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  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this written by a journalist?? If so, I'm soo happy for the movie and for Jim for doing yet another perfect performance.
  2. YES! here's hoping this happens! seeing Jim doing festivals season for this movie
  3. he has to take a pic or change his icon to celebrate LOL
  4. Ooooh, Universe, make this happen please thank you
  5. Indeed, Vonmar. Thanks for the answer to both. I was thinking it might be because of that, but it seems a bit too much. there's little to no conection there to tag jim's name, but i guess that's social media...
  6. A little bit off topic but could someone tell me why there are so many posts of kirsten Stewart (i don't know if I wrote her name correctly) in the jim Parsons tag on IG????? I can't believe it's because of the house he bought to Pattinson.
  7. In the end, this radio podcast is still going, despite the announce at first of it being for only a month (aprox.). I'm glad it seems ppl is taking notice of it. I can't register to be able to listen to it sadly, but is cool it's still on air. (Give Jim a full radio show, please!!!!)
  8. WOW! so envious haha. So, they are traveling all Italy? someday, I'll too! lol
  9. when is Jim starting to film "A kid like Jake"??? Also.. i don't know if you guys saw it, but in a interview, James Corden said, a cuple of weeks ago, that he would love to do The Producers with Jim, on theater. i just!!!!.... I wish Jim could do more theater! i know he has TBBT, but seeing Jim in broadway is just... i mean he loves it, and he has more room to do all kinds of roles. Edit: whenever i read honeymoon , or wedding or husband, talking about these two, i instantly have this stupid smile in my fangirl face... i think i will have this "problem" forever LOL
  10. Saw it on IG, but the girl took it down, or made her account private, you can't see the pic publicly anymore.
  11. I was wondering the same! looks like lemon? or dried orange? dunno Olives. love olives, they are delicious!
  12. I always look on instagram in the search, just write jim parsons and that's it. The pic is one of him with a blond girl, in a yatch
  13. yeah i saw it too... it seems. i mean it's him, and he has the ring. Ah the mediterranean islands... such paradise!
  14. Wish them all a great start to this tv show. I hope it becomes a critically acclaimed tv hit!!! Yeah i know i ask very little hahaha, but they and jim deserve it
  15. Am i still smiling whenever i check social media??? YESSSSSS lol
  16. I cant deal with all these beautiful pictures!!!! Im at work and ppl is looking at me funny because i look at the phobe with a goofy big smile.. lol More pics jim!!!! (In the voice of Mr Smith from matrix: "mooooreee")
  17. Thats melissa their friend, yeah. I think she did, it's clear she was a friend of the couple from the very beginning... I think it's her cuz, of her hair... And i don't know it just doesn't look like it mayim to me. But it's really nice she was there, and i saw simon too at the right corner (in another version of the same pic).
  18. Look at melissa back there at the center of the pic, she looks overwhelmed with emotion!!!! So sweet some of the cast were there. I see todds brother standing there at the left corner.... Oh gosh, im gonna have these big silly smile for weeks!!!!!! Hahaha. So happy for them, guys. They are adorable. And yeah, jim said more pics to come, so bring it jim!!! Lol
  19. Sooo happy, im fangirling so hard right now. Will he post something later in the week, i wonder... God i'm so happy. Yay!!!!!
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