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  1. Hello everyone!! Hope you'll are healthy these days. So good to see Jim in video again. Will watch these interviews when I have some time tonight. Thanks!!!
  2. yes! was goin to post the same. so happy for them.
  3. YES great news!!!!!!!! so.... i googled it, and i really don't know, there are sevral Henry Wilsons lol, but i'm guessing is an actor, and the only pic i found like that was of a VERY good looking guy from the '50s.... i'm really excited for this!!!!
  4. no idea. but i think is a great casting. always thought he looked like the stars from the golden era.
  5. so read on Twitter he is apparently going to be part of Hollywood, Ryan Murphy's new Netflix project. can't post the thing here from my phone, but is in the jim parsons hashtag
  6. love the fact his eyes look freaking violet with that banner in the back and the lightning in the room
  7. i think it is an age issue, and he has a very valid point there. he always said even in early seasons he would hate to be middle age and play sheldon. the fact that he suggested Ian, I think shows that he feels affection for the show, but he is over playing that guy. imo.
  8. someone know if Jim will be attending the Tonys tomorrow? it's tomorrow, right?
  9. great! i don't know the level of importance of this award but is nice his job is recognized as is the play and the cast. cool!
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