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  1. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    This Sunday 2:15 p.m. to 3:15 p.m.: CLAIRE DANES AND JIM PARSONS’S A KID LIKE JAKE Actors Claire Danes and Jim Parsons, director Silas Howard, and writer Daniel Pearle join the festival to discuss their upcoming critically acclaimed, Sundance-selected feature, A Kid Like Jake. Milk Studios (450 West 15th Street). Tickets $30 (includes complimentary access to the Vulture Lounge following the event
  2. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    Wish him a speedy recovery because the opening is near and the movie afterwards and he has to do press for both, so... It hurts me to think, so much walking around.
  3. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    Awwww John is a sweetheart, and Jim is adorable. I thought Mayim was going to see the play when she was in NY, but she must have been very busy... I was hoping for a shamy selfie 😢
  4. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    Nope, who said pain. Lol I'm glad everyone is kinda joking about it. I saw Michael (don't remember his full name) posted an IG story last night, celebrating Jim's return filming a group of ppl running in thr streets hahahaha
  5. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    Hahaha, he's awesome!
  6. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    So was Jim there tonight? I can't find anything about it. This is the mistery of the summer! lol
  7. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    Maybe he resented that fracture he had in his toe some time ago. Don't remember when it was but he was wearing a cast. Get well soon, Jim!!!
  8. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    I get the feeling it will be a video clip
  9. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    That's the feeling i got while reading. Not to say, the level of snobbism and being a fan of this name or that name takes (in some ppl) to be really rude to an actor. While it's all about tastes and a person can have favourites, i really dislike some inconsiderate words i read there. Anyway, i killed my curiousity and that's that haha.
  10. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    I didn't know such a thing as a Broadway message board existed, so, i was curious and looked at out... Some are saying an understudy will perform tonight, others say nothing is being confirmed yet... Honestly, seems to be quite a mess. I feel a bit bad that, incidentally, Jim is involved in all this. What a shitty week it was for him
  11. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    Hi Cassidy, i think i've read you here before
  12. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    it's weird, maybe those stairs need better ilumination, or something. But, accidents do happen. So this became news online? ouch, poor Jim. But, well, sh*t happens. Hope he's now comfy at his home with some nice pain meds
  13. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    Ow, poor Jim. Probably the canceled performance hurts im more than the injury. I wonder, don't ensambles have some kind of sustitute for this kind of things or... maybe not so, when it's so sudden, i guess.
  14. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    uh oh....
  15. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gotcha, thanks