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  1. Yes, i saw the clip. I think the whole idea is amazing. I'm happy Jim is a part of all this.
  2. Perfect, amazing, marvelous, wonderful, adorable and cute idea, and story.
  3. He is SO!!!!! cute, I can't. By the way, babe? Podcast has uploaded the full podcast, is 1:51:50 h
  4. Cool! I don't think he will actually be there for those screenings... unless he learns teleportation and moves from rehearsals to tapings to movie premieres and all his other things lol
  5. Oow what a bummer... Wanted to hear the rest of the emails
  6. Did you all had the problem that the podcast ends suddenly at 1:40 min? I looved it!! Loved it. I so want a radio show kinda like this one with him talking sh*t
  7. that was a fun podcast! I always wanted to hear Jim talk that freely about things. It was nice, and some of the things he talked about... I'm not surprised lol ah youth haha
  8. It's ok when you want to hear something and not nessesarilly pay too much attention to it? haha. Can't be too explicit but basically Ryan isn't shy to talk about what he likes and does in bed or anywhere else for that matter. The woman mostly plays along. Then they may talk about some topic of the week and such. I think an hour and minutes is too long for this kind of podcast, but idk. Prob Jim will talk about BITB... I am curious so I will listen when it airs
  9. Really? huh... Listened to it the other day, and yes is filthy sometimes, but i'm used to hear that talk in radio (in my country theres a show with a woman that's 10 times filthier than that lol) Stop listening because I couldn't stand how many times both said 'like' in one phrase and basically is similar to hearing teenagers talk this days. I'm curious about what Jim's going to talk here, maybe something about his work.... maybe not haha! PS: love the sunglasses
  10. AAAh! so happy for you! I've read wonderful things too... I hope I get to see it here in Argentina
  11. Awwwwww yes! hoping for speech and clips of it
  12. thanks for answering always can't wait for a A kid like Jake to premiere this summer. He has had good reviews from Sundance, it can0t be much different from other movie critics once this movie comes out (I guess). At this point, trying not to be too biased (lol), I always expect good performances from him whatever he does. Frankly, Jim's the only famous person I don't feel 'meh', for a while now.
  13. Gonna do a very cold, frivolous question. Jim is already an A-list celebrity by now, right? Who decides that anyway?
  14. I was thinking the other day when was he going to film this... I can't say I'm excited to see this movie, but always happy to see him working on something. But Jim, please, take some days off soon, hon!
  15. By the way, according to one of the actors, Michael Washington, the rehearsals start in two week in LA Hoping for selfies!!!!
  16. Wow! I have no idea if this is an important award or what. It sure sounds like it is. But anyways, yay! for Big Bang still winning things
  17. thank you Vonmar, always so ready and helpful Ah! i get it. Didn't know it costs a lot of money, I foolishly thought the more the better, for the possible good critics and/or awards, and that would bring the big distributors... But I understand how it can be such an uphill task for indies. And I didn't know the movie already has an european distributor, that's great! Now a Latinamerican distributor please!
  18. Endeed. But that means we'll have at least a couple of years' full quota of Jimness lol I have a question a bit offtopic. How is exacly the calendar for film festivals? Asking this because, did they only had a chance to show A kid like Jake at Sundance only? For festivals overseas, they need to be picked up, or they have to go over there, take San Sebastian, for example... or that is once the movie has a wide release? Any ideas?
  19. He's great. And doing very interesting, good choices. Honestly since he started doing other work he hasn't done anything remotely similar to Sheldon. Obviously he's best known for that role, but look at his resume and damn!
  20. So i read online the film was very well received with an standing ovation. Great performances all around, and apparently Jim and Claire stood out with an epic fight scene that was very poignant and painful, it seems. I couldn't find any article with a review, but suppose those will come out later sometime? Dunno. Hope some mayor distributor picks this movie up, because it seems it has potential to compete for some awards. And most importantly, it will allow more ppl to watch this beautiful story. Ah! Jim honey, I'm so proud!!
  21. I love Jim with all my heart, but those hats he likes to wear.... Wishing everything goes beyond great for A kid like Jake on Tuesday fingers crossed! and waiting great reviews on Wednesday.
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