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  1. thanks for the taping report does this seem like wrapping things up it dosent to me i don't know i cant put a finger on it anyway it might be just me
  2. kbp

    Kaley Cuoco

    Isnt nov 11th people choice awards night?
  3. kbp

    2018 Weather thread.

    stay safe everyone
  4. Hope we get some spoilers
  5. kbp

    Season 12 Ratings Thread

    i live in Australia but wasn't football on last night would that affect the ratings because tbbt never gone uo against football have they didn't cbs and nbc have football last couple of years
  6. yes it is very quiet what happen
  7. Yes someone could say there pregnant you don't see the baby
  8. kbp

    Season 12 Ratings Thread

    Yes if i was cbs i would be worried about ys i know jim has every right to make hes decision but i think he might have done some here cant see ys going on to be truthful and that's a shame
  9. That's alright tensor just thought we were going mad
  10. that's want i thought there is taping tonight
  11. no your not i cant find it either there is a taping tonight isn't there
  12. kbp

    Jim Parsons

    i already got it thanks for you help

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