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  1. OIC! : if that's the case, ITA about calling them his phanties the girls didn't give too much opinion of this particular scene did they? If they did I'm gonna need to read it
  2. No, no. Not Visions... if you give me a little time I'll look for the post. But it was a independent movie if I recall correctly, he was already attached to the project as leading actor, and they are looking for the leading actress, and it was said that the actress had to be okay if there were some adult content... i believe the story was about a writer and a mystery of something, and the actress is a reporter(?) and well... maybe that is in standby? i read the info here, I believe. Edit Found this http://www.tracking-board.com/tb-exclusive-jim-parsons-boards-indie-pic-the-earth-was-blue/ However, I read the info here but that would take some time to find the page number, and I'm heading to my class. Sorry guys, this was the best I could do
  3. I'm OK with the shamy plot, I really don't want to give too much of an opinion until I see it, because expressions and intonation and even the audience reaction looks better on screen and add that factor that makes you really get into the story... Now, Amy saying she was upset with Sheldon for him leaving, etc. was personally my fav moment reading the report. Was mentioned for how long did Sheldon travel? because, poor Amy waiting for that time, even if she talked by phone or whatever, she being upset is totally understandable imo. I said on a previous post I wanted to see a re-encounter between Sheldon and Amy... guess I'm gonna have to make do with this, but I understand if the writers don't want to throw a serious, real conversation between them yet, is the first ep afterall. So overall, I could say I'm in a state of... cautious expectation for what's there to come. But I'll internally fangirl nonetheless lol
  4. Wow so many things you guys lived in one night! first of all thanks for the report and the tidbits, it looks like the cast was really into their job and not messing up too much, or interacting w/ each other much, or maybe is the way I read it lol I'm glad for the success of The Council now, that's your uniform! those of you who are able to go to another taping gonna have to wear the shirt and tiara now! Jim does look REALLY GOOD, he always does, but yep, I like this S8 Jim. I thought he was working out for that movie he was supposed to do, soon? about him being a writer or something like that, I believe it was said there were going to be some adult scenes, maybe he wants to look yummy for that.
  5. THANKS FOR THE REPORT. THANKS FOR THE EFFORT. CONGRATS FOR THE SUCCESS OF THE SHELDON COOPER COUNCIL OF LADIES, BITCHES BE CRAZY AND GREAT! I'm not one to analyze to a T the things I read, so this report is, to me, only to know how the story goes, and nothing else. The writers are fond of showing Sheldon in underwear lately- not that I'm complaining, but still... I like Sheldon's story, on the paper what he says sounds funny, I'm sure when we see it, it would look great. I love that Amy said to him she was upset for he not calling her, and Sheldon's reaction to that was sweet (I mean the real reason he didn't want to see her right there). Penny story... what do I feel there's always more potential for her stories, than what they show us... *sigh* we'll see. I love the jokes about her hair cut, that was nice^^^ The rest was good, it would look better on screen, I'm sure. I think overall is a solid story I believe... I'm just happy we have season 8, and two more to come Yay!
  6. saruluvsshamy, watching those gifs in your signature is a nice way to wait, just saying
  7. Oops! guess she didn't get the memo from Bill, Jim and Kunal to cover the title LOL she has the script of pink cover, like Jim, and Kunal had it in blue... does that mean something? Anyway, after six hours, SIX! of Theory of Democracy in Ancient Greece at college, I needed to come here and plunge myself into the Shamy love, can't wait to know what will happen, and the backstage tidbits, and everything! I really want to stay up until the guys assisting post something... gonna try
  8. Nice painting!!! that is a nice gift to give to a loved one, very thoughtful
  9. With Sheldon trying to be romantic IN HIS OWN WAY, they have some many potential for funny and sweet moments, they could write a complete show as a spin-off from Bing Bang. I could do with that, combined with more Amy 'the badass' and Amy 'won't take your crap anymore'
  10. I read your comment! maybe he did read it, who knows Dunno how many of the girls attending are wearing tiaras but I suppose seeing a bunch of women with shining (assuming their tiaras have some shining bijouterie) things in their heads can't be something hard to avoid. Maybe Mayim notices and tells Jim, maybe the warm-up guy makes them do something in the audience... I'm waiting to know about that almost as much as I'm waiting for the report of the actual episode lol
  11. I do remember reading articles stating that some of those assisting to the funeral, were more concern in showing what they were wearing and stuff, and that even some designers used the situation like a opportunity to show their clothes appropriate for that moment. Anyway, it was what I felt watching the news at that time, I'm glad that is not happening in this case. Sorry for the offtopic.
  12. Does The Simpsons count? lol er, nope I'm not much into tv shows, that's why me following TBBT the way I do is kinda unexpected. I do watch sometimes reruns of Alf. That was a GREAT show!!!!
  13. Now that I read what I wrote about Sheldon and Barry White, pfft yeah, weird. On a side note, I do think an ILY, or a similar exclamation of true affection for her, could happen this season, perhaps like the big moment of this season, like last year's was the kiss. Don't want to let my mind overdrive, I did it back in S6 when they had that talk in his bedroom, but then in S7 that was like if it didn't happen... so, why bother.
  14. I remember when Philip S. Hoffman died, a loooot of 'famous' ppl went to his funeral just to show up. That was so disrespectful. I really don't know if is happening with Robin Williams death already, but not commenting, and calling yourself to silence sometimes is more appropriate than saying something. The other members of the cast wrote messages about Williams, but those were respectful and I felt were sincere and honest.
  15. Oh, ok. Maybe I misunderstood what he said... between the writers not wanting to give to much away, and me hearing what I want to hear, this could be a mess LOL He willing to show more his affection to Amy, having a much more romantic, if you will, relationship in their own way: yes! He starting acting like a seductor and listen to Barry White while slow dancing with Amy in the living room of his apartment(!): that is what I meant with him being completely of character. I really, believe writers won't make extreme changes to his persona, that would be... not right...
  16. Uh, I really want to know what happens in the first episode, but by the time the taping is done and you guys bring in some news it would be almost 04:00 a.m here. I don't feel like setting up my alarm for it, lol will check in the morning, and reading your opinions and reactions will give me an idea before reading the report ^^ Although I don't have any specific wish for the first ep, I do hope they show some sort of re-encounter between Sheldon and Amy. He coming back from wherever he went, and his first face-to-face with her. I don't know why i've been feeling like the writers have this season started with Sheldon already in town and back to his daily activities... must be because I've learn writers can deceive fans' expectations! I don't know if you guys have already discussed this (sorry, there are a lot of pages to catch up right know!), but, at this year's Comic-con Prady described, once again, Shamy's relationship like a back and forth dynamic. While I'm not necessarily OK with this, I do like that Prady said it this time because my primal fear about s8 was that they show a different Sheldon, as if his trip to somewhere suddenly gave him all the answers and he returns like a Prince Charming or something. So hearing he would be the same Sheldon, was a big relief for me
  17. I'm, generally, spoiler free for most of the episodes, but since I follow the Shamy tag on Tumblr, stay spoiler free for Shamy plots is kinda hard. Like last season, I started seeing post fangirling/boying over the kiss, and that was a one way ticket to spoilerland for me lol
  18. Hi, new to the forum, here! I confess myself a latent shamy fan, so posting here was a MUST DO, lol Funny how the Shamy spoiler thread has more pages than the spoiler free, considering there are no taping reports yet must be the excitement!
  19. My wish list: Amy explaining rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock to somebody, Sheldon watching w/ face of 'that's my girl' A Halloween episode with the gang as LOTR characters (for the mere reason I want to see Sheldon as Legolas, and Penny as Arwen... mmm but for that Leonard would have to be Aragorn, not Frodo... will think better on that one, lol) The guys using an actual robot on set. But that may be really expensive to have, and require a lot of engineers on set, and logistic... this wish is more a fantasy than a wish, really. That is all for the moment.
  20. Hello, I'm Andrea- you may call me Andy- I'm from Argentina, and I'm 24. Study history and love to read... about things that are not history-related, because I have college for that! Since I really suck at introductions, I'm only gonna say I've never registered on any site for anything, so my love for this show and the cast must be really something Well, I'm looking forward to chat and share with you things about this show I hope becomes even more successful!!!
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