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  1. And don't forget the, oh... I dont know... the fact that Sheldon is making a scholarship fund for Howard's child. 90% of the time, yes he's selfish. But upon signing that contract, he was willing to give 25% of his total earnings from the patent to a child that isn't even his. So no, him lending Penny money is NOT the only exception to his selfishness. That and taking care of Amy when she was sick. He had no motive then either. Yes, some rights don't overturn many wrong, but you can't ignore the rights he HAS done.
  2. To continue the Sheldon sexual awakening ramble... I wonder what exactly is setting off this frustration? Amy bending over to grab a pot in the bottom cabinet in the kitchen? Does he see her in nothing more than a towel after a shower like she does with him? Do you think she's like some women who do their hair and make up in nothing more than a shirt and panties on? Or even just get dressed/undressed in front of him because "Sheldon, you've seen me naked before. Even before we had coitus. Its nothing you haven't seen before." Or it just her proximity? Do you think they've caught each other in compromising situations already? I.E falling towels, walking around the bedroom naked because they think they're alone? i wonder if Sheldon had to help her zip up a dress and the sight of her back got him frazzled... This is what's keeping me up when I should go to bed. (AKA Rachel refuses to sleep because Shamy)
  3. I can see where you're coming from and can agree that I would love to see Lenny's married life like Howardette's but, with both characters being two out of the "main trio", I highly doubt it'll happen. With Howardette it can because Howard more a secondary character. More like Bernadette than Leonard as far as storylines go. Which is why his marriage came first with Bernie than Leonard's (the writers knew that Howard's marriage wouldn't have any affect on the main trio.) It sucks and while I'm not a Lenny shipper, I too would like more of a glimpse into their marriage without Sheldon. Maybe even a storyline or two would be nice. Not saying that each couple needs 3-4 separate story lines each episode, but a few throughout the season would be nice. We're still pretty early in the season, so we may see that in time.
  4. As someone with OCD, I know I've developed some behaviors due to my mother's poor choices in my childhood. i.e I stock pile SOME things (even if I have plenty of them... and nothing gross. Just cold medicine, soap, shampoo, cat litter for my cat) because my mom would choose alcohol over that item. Doesn't make me an expert since each case is different, but I'm just sharing my own experience.
  5. Agreed 100%! And to add on to it, Sheldon has always seen sex as a distraction and not a genuine activity to enjoy. He used to see it as unnecessary and messy and loud and frankly, the fact that he is starting to desire it as often as he does possibly just terrifies the crap outta him. And partner that with his experience with walking in on his father also shows him that sex can also tear couples apart when one cheats. In his mind he's thinking that if he gives into temptation over and over again with Amy and have sex on the regular, that it'll soon develop into him cheating on her if he becomes insatiable. Which isn't true (because I'm sure Amy will be equally as insatiable once they reach that point ANYWAY, but he just isn't a cheater to begin with) and I think Penny did knock some sense into him in that ice-cream parlor scene. I'm pretty darn excited for this episode.
  6. Oh dear lord I can see it now. The puns... oh dear god the puns... "All I want for Christmas is youuuuur genitals"...
  7. There's a lot of continuity issues if you compare S1 with S10, seeing as S1 was just when everything was getting started so back then they didnt even have all the characters built around that time. I mean, i get what you're saying because the writers DO have a huge continuity problem, I agree 100% on that. But its easy to find continuity issues with S1 in comparison. Yet again, still agree 100%, just pointing out my opinion as far as S1. It was great, but yeah the characters weren't even developed all the much-- they were still finding the characters.
  8. Or he maybe was using a towel but maybe put it super low on his hips so Amy can still get an eye full without being too explicit lol
  9. Exactly! Yet again... leaky faucet/squeaky door... Sheldon can only ignore and rationalize his sexual frustration for so long until the dam breaks. With Amy being the one to take sex off the table, he might be too apprehensive (even more than normal) to bring it up to her, so might hopefully see Sheldon attemp to seduce Amy in ways that he thinks might grab her attention. What i think will be funny is him doing things that she said in the past were sexy; his memory for example. I don't know about you guys, but seeing him recite the ingredients for Pringles (or any other food) as a seduction technique would be pretty funny. Bonus if he uses a very low, sensuous tone.
  10. @brilliantfool Eh, column A column B. Your first point I agree with entirely-- that's beyond huge for Sheldon. The second, not so much. Only because later in the episode, he THEN says he doesn't find any other girls attractive, he only said that out of anger/his dad. I still think of him as demisexual (because him seeing another girl as pretty doesn't mean he's sexually attracted to them), that's just my head-canon though (and I will admit it makes him relatable to me). (quoted @shamyyellow post by accident, sorry!)
  11. Your posts, i swear. Its like you're reading my mind! (mildly disturbing, but thank god you can put my jumbled thoughts into coherent sentences!)
  12. Oh ok! I gotcha now, yeah I do agree that the apologizing thing has been done enough, but I'm just tossing ideas around without thinking LOL. It does sound like she's involved and i should have considered that as well. I'm looking forward to both episodes! Thanks for the civility, btw
  13. I wouldn't give up hoping that! We might get a halloween-themed...baby shower episode (I'm really pushing the baby shower aren't I? The answer is yes.)
  14. Agreed wholeheartedly! I think it'll be something that'll be akin to water dripping from a leaky faucet. You can only take so much of that annoying, dripping sound until you NEED to do something about it. Sheldon can only ignore it for so long.
  15. Right now, Alaska is cloudy and a tad chilly! We start winter in about 3 weeks (the time when it is then legal to have studded tires)! Currently 59!
  16. I wrote a fic about that happening but the fact that he is starting to imply that he needs to "spread his DNA" is definitely the start of some sexual frustration. It's not just him wanting to... he's needing to at this point. I don't think it'll be long until the (sexual) tension finally snaps! I mean, hes around her all the time and think about it, if Amy sees him come out of the shower, then Sheldon must see her out of the shower, too!
  17. In Amy's defense, I'd gawk too if my nerdy boyfriend had muscles like that under his comic character shirts when he seemingly doesn't go to the gym. She might just be gawking (studying) to figure out that muscle mystery LOL
  18. I never said it undermines their (Shamy's) relationship as a couple. I also never said S/P shouldn't have scenes together either. I'm just indifferent about Penny's involvement in their argument. Why couldn't Sheldon and Penny go out for ice cream while Penny talks him into apologizing? Why did Penny have to be the first to know WHY he acted the way he did when Amy was the one who truly deserved to know? I'm not saying that Sheldon and Penny can't talk alone together anymore, I'm simply saying that there are somethings that Amy deserves to know FIRST before Penny does because it INVOLVES Amy and not Penny. It's just one of those things. I could care less if Sheldon vents to Penny about Amy (about the eyeing him like a piece of meat, etc.), but if the writers want to make true to their word of "we want Amy more involved" then this plot would have been a good start. Why can't Sheldon confide in Amy about this stuff when it's the reason that he hurt her in the first place? Keep in mind, I'm not saying Sheldon can't do that with Penny anymore. On the other hand, I can appreciate that S/P interactions are nostalgic for the show and that Penny is someone that he can trust. So I agree completely with some points that you made! I'm glad at how the episode ended, in fact, I'm happy about the episode overall... Just different strokes for different folks, but I can see your side of it.
  19. I'm glad you agree (I'm always nervous sharing my thoughts on here)! I have no issue with Penny as an individual, shes adorable sometimes, but even as Molaro pointed out in an interview-- which I cant find to save my life-- they're (the writers) trying to get Amy more involved because shes currently just popping in and out of other's story lines, which is great that they are trying to do that... but why couldn't they use this argument as an example of that? They could have had Sheldon open up to Amy about the knocking and the cheating father and the fear of becoming like him and create this HUGE moment of vulnerability and growing trust between them. I don't know, just my thought on it.
  20. Its weird for me (not S/P scenes, but me... myself... I'm weird), I love Penny. I love Sheldon. Together? Eh, not my favorite thing. Sheldon and Bernie? Love those scenes. Leonard and Amy? Love. Howard and Amy? Love. And so on. I think its because S/P scenes are common enough where I'm just like "Oh ok... moving on". I'd rather see Amy and Sheldon discuss these things together as a couple should, rather than Penny be a step in moderator, I guess. (not that she always is, but a good portion of times, she is). Like his birthday for example, that would've been a great Shamy scene. Or even in this instance, I love when Sheldon and Amy resolve fights together alone (like in Mars episode) I supposed "loathe" in my previous post was too strong of word... let me rephrase to, I'm indifferent this time around. It happened, time to move on, ya know? That's my brain.
  21. My mom's 55 and my dad (now passed due to alcoholism) would have been 70 next year.. 15 year difference. I'm 22 and my fiance is 30. Some couples have kids late and some couples have big age differences. Not uncommon.
  22. You know, Im actually pretty happy abou the recent spoilers! Usually I loathe anything Shenny, but the fact that Sheldon admits that he was just saying such a terrible thing (about dating other women) is because he was preparing her JUST IN CASE he turns out like his deadbeat asshole father. He's fearful that'll happen and, in a way, was sabotaging himself basically. He definitely makes it clear that he loves Amy because he went back to her and apologized and compromised with the toothbrush holder (which im sure he would have never done with Leonard or Penny). I will admit I was nervous when he said the dating other women thing, but how Sheldon explained, it made sense. His father did a number on his psyche: cheating on Mary and thus making Sheldon implement the three knocks rule and the fact that he implied that he doesn't WANT to be like him. My only qualm is that I wish he spoken and explained that to Amy personally ON CAMERA. Im sure they discussed it again once they were alone in an off-camera scene... but I'm a slut for Sheldon and Amy talking to each other to put each others' minds at ease. I want them to talk in bed,not even after-sex talk, but just talking in bed and turning to face each other. Im not sure if I made sense... just woke up, but hey, I tried!
  23. http://nerdforestgirl.tumblr.com/post/150713354124/spoilers-for-the-hot-tub-contamination-spoilery Spoilers here! Thank you Lady in Red and NerdForestGirl!!!
  24. Thanks for the info! Could you possibly explain thw sweet ending?
  25. Agreed. As for when Bernie will deliver... I'm thinking November (because sweeps), so yeah they'll most likely be stalling at this point! Still having my fingers crossed for a baby shower either this or next taping!
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