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  1. lol i heard it. dan has to have the two of them on the set trash talking each other hahahah
  2. happy B-day wish a great day, and a even greater 2019
  3. omg! i love all these women having fun (yeah a took a look at her IG lol) adorable
  4. imaginary dialogue between jim and todd, playing in my head: T- "well, since u have to be there and doing press stuff, i'm inviting melisa. this way i'll have fun too and not be behind u, following u everywhere." J- ".... okay." LOL, i had to haha
  5. so it seeems. his dear friend Melisa is there, so...
  6. uh interesting.... i always remember what jim said at his SAG Conversations interview, when the The Normal Heart fiml was being produce, that he was glad the cast was different because he rather had something new altogether than trying to reproduce a moment that's just for the theater. this could be an interesting project for him for sure. i'm hoping it happens!
  7. i'll never understand this thing of impersonating someone on social media. is it a personaloty desorder, or... stupid. let's hope IG does something quick
  8. today it's people's choice right? no word o the guys going? Jim?
  9. Saw a pic of a woman doing an interview too. Sad it's only the two of them, in that case. But two it's better than none lol
  10. first, i know it's the filter but this pic is giving me TBBT 2011 vibes, i love it second, Jim lookssogood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! third, group interview? that'd be cool
  11. Thanks for clarifying! Oh to see him nominated... I'm not even asking for a win, although i think he could have chances....
  12. Guys!!! I'm so happy for this news. Cant wait to see if they get the noms. But it says the play and Jim, no words on supporting actors... Boys in the band Tonys 2019!!!!!
  13. ah! i see, i see. thanks for the explanation ;
  14. oh so they sell them?!! I thought they did a sortof pilot and offered them to networks and wait to be picked up and then they would be 'hired'... So this way they already have some income... That's even better!!! Also i kind of guessed that serie Special was for Netflix but i wasn't sure. now this is great because Netflix is a huuuuuge platform and it's a good thing for the future that he already has relationship with them
  15. Wow!!! Their production company seems to be growing a lot and taking in more projects.
  16. if by some reason you can't watch. if you go to #jimparsons on IG a few already posted it... you should be able to watch it then
  17. Yes! And also could it be they are moving to their new place? Hmm i Don't know... It's fun to speculate lol
  18. Why this blatant hate, I don't understand. As if Jim personally sold them a stolen car or something...
  19. Super gorgeous! Her new stylist makes beautiful choices for her, i love it
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