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  1. I seriously almost choked on my drink. How is she....how....?!?! and sleeveless!!!! HOOO!!
  2. Mayim doesn't think it's a breakup. yay!
  3. Mayim Bialik: The First 30 Days of Mourning My Father's Death
  4. just dropping by to say Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mommies here! You guys are the best.
  5. congrats to Mayim's second nomination for this year's CCA! i'm confused though. Kveller said she won last year. Why don't I remember that ever happening...
  6. hdbttp of tumblr made a reverse version of the kiss. i can't... http://hdbttp.tumblr.com/post/118208152821/normal-and-reversed
  7. hello. does anyone of you here know the meaning behind Melissa's previous bio "Manny Pacquiao's worst nightmare' ? i just remembered what with the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight and all. Does she hate him or something? lol i'm just curious.
  8. Amys' anthem for the whole summer: Love Me Harder
  9. wow, Danniii you're from Germany? i thought you were from LA. 3.34 AM, Manila, Philippines
  10. i actually like this but i ran out of likes so i'm just gonna say it out loud. LOL. wow, it's been a while since i've last ran out of likes on this site. i'm just so happy that since the last taping, i get to wake up everyday knowing that (1) my babies made out (2) they really made out (3) they really really made out (4) GODDAMIT THEY MADE OUT! and as if that wasn't enough, Sheldon pulls out a box with an engagement ring in it. HE WANTS TO MARRY HER!!! he wants to have her babies, people!!! they've come so far yet they still have a long way to go. if Amy wanting break is the only way for Sheldon to finally wake up and realize how much Amy means to him, then by all means, take all the time you need, girl. we want Sheldon to give himself to this relationship - just like the psychic said. it's high time he does his part, take the wheel and drive this relationship forward. and let me just say, for me, Amy is the most kind, most generous, most patient, most selfless person i have ever known (next to my father ). she has soooo much love to give, it's literally pouring. if only Sheldon would let his guard down and let her in. poor guy has no idea what he's missing. that's what i hope for him to realize in season 9. Amy deserves to be loved by Sheldon the way she loves him, and I know that Sheldon is capable of doing that and so much more. He just has to learn how to let it out and just surrender to her.
  11. finally! a thread for one of the best shamy fan fics ever written. this story gives me so much life. thanks, hazel!
  12. ditto IAteAButterfly. come on, people. give the woman a break. her dad just died.
  13. she probably also has immediate family from Israel. i'm not sure.
  14. i, too, had a feeling it was her dad but i couldn't bring myself to accept it because i know how much pain it'll cause Mayim if it were true. my heart is breaking for her. i wish i can do something to make her feel better. i am legit crying right now. Mayim..
  15. OMFG she's back! hallelujah! i'm crying... ETA: #ManCrushMonday: Jim Parsons. here, here.
  16. but you see, tbbt is currently Mayim's biggest obligation. as everyone's been saying here, she is contractually obligated to be in all 24 episodes. should there be breach of contract, she may be required to pay penalties amounting to maybe thousands of dollars. so the fact that she wasn't in one must mean something really important came up that she was willing to set aside tbbt. also, she said she will only be off the grid until last Saturday. she usually updates her Twitter and IG on a daily basis. however, it's been 4 days and we still haven't heard from her. based from personal observation, and maybe i'm wrong, but Mayim usually goes off the grid only when (1) there are special holidays, shabbat, etc (2) she's abroad, in a country with very low cell service or (3) she's upset about something. also, she updates her Kveller blog every Monday. this week, we got nothing. i just really think it strange that she was not in the latest episode considering it was a perfect opportunity to show Mary + Sheldon + Amy interactions, plus the fact that we haven't heard from her since last week. or maybe, you're right and she just has some overlapping talking engagements / seminars / photoshoots to attend to and the episode needed very little screen time from her that she decided to tape on a different day instead. still, you can't blame us for being a little worried.
  17. at this point i don't even care much for a shamy finale anymore. i just want to know if Mayim is okay...
  18. it's funny how in the show, Amy is the one who wants a PG sleepover yet in real life, Mayim actually wants it G because of her kids. LOL. and the part where she said "they kind of went back and forth on what ending they should have" intrigues me. does that mean TPTB may have probably thought of ending the night with a date night kiss? shrnyghkjrdfw. darn, we would've been so close....
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