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  1. I think traffic is down because there haven't been any taping reports. Speculating how an episode will play is more fun for some of us than dissecting what's already aired. YMMV
  2. A key aspect is that Sheldon is framing the sex as reproductive. Amy isn't ready for pregnancy, Sheldon isn't the best at respecting boundaries; I can see where that would give her pause. It sets up an interesting dynamic in which they both want sex for its own sake but Sheldon can't admit it. Of course I may be misreading the taping info, but that sounds like where they're headed. I like it.
  3. I like your long posts, and I hear what you're saying, but I think you're a little unfair to the writers, not in terms of execution, in terms of ability. They're capable of writing a mature romance with reasonable adult complications. I think they've shown that with Howardette. I think they'll get there with Lenny. Season nine Lenny was clumsy, but I think there were elements laced in there that the writers could pick up and run with. The trouble is, they love going back to the same tired old jokes. Leonard wore Penny down, tee hee. Sheldon is unreasonable while Leonard snark
  4. I'm excited for this episode. It's been a promising season so far, but this episode sounds top notch. Have we established that they haven't had sex again? I feel as though the writers are still playing coy on that. I may have missed something. I have not missed the quote function.
  5. I must say, my favorite part is Penny's geology pun at the end. I like Burt and I like the fact that both girls are kind to him. The R/B plot is nice too. So much sitcom humor is derived from characters putting each other down. I'm charmed by an episode that has two B plots devoted to building each other up.
  6. Isn't Raj's place oriented in the other direction? Emily's wasn't though. IIRC.
  7. In addition, it fits with the reason Sheldon doesn't like birthdays. Leonard and Amy can empathize with Sheldon's sad story of rejection by his cooler sister, but only Penny, his ersatz sister, can give him closure. So it works for me. It sounds like a strong episode. Glad to have Leslie Winkle back. I like how much Barry we're getting this season. That being said, I think the 200th episode revolving around only one character is a little jarring. And I say this as someone who likes the Sheldon character. At least episode 100 revolved around two of the main characters.
  8. I would like this a lot. I'm not particularly jazzed about the idea of bringing Leslie back just so the girls can pile on her. She could be a caustic character, but she wasn't evil.
  9. Does it look like "gold" to anyone else?
  10. Could be, but if she's looking forward to having one and she's expressed that offscreen "my waterbed" works too. In general, I try to be generous with the writers. If I can concoct a plausible explanation, I call it a day.
  11. It could be "my water bed"simply means the water bed she wishes to buy someday. She's always wanted a waterbed, it doesn't fit/isn't allowed at her current place, now she's hoping to get one. Problem solved.
  12. Ugh, can we not with this argument again? Don't make us all start talking about our breasts again.
  13. I dunno, these types of spoilers always seem to be from episodes already filmed. I bet it's going to hint at "trouble ahead for two bbt couples!?" And hint at the Meemaw incident and Rajily's breakup. But I could be wrong
  14. I don't agree with your interpretation of the trajectory of their relationship. He was not disrespectful of her at the outset. He was, for him, almost effusive in his praise for her. It was only after she began to show signs of romantic awakening that he started treating her in the same contemptuous manner he treats everyone else. So he really pulled a bait and switch on her. Now, I'm not unsympathetic to the fact that she had changed a lot over that period of time; and that that change, for him; was threatening to his sense of who he was. But that was his problem to deal with. If sh
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