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  1. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    ah! i see, i see. thanks for the explanation ;
  2. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    oh so they sell them?!! I thought they did a sortof pilot and offered them to networks and wait to be picked up and then they would be 'hired'... So this way they already have some income... That's even better!!! Also i kind of guessed that serie Special was for Netflix but i wasn't sure. now this is great because Netflix is a huuuuuge platform and it's a good thing for the future that he already has relationship with them
  3. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    Wow!!! Their production company seems to be growing a lot and taking in more projects.
  4. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    Man's busy working and socializing
  5. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    if by some reason you can't watch. if you go to #jimparsons on IG a few already posted it... you should be able to watch it then
  6. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    clic on the icon
  7. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    Yes! And also could it be they are moving to their new place? Hmm i Don't know... It's fun to speculate lol
  8. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    Why this blatant hate, I don't understand. As if Jim personally sold them a stolen car or something...
  9. Andy_90's_generation

    Kaley Cuoco

    Super gorgeous! Her new stylist makes beautiful choices for her, i love it
  10. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    he's in the production for Ryan O'Connor's (i thibk that's his name) new series. Ryan's been posting pics on set and i know That's Wonderful prod is working on it. I think as of now his production company has over four or five projects... He is busy. I do believe if he posts something, ppl will start commenting about tbbt and even say nasty things because it's been installed on social media he is the only reason the show is "cancelled" and he doesn't care so he is leaving the show being really selfish for not thinking on his castmates that wanted to go on (that's what has been taken as "the truth"). So it's better if he doesn't post anything for a while.
  11. Andy_90's_generation

    [Spoilers] Season 12 Discussion Thread

    So much negativity guys, come on! Kunal wrote a heartfelt comment on Jim's post. So did mayim, even though the press (the hyenas in this jungle) highlighted her blog post only, where she says she's not happy with the show ending. Same goes for John ross. Whenever kaley posts something, jim likes it, Melissa, same thing... The cast never addressed any rumor about them, even though they're vast and multicolor. It's how they handle this things. And I don't know t what extent lorre can be sooooo mad about the show ending... I do believe however all the rumors and the 'i hear" "i was told' blah blah some articles brag about is half invented because this is hot right now and half infor leaked from the high powers that yes they will lose money with this. Because that's how the corporation works and to hell if one single actor is getting all the sh*t. As for the taping... If my idol all this years is jim and I get to see him at a taping... Would i get mad at him or ask him for a picture? I don't think ppl will what, boo him? Nah... All this is IMO 90% the press, that always ALWAYS waited with the finger over the keyboard for some real sh*t to appear on tbbt they could stick their fangs into, and this is it.
  12. Andy_90's_generation

    [Spoilers] Season 12 Discussion Thread

    That was sarcasm. Anyways, ppl hating on Jim so much for no reason that it sounds as if they are 8 years old aside; whatever the actors decide to do, it's what they want and since they have the monetary freedom to do it... hateful predictions please stop, thank you.
  13. Andy_90's_generation

    [Spoilers] Season 12 Discussion Thread

    And out of curiosity, what lotery ticket should i buy? because i'm impressed at your powers of clairvoyance.
  14. Andy_90's_generation

    [Spoilers] Season 12 Discussion Thread

    oh wow! i didn't watch since s7 pretty much, but always read on here... still, i was shocked when i saw rhe news on IG, really thought the thing with CBS tying for one more season was legit. Anyways, 12 ys running is huge and they deserve all the great things that has happened and the things that will happen i'm sure, but maybe from another exprerience as producers or whatever they choose to do from mid-2019 and on.
  15. Andy_90's_generation

    Jim Parsons

    And the thing with his house, and preparing everything for his trip to Rome in October... Plus he must be a little bit tired of Instagram which is ok. I wonder if he will come back with Jim's too stupid for politics... He said to Andy he'd love to keep doing it

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