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  1. So, in the midst of all this angst in the Shamy fandom, I decided to write a little something; my xanax of sorts, something to help calm me down and reassure me that Shamy will eventually get their happy ending! There are no spoilers, but it is however, inspired by recent events, but no real plot is given away. I hope you enjoy! https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11549973/1/Needing-Amy
  2. Oh... I sure hope you're right, Kazzie... I'm not sure if my little Shamy heart can take much more of this angst and heartbreak lol
  3. Hello friends! So yes, that was me on tumblr that accidentally got things mixed up. I got all my spoilers via phone call that night (I'm not the best at hearing sadly) and must've misheard. Hazelra7 cleared it up for me this morning and I openly expressed that on my blog that they were, in fact, standing! I do make it clear to other tumblr-users that I am only a messenger and just like the game of telephone, I might get things messed up (especially when I'm getting news over the phone). I'm sorry if I caused any upset in this thread. It was definitely not my intention.
  4. Thing is, while I do want to believe that it's not TBBT related. Mayim has used it on TBBT-related InstaGram posts (yesterday's post about getting her character's motivation and that today she 'has a secret' for next week, which is when the taping is.. just an assumption on this one). You can rule it out if you want, but I'm staying open to it. Very positive indeed! Another thing that's enlightening is that she assured that it's a funny episode, so luckily it won't be so heavy-hearted as the S8 finale!
  5. Good point. However, I wouldn't rule it out. On Wednesday, she said that S9 wasn't "all she was launching" so I'll give you that one. But, she could be using that hashtag for TBBT related news as well. She could be using it for multiple things, non-TBBT and TBBT. We'll just have to wait and see!
  6. Agreed, very doubtful. 300% doubtful. The minister is most likely for Lenny.
  7. Can't wait! I've always been a fan of your Shamy lovins! Especially when Sheldon is the gentlemen that he is and reciprocates
  8. I have to agree with SRAM. As a Shamy shipper, I love this season when it comes to my ship, but I was really looking forward to more plot with Leonard and penny's engagement. I know that Penny would like to wait to prove she's not pregnant, but there should be some planning. Plus, I was wanting to meet her mom after there were rumors (more or less) of Lisa Kudrow playing her during the hiatus! I would've loved to see the dynamic there. Plus I would love to see more episodes with Sheldon teaching, Howard trying to get his PhD, and maybe even more episodes with Emily because we do not know a lot about her and she's almost been with the show for a year. All in all, in my opinion, this season doesn't suck, but it's not my favorite (putting my ship's progress aside).
  9. I see your 26,532 and raise you a 26,533 And Happy Pi Day to you too!
  10. Oop! Forgot to post the update here! Chapter 6 is posted!!!
  11. Hello my Shamy obsessed lovelies! Chapter 5: The Intimacy Agreement Progression is now posted! A huge thank you to Hazelra7 for being my beta and thank you to everyone who has been reading so far!
  12. You know, they didn't have to say anything at all. They at least told us SOMETHING. Granted, it was info already known, regardless of it being a spoiler thread. There is no minimum. there is no "rule". They can say/not say what they want. They chose to say this. That's that. Chill, it's not the end of the world. You'll see what happens when it airs.
  13. Figured I'd post my most recent endeavor, The Proximity Manifestation (or RPM for short) here! I hope you all enjoy! Read here!
  14. This. 100% this. Like really, having Shenny in there was a funny way to put Shenny to rest. It had no double-meaning. It was simply what the writers wanted to do to show that Shenny is incapable of happening. i agree I would've liked the episode to go the way we assumed, but we have so much already. I mean, how many of us thought that we'd get an "I love you" so soon (in Shamy standards)? i'm sure a lot of us were thinking S9 for that. We also have a shirtless-Sheldon coming up. remember, the season isn't over yet! We still have plenty of episodes left!
  15. Maybe!!! I'm hoping it'll be something good, but seeing for the lack of pictures, I'm thinking it's very good! Hopefully Shamy will happen!
  16. The Dresden Files definitely! Plus it's a great novel series to get into during Halloween!
  17. I'm actually really excited! For one we may see Sheldon in a suit, who can ever say no to that?!
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