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  1. I'm guessing there's quite few pre-taped scenes!
  2. They're out! Alex Ayers posted in her stories of the ending roll call! Can't wait to see what we get, friends!
  3. Can now confirm that Amy and Howardette baby share a birthday. It has been confirmed. Also, the baby's name is Hallie! (Ha-Lee, so.. like Holly)
  4. There is no such thing as "calm" in this forum. Sadly, your words are wasted on the group.
  5. I'm hoping for that as well! It would definitely calm my nit-picky mind
  6. Oh gotcha! And they might.. but then they'd need to explain why Sheldon is breaking the "coitus only on Amy's birthday" rule...
  7. As far as I know.. nope. They specifically make it known that it's Amy's birthday as Sheldon also gives her a birthday present. (which might have just been the coitus. But birthday is definitely mentioned)
  8. EYou also made your statement unclear. TO ME, I read it as "13 months" as in the pregnancy took over 1 season. I have also never seen Roseanne, so how would I have known that there were 2 halloween episodes? So sorry I'm not familiar with every episode of every sitcom ever? I also thought you meant "1 month" as in 1 month IRL vs 1month in TV-time. Again. Sorry I'm just saying that TBBT gave us specific dates as far as the ANNOUNCEMENT AND BIRTH go. I can't speak for Roseanne or Lucy, but I can speak for TBBT.
  9. But the difference is that Roseanne and Lucy didn't tell the viewers SPECIFIC DATES when they announced their pregnancy vs when they gave birth. They time jumped (or slowed time down) most likely. TBBT did give us specific dates... (before February 14th and ON December 17th) Hell, if Bernie's baby was (and is) born on December 17th and if I did my math correctly, that means she SHOULD HAVE been conceived around 'March 26th. Way off after Valentine's day....
  10. If TPTB didn't want [dedicated] fans to nitpick the timeline, they shouldn't have had specific dates for the pregnancy announcement and then the birth.
  11. EXACTLY. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy Shamy finally "did the do" again, but just last week most of us were under the assumption that Bernadette would give birth October/November because, well... we kept track of that stuff regardless of it being TV land... and suddenly it's Amy's birthday? I'd rather skip the 9.11/10.11 anniversary and have Shamy coitus next year than have inaccurate timelines when it came to simple biology. The fact that TPTB have made it clear that Bernadette knew she was pregnant prior to the Valentine's episode (which aired February 11th but takes place on the 14th) and just now giving birth on Amy's birthday (as stated, December 17th), just annoys me. Am I nitpicking? Absolutely, but I think it's for good reason considering it was such a significant plot unlike nose surgeries, lemon bars and other things we could nitpick about.
  12. So in TV land it's possible for a woman to be pregnant 11 months? A show that tries to be scientifically accurate (to its best ability)... The general viewers won't care or even notice, but TPTB know that they have very dedicated viewers that know that it's way off. Plus, I've seen many a forum-user nitpick less important stuff Like Leonard's snoring and his dislike of lemon bars. You can say she's been pregnant for 9 months in TV land, but she's been pregnant since before Valentine's Day (in TV land) and it's now December 17th (in TV land). Just doesn't add up.
  13. I'd usually understand that. But the labor takes place on Amy's birthday which is December 17th....
  14. SPOILERS So.. Shamy do have sex on her birthday. Bernie's baby is a girl but.., DO THE WRITER'S KNOW HOW PREGNANCY WORKS? 10 months? At least? Um....
  15. Well Bernie said she was pregnant on Valentine's Day (because that's when she wanted to tell Howard)... so... if she were to give birth in December she'd be WAY overdue lol So it's most likely October in TBBT time right now.
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