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  1. I'm wondering who Mayim might take as her date for the Emmys

    Shall we have a guessing game?

    Would be great if she took Jim (photo ops)

    well Mayim has been bringing her friend Rob as her date to all the award shows she's been attending for over a year now. i'm pretty sure she'll still be with him for this year's Emmys. :)

  2. and apparently, Mayim's phone does not have a pass code on it :rofl:. kinda risky, don't you think? what if she loses her phone somewhere and somebody finds it? lol. i hope that never happens. 

    i'm starting to really really like Ryan. he's so cute and he brings out the fun in Mayim. they're still filming but i'm already thinking of all the press they'll be doing for the movie by December. that'll be so much fun. 

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  3. i'm so happy Mayim was able to at least have one decent vacation before bbt begins taping again - and in Europe no less! our girl works so hard. she deserves to pamper herself every now and then. :imsohappy:

  4.  thanks for the info, star! looking forward to friday.

    lol look at mayim being adorkable. i must say, i am loving this movie making more and more each day. and i love that we get to see more of mayim's fun, laid-back, dorky side. she's finally warming up to us. yay! :dancer:

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  5. I love her hair down and softly curled.  It always looks beautiful and shiny.   

    Her hair at this year's comic con was perfect. i think she liked it too. and i'm not saying that because i was only staring at her and no one else on every panel video i saw on youtube..

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  6. Kunal asked Mayim how it is to kiss Jim. She's stammering. She says Shamy intimacy is specific and even the cold open kiss felt strange because the characters don't do it much. They tried the kiss several ways. Mark wanted some movement. Everything Mayim and Jim do is "crafted, not cavalier." Kunal says for two characters who don't kiss, he has spanked her a lot.


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