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  1. Gotcha! I'm still pretty new to the forums in general (only made an account solely for the chat 2 years ago), so thanks for letting me know
  2. Yes! I need Sheldon spooning Amy before my Shamy bucket list is complete... among other things that will most likely never happen on-screen. But I can dream!
  3. Oh goodness! I had no idea! I'm sorry, will remove! Can I ask why though? It's confusing ;-; I was thinking the same! Kinda wanted to get a glimpse at her maiden name (though I doubt we'll learn at this point since we went 10 seasons without knowing, I still think it'd be a fun tidbit to learn.)
  4. Dear god... can you imagine... Poor Amy would just be ready to pass out while Sheldon's still ready to go as if he were a sex-crazed teenager LOL
  5. I wonder which one they're using? I think it'd be cute and funny to hear either so I'm open to either! As far as we know, Sheldon doesn't know about OP. And the other language, he may only know a few words Planko/Janko (one of them has the silent p'tang) and tweepadok. True. I did make that comment very early in the morning. I guess my morning brain wasn't thinking clearly. Thanks.
  6. He does know why she's rejecting him. She told him that she's doesn't want a baby right now and he thought she was just playing hard to get. If he's thinking he did something wrong, I'm sure he'll address it either off-screen post episode 8, or next week. I'm still holding Molaro true to his goal of getting Sheldon learn that sexy-time is for more than just procreation and birthday presents. I was upset about that at first, too. I'm still kinda "urrrrgh..." about Amy constantly rejecting him when she can easily tell him to buy condoms or make herself an appointment for some contraceptives lol It's just for the comedy factor though. Which I can appreciate too.
  7. How many of y'all wanna bet that Jim Parsons has been waiting since 2007 to do scenes like this?
  8. Pamy talking in Amy's language has given me new hope for this friendship ship. I just really love when the girls are silly together because girl friends are usually seen as gossipy and talking about lady stuff, when really we're just weirdos who would totally learn/memorize/make up a language. Lol
  9. I personally hope they dont have babies yet... ugh. Hate babies lol BUT I'm all for Sheldon trying to turn his girlfriend on. I know Molaro was talking about trying to get Sheldon used to the idea of sex being a fun activity... I wonder when that'll be because I'm not fond on "lets have sex once a year" or "lets make a baby" lol
  10. So..... what you're telling me is that Sheldon basically did the 'bend and snap'?
  11. Well... since Amy doesn't want to get pregnant yet... WRITERS, have Sheldon buy condoms and research every brand in the store LOL
  12. Thank you! Did you see the episode before?
  13. Thanks for the info! Did Shamy actually have coitus though? Dying to know! lol
  14. What about the episode they say? 10.07
  15. OMGGG!!! More details! (if you want, no pressure)
  16. I said something about that on tumblr lol I think it was all on his own! https://shamybabboos.tumblr.com/post/152315348679/okay-sheldon-surprising-amy-and-slapping-her I had it in caps locks, so you know I was freaking out lol
  17. Domestic Shamy is literally the one thing I wanted out of this experiment. Coitus would have been just a bonus. I just needed them being a domestic couple and being adorable while doing so. I am happy!
  18. Have a wonderful time @mjc45!!!! Just have fun! It's a blast and thank you in advance for spoilers. You are too kind <3
  19. I'm just a very socially anxious person, I guess. I don't go out of my way to start communication because of negative past experiences in doing so. Ya know? I'm just baffled by people who can just strike up conversation with a stranger just because. I'm envious and fearful of that power and freedom lol But thank you for making sense of it. I deleted my first comment because I was afraid there would be passive aggressive or just unkind replies, so thanks for kindly explaining it!
  20. Interesting! I'm not 100% sure, obviously, but I wonder if she's playing Bernadette's doctor? Midwife? Or maybe a sister or friend to someone else?
  21. He's a shameless person Also, to add... Even if Mary and Mrs. Fowler wanted to confront or scold Shamy about their night of torrid love-making, I'm sure they wouldn't. After all, I'm sure Mary has enough common sense to never talk about sex with Sheldon after season 7, and Mrs. Fowler already got an earful in season 4 about him making love to her "daughter's vagina". I can't help but think that'd be a very interesting conversation among the 4 of them (Momma Cooper, Momma Fowler and Shamy)... "Amy, I thought you lost your virginity to this man 6 years ago!" "...Surprise! I lied!"
  22. I think it also has something to do with the fact that Sheldon and Amy's mothers realize that while they dislike the idea of premarital sex, the bottom line is that Sheldon and Amy are adults and no longer are in situations to please their mothers because of x-reason. Sheldon and Amy are first and foremost their kids, and since Mary clearly adores Sheldon, she'l love him regardless. I wish I could say that Mrs. Fowler loves Amy as a daughter as much as Mary loves her children (there's clearly love there, but we know they aren't close so...) With Sheldon being 36 as of February 2016 and Amy being anywhere between 32-35 (just guessing) years old, they are more than capable of making their own decisions. Even if it is against the morals that they were raised with. Mary and Mrs. Fowler, I'm sure, respect that even though they aren't best pleased with it either.
  23. I can definitely agree that Shamy and Amy living together could result in them maturing quite a bit. Of course, Sheldon will still be Sheldon, and Amy will always be Amy. They'll have their quirks and will continue to have them for years and years and years. And frankly, while I'm sure many people may disagree with me, living with your significant other is extremely different than living with a roommate or even a dear friend. Especially if the new living arrangement could result in marriage (and with Sheldon having that ring, he falls into that category.) Unlike with Leonard or any other of his failed roommate prior to Leonard, Sheldon's rules were the end all be all. Follow them or else there will be consequences. With Amy.. or especially with Amy... she has been known to push Sheldon out of his comfort zone. Sometimes she convinces him to step out of that comfortable little box of his and I'm 99.999% sure that's what happening on and off screen. I'm sure Amy is okay with some rules like the thermostat or no music after all certain time, etc... But there are somethings that Amy won't budge on and for good reason. She isn't his roommate, she is his significant other. And when they marry, they'll be living together 'til death do them part. They need to learn to give and take in order to live together peacefully and comfortably. While many friends are willing to put up with his eccentricities, Amy isn't about to because she knows that relationships are a push and pull and wants Sheldon to learn the same without completely changing him (which can easily be done). She's basically willing to give up some of her freedom to adjust the thermostat or not listen to the latest album of her favorite band at 10pm (just examples), but Sheldon better be willing to give up that bathroom schedule and toothbrush holder. Ya know?
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