surely laugh :-P PS...and sorry if you mmmericans can't understand our aussie accents...you may get lost in translation. Not my fault. Learn to speak Australian before you come my country. :-) https://rule303-jdf-music.bandcamp.com/ JDVHS (aka rulie-rules-rule.303)
  18. 3rd Rock from the sun. And if im not mistaken, i believe Sheldons mum (or Mom to you USA ppl) was in an episode of 3rd Rock from the sun, though, i can't remember which season. F-Troop Alf Wilfred (original aussie SBS series) Russell Coights - All aussie outback adventures Kath and Kim Bad Cop - Bad Cop 2002 (never released on VHS or DVD) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0307720/ JDVHS
  19. Bernadette getting angry more, lol. More Dungeons and Dragons...i used to play that alot when i was a kid. :-P More old school video game refs. Maybe Sheldon could bring home an old 3DO console...first 32bit gaming system that had a fan on the motherboard...but Sheldon already knew that. They make a Paint Ball final championship. Sheldon should drink a little more coffee. Thats all i can think of for now. The show is already perfect. JDVHS
  20. Yes very sad indeed. I grew up with Mork and Mindy...Dead Poets Society was one of my all time favs. He did an amazing doco with dolphins in the wild (1994). It had a limited DVD release. Perhaps now he is gone it may get re-released. Guys, if you haven't seen it yet, heres a VHS version on YT. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2d0lgLFdxKQ R.I.P. Robin Williams JDVHS
  21. Hi everyone! My 18y/o son got me into Big Bang (im 45ish) about a year ago. Didn't like it much at first...i found Sheldon kinda annoying, but Penny and Bernadette are nice to look at, plus there is something very seggsy about Bernadette when she gets mad, lol. Sheldon has grown on me now, i just love the whole cast and show. I hope it never ends! JDVHS
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