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  1. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    This is great! It's Jim's second play in a row to recoup. I'm pretty sure he will not have a shortage of plays to choose in the future.
  2. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    ah! yes, yes. it's true. If they plan to have family staying over that lovely house was getting small, yeap. even if it looks a bit stalkerish, i wonder and hope to see some pics of the new house if they choose a new one... i'm nosy and curious, whatamIgonnado
  3. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    do they have another doggie besides rufus now?
  4. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    hmmm... i noticed he follows several architects' studios on IG, maybe he has plans for a house. maybe a bigger one? with space for a baby dog? hehe
  5. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    They are SO! cute
  6. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    I hope someone redords it because otherwise, no chance.
  7. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    Wow! That's big, in the fashion world sense...
  8. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    The suits.... EXXXXXquisite!
  9. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    when it comes to make a critic on something, specific views on the topic at hand always play a part. And usually those who disagree are the ones who take to this sites to make their opinion. Take the NYT critic on TBITB for example, everybody else liked it, but this guy hated it... you start to wonder, well... what's wrong with this guy, right? All the LGBTA+ sites loved the movie, yet, other sites maybe didn't appreciated it that much... well... why must that be, i wonder. Ultimatelly, I think the movie team knows they did an excelent job regardless. Because, they did. No doubt about it.
  10. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    Awww. What a great summer he's having Thank youuuu😊
  11. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    What about jim?
  12. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    Low-key annoyed with all the 'only see sheldon' comments. Expand your horizons ppl!!!!
  13. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    This Sunday 2:15 p.m. to 3:15 p.m.: CLAIRE DANES AND JIM PARSONS’S A KID LIKE JAKE Actors Claire Danes and Jim Parsons, director Silas Howard, and writer Daniel Pearle join the festival to discuss their upcoming critically acclaimed, Sundance-selected feature, A Kid Like Jake. Milk Studios (450 West 15th Street). Tickets $30 (includes complimentary access to the Vulture Lounge following the event
  14. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    Wish him a speedy recovery because the opening is near and the movie afterwards and he has to do press for both, so... It hurts me to think, so much walking around.
  15. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    Awwww John is a sweetheart, and Jim is adorable. I thought Mayim was going to see the play when she was in NY, but she must have been very busy... I was hoping for a shamy selfie 😢

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