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  1. I first started watching TBBT on youtube, well the bloopers really. I'd heard of the show before, but it wasn't something I was interested in. After my husband passed away in June of 2012, I wanted to watch something we'd never watched. I started with the bloopers because they made me laugh out loud literally and I wanted/needed to laugh. Then I started watching the reruns on TBS and finally watched the new episodes in Sept 2012 til now. I found this forum reading TBBT fanfiction, alot of them spoke of Spoilers, so I googled to find them.....lol. I lurked here until the the Prom Episode and then I just had to join in on the fun!
  2. Cute episode, I laughed out loud in several places; when Kripke asked if his pole was flag related---the faces Amy and Sheldon made were hysterical; Sheldon's eyes especially! And of course the talk Shamy had near the end that got interrupted, so sweet.
  3. It's hard to be too disappointed in the TR this week since we have just had 2 great episodes back to back that are all about the Shamy goodness! I think if we have learned anything---it's that the writers DO know what they are doing (and they really don't fly by the seat of their pants week by week, but actually plan some things months in advance). I trust that they have more good story to tell for our favorite couple, we just have to be patient.
  4. sorry (not sorry) but I wanted to take a break from all this reading and just look at this again! Don't let Dave's presence ruin it for ya's-----just bask in the goodness of the Shamy make up/make out at the end!
  5. Weighing in again based on my own experience......As much as we probably didn't want Amy to try to move on with another man so soon after Sheldon basically rejected her; it happens. As I said a couple of pages back, I feel the sting of rejection from the man I still have feelings for and if I had a Dave around, someone who liked me----I might try to go there too. I don't think I would kiss him though because my feelings wouldn't be there for that. Amy doesn't look like someone who is wanting to kiss Dave either. If she was, she would have responded to the tie clip kiss. I guess I'm more lenient with her because I can understand the emotional pain of rejection and yeah maybe she brought that all on herself by initiating the break up to begin with; but it doesn't negate the knee-jerk reaction of wanting to fill the loneliness with something/someone, no matter how smart or independent you might be. Also, just because we don't see Amy's POV about the break up, other than dating others. doesn't mean she was okay with it. That's just how the writers chose to spin their story---it's a comedy after all, and a lot of things are passed over for the easy laugh. Much like life though, we only have our own POV---I have no idea what my ex's POV is and probably never will. It's easy for me to say that he probably didn't feel as bad as me, because I haven't personally witnessed it, but that doesn't make it true.
  6. After the train kiss, when Amy said, "that was nice." Sheldon said, "good." This past Thursday, when Amy said she wanted to be his girlfriend again, Sheldon said, "Good, because I love you." The growth of Sheldon has been beautiful to behold. Have to add that I watched the episode again tonight.....and it still leaves me grinning like an idiot as much as the first viewing did!
  7. I'm sorta in the same position Amy was in----was in a relationship with someone I really liked but it ended 6 months ago. I'm not over him but he doesn't want to try again. My inclination is to move on with someone else even though I'm not over the first guy; unlike Amy I have no Dave waiting in the wings though. And that's a good thing---because I can't even imagine kissing anyone else until I get over the ex. I understand Amy wanting to move on and Dave likes her so there is that; but I just don't see her being able to go through with anything more than a kiss. To me she is going along with a kiss but she really isn't wanting it the way she wants the kisses she ultimately gets with Sheldon. Just my opinion based on my own situation......unless the writers tell us otherwise, I don't think we will ever really know.
  8. Darlin was a good choice----a catchy tune with appropriate lyrics to the situation. And as an added bonus---an earworm now stuck in every Shamy shippers head, not just Sheldon's! At least it is in my case---but that might be because I keep listening to it
  9. i agree with all of this (and everything everyone else has said since page 709 when I ran out of likes)!
  10. Good news----I'm still smiling like an idiot (and have watched all the vids and appreciated all the gifs you people have shared, over and over).....I've listened to Darlin at least 5 times Bad news----I ran out of likes on page 709......
  11. An unspoiled friend asked me on Facebook if I had seen it.....she was very happy btw. So now I've posted the Darlin song to my wall on fb and can listen to it the rest of the night! I might have to pin it as well. So freaking happy!
  12. I have a feeling I may run out of "likes" tonight......
  13. Can I just say-----:) that's me at the moment, smiling like a complete idiot.....
  14. I laughed out loud when he started playing the tuba......
  15. 20 minutes to go.......#shamyreconciliationisthisclose
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