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  1. Only thing I can say about that is... True dat Coitus is like a donation... Not exactly required, but very welcome if it happens.
  2. Ahhh!!!!! Seeing as today is the start of practice runs for next taping.... and they're in bed... coitus is on my mind, guys. Or at least cuddling.
  3. Hello friends! Anyone else wake up with the thought "Sheldon and Amy angrily made out last night"? I did...
  4. I guess that's true, but it only seems to be Amy that shows that real side. I love it but at the same time, kinda want one of the others girls to do it too LOL
  5. Loved it loved it loved it! Everything was perfect in my opinion, except for one thing. Call me a nitpicker, but why do the writers go out of their way to make Amy's tooth brushing sound gross? I mean. Why?
  6. Yeah... a second is way too short... I know I'll be fangirling at work until I go home at 4.. and still fangirling then too!
  7. MORNING! I know it's noon, or later for some of you, but I hope your morning is going well! Guess what cuteness my friend stumbled upon? CAN WE JUST FANGIRL/FANBOY OUT FOR A SECOND? They look even more adorable than they usually do! I can't wait for the episode... so hopefully work goes quickly for me!
  8. Okay, now you're just talking crazy!
  9. I think that's an excellent idea. After all, Sheldon (for one reason or another) has had better luck with the ladies. I mean, he's not much of a dater, but he knows a keeper when he sees one (Amy). Even the gorgeous Vanessa was rejected after calling something boring. If they do go that route, he'd be one hell of a wing man. I'd like to see that. If anything, Sheldon might even try to convince Raj that if his head weren't so far up his ass, he'd see that he's not as charming as he believes he is and needs to get over himself. I just need Sheldon (or anyone at this point) to knock some sense into him IMO.
  10. That's pretty much what is annoying me. Now, I hate the Raj dating two women plot, but at least TPTB could have had something come out of it. A life lesson of sorts. From what I had heard from TRs is that Raj simply stated he was done. TPTB couldn't even grace us with a scene of it or even with more detail. Just that he was done. Did he learn anything? Did he realize how much of a douche he was being? Because at this point, I highly doubt it. Like I said, TPTB are just dumping Raj when and where they can fit him. Kind of like Amy before she and Sheldon became "official" in season 5. If anything, TPTB should give Raj a new interesting plot. I mean, we essentially have a space race going on with SpaceX and Boeing (and that other company I forgot the name of) to see who can colonize Mars first. Granted, it won't be for another few decades (if it's even feasible), but I'd love to see Raj take interest in that. I know they had a Mars plot with Sheldon two years ago, but back then it was with that Mars One "scam" and (as far as I remember) not really tested. Correct me if I'm wrong on that. Maybe they could have Elon Musk return even if it's for an episode or two? Or maybe the writers can figure out how to get Raj involved with Sheldon, Leonard and Howard's plot.
  11. Yes, thank you to that anonymous person indeed! Nice to have a bit more detail into what happened The Shamy plot seems funny! I wonder what Amy would do with a tipsy Sheldon... I mean, sure, she could put him to bed for him to sleep it off once everyone leaves... but one thing that I've been wondering was if Sheldon was more affectionate when he's drunk/tipsy? I mean, he does say sweet things to Amy ("Ain't she great?") and spanked her in S7 under the alcoholic influence! Meaning he's a bit more relaxed and willing to express himself once he's had a sip or two. I'm not saying coitus; Amy wouldn't take advantage of him like that. But I'D personally love to think that Sheldon's a drunk cuddler. Perhaps, off camera, Amy put Sheldon to bed to sober him up and he was really wanting to cuddle and really... who's Amy to reject a cuddle session? Lol just fun thoughts. I love the Lenny plot too! As the Anon said, it might be a theme that other men might be putting Leonard on a "pedestal" for getting the hot girl and he's just taking it all in because he can look at her and say "Yes, this is my wife. I love my wife. How did I get her?" And just soak all those "You're a lucky guy" comments in. I think it's going to be funny and enjoyable! As for Howardette/Raj. Like @mirs1 said... poor Raj. I understand he's close to Howardette but he needs something else to do. Give him another plot, or a girlfriend because I'm not feeling this. It was sweet in season 9 but now it's just annoying and I feel bad that Raj is now just seem as a floater. Howard said it perfectly in S9. They (Howardette) are having this baby. Not Raj. I just think TPTB are just trying to fit him in when they can without really thinking. Love that Howard and Bernie can feel the baby kick without Raj's "2nd father" presense, at least!
  12. As much as I would love that, my source said that it was just a gathering. No big announcement. It was just cute how Shamy interacted is all. So I'm more leaning towards your check list idea as well!
  13. I'm optimistic and yet at the same time nervous. I always believed that a sitcom should never go beyond season 10 because that's usually the sweet spot (though some shows don't make it to Season 10 anyway). Any thing over might just go down hill like 2 and Half Men. Not for the characters, but the comedy, the plots, the ratings, etc. just plummet in my own opinion. I'm hoping I'm wrong, let's just say that.
  14. Different strokes for different folks? I can respect you don't see it my way, just wanted to share my thoughts. To me "jealous Sheldon" is better at asserting his feelings than just "regular Sheldon", as @shamyyellow said previously I believe... as I do want a more mature Sheldon who can just say whatever he's feeling without provocation.
  15. It does indeed! I think it's safe to assume that they don't argue as much or about sharing toothbrush holders when they're inviting people into their apartment! As far as Bert is concerned, I wonder if we'll get a "back off, she's mine!" quote from Sheldon! A girl can dream, right?
  16. I got some tidbits about the episode! From lovely Hazelra7. She had a friend go. I didn't bug too much for details, I only know the Shamy bits. Shamy scenes. Lenny scenes. Howardette scenes. Shamy have people over to entertain at their (4B) apartment. I'm assuming that's why Bert and a few others guest stars are there. No fights between Shamy (yay!), but no sexy times. That's literally all I know. I didn't pry for more. I took what I got and just went with it! Thanks to Hazelra7 for tolerating me
  17. I can agree that Raj is now just a floater amongst the group. I love him to death, don't get me wrong... but I just don't see his relevance any longer... Plus his dating plot is annoying as hell and the fact that he thinks he's entitled to play a part in Bernie's pregnancy/birth/whatever is getting overdone.
  18. Hello loves!! As for sneak peeks, I'm in love with the back and forth between Sheldon and Amy and i love how Sheldon was trying to be kind by letting her choose first, though Im sure Amy's usual apprehension with Sheldon waa the reason why she had declined. As far as the taping... Im beyond excited!!! Im not expecting too much in regards to Shamy, but I'm certainly not going to complain if something sweet (or smutty...) happens
  19. Agreed. Hell I make fun of my fiance all the time. When he's around and when he isn't. He does the same with me. I understand that not all couples do that, and that's fine, but don't judge a couple that does that because their quirks don't define how much they love each other, ya know. Like my fiance always jokes about how he kidnapped me and dragged me all the way out here to Alaska in an attempt to sweep me off my feet. Now his friends always ask me if I need an escape route or if I want to be returned to my family LOL. There are just somethings you need to laugh about in life. Marriage is trying sometimes, and relationships are hard in general. Making jokes and playfully making jabs at eachother is just a way to have fun
  20. That's basically it with me too. When I first saw that Bernie didn't want kids in, I think it was S4 or S5, I immediately was like "YAS GIRL, SAME HERE". It was finally a character I could relate to IN THAT ASPECT, because I'm tired of these female characters on tv saying "Oh kids are such a blessing" or "I can't wait to have kids" because there are women out there who can't stand them and want nothing to do with them (myself). I know Bernadette's not the only character like this, but she's in my favorite show, so win-win. It was just kind of a bummer that a woman who hates kids (and doesn't know if she likes babies), is having a kid. Maybe I'm just bitter because I was really wanting TBBT to be a sitcom that had no kids whatsoever... But oh well. I will admit that Bernadette looks adorable with her baby bump, and I am glad that the show addressed her apprehension... so I can agree that I do appreciate it on some level. Plus I do love Bernadette as a character and love seeing her more. I'm just.... like I said, not feelin' the baby plot.
  21. Perhaps... maybe I'm just not a fan of kids, so I'm biased when seeing Bernie feel so bad about this baby. Lol because I know Id hate being pregnant when i don't want kids nor like babies.
  22. I haven't read the entire thread sro i might just be repeating someone but am I the only one who hates the pregnant Bernadette storyline even more after this episode? when she first became pregnant, it seemed that she was actually happy about it but now, it seems like she hates it and never actually wanted a kid. She even hinted that it essentially is ruining her plans. And before anyone says "its normal married couples t o have kids" or "it would be weird if Howard and Bernadette DIDNT have kids"... its clear Bernadette didn't want to get pregnant. It's clear that she's regretting it becsuse she didnt do anything that she wanted to do with Howard, etc. Even though its common for married couples to have children doesn't mean every couple wants kids. Bernadette should have waited. Rather, the writers should have waited. I just feel like she's regretting having this baby and I don't think women should ever feel like that... sitcom or not. It just rubbed me the wrong way... not trying to debate or argue, just sharing my thoughts. i have no doubt that Bernie will be a good mom, but why should she regret or fear something for eight-nine months...
  23. Yes, and to add to that. Sheldon and Amy have been dating for 6 years, correct? That's 2190 days, at least because its now October and their anniverary is in May. And there are 24 episodes/season (year), we only have seen Sheldon and Amy together 144 "days" out of 2100 ... that's a pretty small percentage. And there are episodes that they aren't even shown together. At MOST we have only seen 14-15% of the time they have been together. Meaning we are getting a huge chunk of missing time. The way I see it is that TPTB used those allotted Shamy moments for comedy as well as showing their "push and pull" relationship with occasional sweetness. In my mind, the other 85% are sweet, funny, sometimes angsty. There may have been more sleepovers after Mars. There may have days where they're domestic and cook together and maybe listen to music (because Amy's a rebel, so she's going to play music whenever she damn well pleases). 15% of time can't accurate define a relationship. It's a sitcom afterall, so TPTB are going to use as much time as they can to get laughs... that 15% included. I wouldn't worry too much about your brother. I've had my fiance tell me that malarkey (he ships Shenny... GASP), I just smile, nod... but in my mind I'm thinking "f*** youuu.. f*** you very very muuuuch".
  24. I just accounted it for Leonard maybe being a nervous eater regardless of if he likes lemon bars or not. Just my crazy conspiracy though LOL But I do agree with the continuity errors being a tad annoying...
  25. Chapter 5 is posted! https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12051619/5/The-Peculiar-Beguilement I hope you guys enjoy! Thank you so much for the support!
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