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  1. 1 minute ago, April said:

    Yeah, but if it's just mentioned they can cut  the line, that's what I'm getting at. If Sheldon decorated 4B with balloons and a huge Happy Birthday banner then that's pretty fixed by comparison. You know what I mean?

    Oh gotcha! And they might.. but then they'd need to explain why Sheldon is breaking the "coitus only on Amy's birthday" rule...

  2. 4 minutes ago, April said:

    If this fucking show is really making Bernie have a 11-12 months pregnancy for this BS joke I'll have the urge to write a strongly worded email to Molaro.

    I rather would have waited another episode or two to get to Amy's birthday than this. This show makes sure to get science in-jokes right that maybe 0.5% of their audience understand - but they don't think people can count down 9 months??? WTF!??!??!

    Now all of this can easily be saved by cutting any mention of Amy's birthday. So... any chance of that being possible?

    As far as I know.. nope. They specifically make it known that it's Amy's birthday as Sheldon also gives her a birthday present. (which might have just been the coitus. But birthday is definitely mentioned)

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  3. 7 hours ago, MTBigBangTheoryFan said:

    Did you not read what I just said? There was ONE MONTH between time Lucy found out she was Pregnant and gave birth. 


    And Roseanne Had TWO HALLOWEEN Episodes where she was Pregnant in both!! How does that make sense.  Darlene baby was Premature but she became Pregnant in March and gave birth in February.  There was a Christmas episode in between. again Does not make sense. Go tell Roseanne fans it normal they will disagree 



    EYou also made your statement unclear. TO ME, I read it as "13 months" as in the pregnancy took over 1 season. I have also never seen Roseanne, so how would I have known that there were 2 halloween episodes? So sorry I'm not familiar with every episode of every sitcom ever? I also thought you meant "1 month" as in 1 month IRL vs 1month in TV-time. Again. Sorry

    I'm just saying that TBBT gave us specific dates as far as the ANNOUNCEMENT AND BIRTH go. I can't speak for Roseanne or Lucy, but I can speak for TBBT.


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  4. 6 minutes ago, MTBigBangTheoryFan said:

    As I said in Chat This is TV not the Real World. Most TV Shows don't follow Real World Math and Reality. 

    This has happen on many, many, many TV Shows. It not really a big deal 

    There was only 1 Month between the Episode Lucy told Ricky she was Pregnant and the Episode she had Little Ricky! There was 13 Months between Roseanne. Even Darlene didn't quit make sense even so she had a Premature Baby. 


    But the difference is that Roseanne and Lucy didn't tell the viewers SPECIFIC DATES when they announced their pregnancy vs when they gave birth. They time jumped (or slowed time down) most likely.  TBBT did give us specific dates... (before February 14th and ON December 17th)

    Hell, if Bernie's baby was (and is) born on December 17th and if I did my math correctly, that means she SHOULD HAVE been conceived around 'March 26th. Way off after Valentine's day.... 

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  5. Just now, mirs1 said:

    I agree, had the dates not been so clear by the context, I would have been fine about that. But you can't choose Valentine's day for announcing the pregnancy and a very well known movie's release date as Amy's birthday (with no possibility the birthday to happen in November) and then not expect viewers (and in particular your dedicated fans) to make this simple calculation right...


    If TPTB didn't want [dedicated] fans to nitpick the timeline, they shouldn't have had specific dates for the pregnancy announcement and then the birth.

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  6. 10 minutes ago, mirs1 said:

    And they can't even pretend Amy's birthday is on early November and they went not to the SW worldwide premiere but to an early screening, since there was a Thanksgiving episode last year, and Shamy were still broken up by then...Seriously, this time they messed up so much with basic human biology that it is somehow spoiling the enjoyment of the baby's birth and, of course, of Shamy's Coitus 2.0.



    Don't get me wrong, I'm happy Shamy finally "did the do" again, but just last week most of us were under the assumption that Bernadette would give birth October/November because, well... we kept track of that stuff regardless of it being TV land... and suddenly it's Amy's birthday? I'd rather skip the 9.11/10.11 anniversary and have Shamy coitus next year than have inaccurate timelines when it came to simple biology.

    The fact that TPTB have made it clear that Bernadette knew she was pregnant prior to the Valentine's episode (which aired February 11th but takes place on the 14th) and just now giving birth on Amy's birthday (as stated, December 17th), just annoys me. Am I nitpicking? Absolutely, but I think it's for good reason considering it was such a significant plot unlike nose surgeries, lemon bars and other things we could nitpick about.

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  7. 15 minutes ago, 3ku11 said:

    2 months is nothing in tv land. I don't see the big deal. 

    So in TV land it's possible for a woman to be pregnant 11 months? A show that tries to be scientifically accurate (to its best ability)... The general viewers won't care or even notice, but TPTB know that they have very dedicated viewers that know that it's way off. Plus, I've seen many a forum-user nitpick less important stuff :) Like Leonard's snoring and his dislike of lemon bars.

    You can say she's been pregnant for 9 months in TV land, but she's been pregnant since before Valentine's Day (in TV land) and it's now December 17th (in TV land). Just doesn't add up. 

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  8. 7 minutes ago, Chrismo said:

    I agree it's the birth episode but I don't think the entire episode will be just about that

    I think real time and TBBT time aren't always the same.


    Well Bernie said she was pregnant on Valentine's Day (because that's when she wanted to tell Howard)... so... if she were to give birth in December she'd be WAY overdue lol

    So it's most likely October in TBBT time right now.

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  9. 1 minute ago, Chrismo said:

    I thought the LA was settled two weeks ago since the Bert episode (filler?) was last week.

    I will agree that the Bert episode (the one that airs this week) is a filler, but until we get a bit more information on this episode, I personally won't call it a filler. 

  10. 58 minutes ago, shamydawson said:

    His hair was real shiny covered in gel all slicked back (I think I don't remember)  but parted in the middle and Sheldon's shirt was unbutton like a v neck and was tucked in and his tie was around his neck untied, his sleeves were rolled up as well. Trust me he's so handsome haha. There was even candles and the lights were dimmed down to set the mood ;p

    Edit: thinking about it, it was like 40s fashion clothing and hairstyle 

    Thanks for the detail! 

    I can't wait to see what this looks like... Sheldon is just a very handsome man in general, but to see him outside of his element in an attempt to seduce Amy.... it's going to be hilarious!

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  11. 40 minutes ago, rice sheldon said:

    we can all dream... quick, someone write a fanfic

    "Don't tempt me..." I say as I begin to write a steamy fan fiction while I'm at work. I turn my head and glance into the office beside mine to make sure that the accountant is unable to see what I am typing. Hopefully, she think I am a dedicated employee writing a transmittal even though I'm nothing more than a crazed Shamy shipper merely disguised as a valued member of society...


    (But seriously, I'm kind of in the process of writing it, just not at work! Lol)

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  12. 17 minutes ago, 2L344 said:

    Aww Amy's holding up the flag of Saint Kitts and Nevis, two islands that form one nation....nicely done :)


    Gotta love that symbolism!!! Perhaps it's a special episode since they're living together!

    now... about that eggplant he's holding.... :sarcastichand:

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  13. 24 minutes ago, shamyyellow said:

    I guess it depends on if you see it as an obstacle. In this case, I think seeing the episode is key because the vibe, facial expressions, and small nuances are going to be the deciding factor, IMO.

    If Sheldon really wants a baby and Amy is avoiding him instead of telling him no or if she's answered him but he's ignoring her... that's an issue. But it sounds like this is Sheldon and Amy being goofy and playing around with each other. Sheldon is going out of his way to turn her on and she's avoiding him because it's working. I really, honestly don't think that Amy is avoiding him because she doesn't know about birth control or condoms. Sheldon's "mission" is to get her pregnant and she's running away from that, which also means no sex with condoms or birth control. If she agreed to sex for the sole purpose of procreation and then secretly used contraception, that would be a problem.

    I feel like their decision to sleep together again will happen similarly to how everything else this season has come about. I kind of like this new version of Shamy where everything they do isn't a big deal. They are casually hugging, kissing, sharing a bed, fighting, resolving issues, and progressing. It's no longer taking a giant spotlight and multiple seasons for them to justify a single step forward. Never in a million years did I think Sheldon would suggest sharing Penny's apartment or sleeping in the same bed or sharing a toothbrush holder with such ease. I wouldn't be surprised if it's the same with coitus -- less talking, more doing, and not a lot of drama attached.

    These last few episodes have clarified that Sheldon has desires, so that I'm not concerned about. I wouldn't even be surprised if Sheldon was using a baby as a way to cleverly bring sex back on the table... since you can't have one without the other. Maybe Amy will figure out the real reason he suddenly wants a baby, they'll have that talk, and finally carry on with the sexy times.


    However, I thought that Amy DID tell him no on children. I could be entirely wrong, but I thought one of the spoilers read that Amy told Sheldon that she doesn't want a baby. Joking or not (I doubt Amy was joking about it, though), Sheldon should have taken that seriously and calmed it down (or directed his seduction to actually wanting coitus for expression and enjoyment instead of procreation, if he so desired). Correct me if I'm wrong. I get things confused and flipped around a lot.

    Maybe it'll play differently in the episode where Amy, was in fact, being playful with him. Which hey, that would be extremely enjoyable to watch! We will just have to see!

    As far as everything else, the casualness of everything is actually extremely refreshing. We have them being flirtatious with each other in almost every episode after Ep.4, we have them seemingly being well adjusted to living together after that learning curve and it appears they are both managing without the stress of bathroom schedule! (Plus Amy seems to be getting more sleep!) Coitus, I'm hoping, is like the drama we'll see in The Veracity Elasticity. A bit of drama, but will end up very happily (or they could make it hilarious)... just don't keep us waiting too much longer! :) 

    This is the Shamy that many people have been wanting. Flirtatious. Clearly in love. Domestic. Casual. But still unique. I'm taking it and enjoying it.

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