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  1. Exactly, I can understand the point that they're making, but when it all comes down to it everything is written on TBBT. They (the writers) have Sheldon be annoying because they want him to be annoying. They write him to be a jerk. But they also write his friends to be tolerant and patient with him because deep down he (sometimes) doesn't mean anyone any real harm. I can respect that some of these character evaluations can be blunt and to the point, but the real fun is really digging deep and find out why the writers WROTE THEM they way that they did. For example, why did they write Sheldon to be such an annoying jerk-face but still have him save 25% of his patent earnings for a child's scholarship fund that isn't even his own kid? Why did they write Leonard to be so patient with him when others might have given up? Why did they write any character the way that they did? Its part of the fun! Digging deep and discussing and debating. You can be blunt and say "they did it because they wrote them that way", but IMO its not very fun haha Yes, the writers wrote his friends to tolerate him, but they also wrote ALL the characters to have good and bad traits that, IRL, some of us might not tolerate at all. But its not real life. Its a fun TV show that has a little extra than just what is written on paper and acted on screen. Im sure my rambling made no sense at all and was just a bunch o gibberish, but it's just my little unorganized POV.
  2. Im just excited that its taping day regardless of plot. Taping days always make me happy. As far as Bernie's pregnancy goes, they already did a time jump (ep. 2, not showing, ep. 3 and 4 obviously showing), so I don't expect a huge leap, maybe a 2-3 week jump. We will just have to see!
  3. I enjoyed about 80% of it. I liked Penny's family, but it seems like they were just there and throwing funny one-liners. Loved Katey Sagal, but I'm on the fence about McBrayer. Love him as an actor, but not sure if he was the best choice. I do like how the writers went for a nonassuming drug-dealer look, but I'm still 'eh' about the casting. Overall, lovely season premiere but there are areas where it failed to hit the mark for me personally.
  4. I really want a baby shower episode soon! Which makes sense around this time as Episode 5 will air in October
  5. Happy taping day!!! Who's excited? :D I know I am!
  6. *GASP* I won second place in both categories I was nominated in!!! Thank you guys so so much!! I'm just honored that I even got nominated!! And congrats to every author and artist in the fandom, without you, we would have gone crazy years ago
  7. Thanks for the info! Hopefully Sheldon will be able to reign that in!
  8. They kind of do, imo. Sheldon's desire to have sex with Amy shows that he may be demisexual. Demisexuality is on the spectrum (as some put it) of asexuality since demisexuals feel no sexual attraction until AFTER a strong emotional bond is formed. Recent episodes show that he has slowly been developing that sexual attraction towards Amy. Just my few on it as a demisexual myself
  9. Hey guys! So a while ago, I published a Shamy AU fan fiction called The Peculiar Beguilement (this title is an example of how I shouldn't think at 2am). I took a couple months hiatus from it for personal reasons, but I'm trying to get back into the swing of it all! I thought, if anyone was interested, that I could post it here! It's currently rated-T, but it'll certainly change to M in the future! I have just posted Chapter 4 as well! If you'd like to get it a read, here is the link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12051619/1/The-Peculiar-Beguilement Thank you in advance!
  10. I can't believe I'm nominated <3 <3 Thank you so much, guys! It brought a huge smile to my face! Best of luck to all the nominees, you all deserve it <3
  11. Maybe a hotel room? Or Claire's even?
  12. Hey guys a lovely friend who I mad met for her first taping last month kindly volunteered what she knew. It was really brief but hey, better than nothing She's a total sweetheart for telling me and it's already been linked above Have a good night!
  13. Hello all! Are we aware of anyone going to the taping tonight? I haven't seen any news otherwise.
  14. Thank you, though the migraine didn't hit until the halfway point. Sadly my doctor recommended to me that I stay on a strict vegan diet and...well, I never do! I might need to start listening if I want these migraines to stop LOL or I can just take excedrin with me to tapings No problem Tensor Happy to do it!
  15. I just took some Excedrin and will be going to bed shortly Thank you, friend!
  16. You're welcome! Though, I wish I could get it more detailed, but that's the best I could do given my damned migraine
  17. Hey everyone! Just here to drop by the link to my full taping report! http://shamykisses.tumblr.com/post/141135535624/shamykisses-taping-report-for-920-very-detailed Also, to correct Tensor. I live here now, no hotel. It's just an hour drive back to Culver City from Burbank!
  18. I've seen the episode, and while it was funny and a good episode, it wasn't exactly (in my opinion) 200th episode good. I think the previous episode (Positive Negative Reaction) was better in terms of plot and humor.
  19. Hey guys! Just finished my taping report Sadly, about 30-45 minutes in, I began having a migraine, so this report isn't as detailed as I would like, but I hope you enjoy it anyway http://shamykisses.tumblr.com/post/139040274094/200th-episode-taping-reportmore-so-i-must
  20. Hey guys! Shamykisses from tumblr here! I've just written up my full taping report! Keep in mind that some things may be out of order, but I tried my best to remember everything that happened! http://shamykisses.tumblr.com/post/138597620904/taping-report-for-199th-episode-916-extreme
  21. Part two is posted! https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11549973/2/Needing-Amy
  22. Blueberries are my 2nd choice as far as Amy's scent goes. My first choice? I'm a huge fan of hemp brand lotion-- shea butter and papaya in particular. So I think she would smell like that! Subtle yet sweet!
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