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  1. I get the feeling it will be a video clip
  2. That's the feeling i got while reading. Not to say, the level of snobbism and being a fan of this name or that name takes (in some ppl) to be really rude to an actor. While it's all about tastes and a person can have favourites, i really dislike some inconsiderate words i read there. Anyway, i killed my curiousity and that's that haha.
  3. I didn't know such a thing as a Broadway message board existed, so, i was curious and looked at out... Some are saying an understudy will perform tonight, others say nothing is being confirmed yet... Honestly, seems to be quite a mess. I feel a bit bad that, incidentally, Jim is involved in all this. What a shitty week it was for him
  4. Hi Cassidy, i think i've read you here before
  5. it's weird, maybe those stairs need better ilumination, or something. But, accidents do happen. So this became news online? ouch, poor Jim. But, well, sh*t happens. Hope he's now comfy at his home with some nice pain meds
  6. Ow, poor Jim. Probably the canceled performance hurts im more than the injury. I wonder, don't ensambles have some kind of sustitute for this kind of things or... maybe not so, when it's so sudden, i guess.
  7. I don't know exactly what this means... What are they supposed to do? Do both plays? Host a Q&A? A little reception? ????
  8. 14 years, he was oldie, poor little thing. I still miss my breton I lost when I was 13 (I'm 28). Poor little Rufus too, he most be missing his big brother the most.
  9. Oh, Mayim... you need to have better crushes girl. Loved the GMA clip, she's soooo well spoken
  10. Yes found it and was going to post it here, but I can't figure out yet how to post media content... ugh... Thanks Vonmar!!!
  11. I'm not seeing anything of the guys today in CBS... maybe it was just a short clip?
  12. Wow! He has upcoming promos for shamy's wedding, tbitb, AND the movie... He never stops. I wonder if he follows some kind of food regime. I bet he still goes to the gym...
  13. I think with tine he will get used yo this role. He said in that interview he never read the play so it is an entirely new character for him. Besides first show ever of the play... Maybe he was still like 'this isn't over yet' idk I'm glad is doing well. Many seemed to expect a mess idk why, but some did. I was surprised yesterday when i read the Tony noms were out. Was a little let dawn cause i thought it was later in the summer and Jim could have a chance this year... So the play would be eligible for next year...ow... Anyways things are going fine, hope it becomes profitable
  14. I'm glad. Hope to read some word on Jim's performance soon. Sure it was great, haha. Wish them a sold out every show!
  15. Thanks and likewise!!!! I have to say, i'm ok with not eating chocolate for the rest of 2018... ugh...
  16. Are they all hitting the gym for the summer or what hahaha I'm folloing the IG stories, can't wait!!!
  17. This is in two weeks, right? the fisrt weeks of April are going to be pretty hectic, but full of work for him, fortunately.
  18. Is the make up. looks really heavy that foundation, and it makes her skin shine as if it was greasy. But kaley has great skin al natural. And besides, she's gorgeous with or without.
  19. Maybe because of Passover? mmm don't know...
  20. hmmmm in my time zone that'll be around one in the morning.... WILL try to, at least, stay awake... but, can't promise lol
  21. Ha! "Can you all sing Soft kitty??"
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