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  1. Dont watch young sheldon its going to be interesting to see how the ratings will go for young Sheldon because i think they are really going to drop i think cbs is in for a big fall this year
  2. Amy better be pregnant because i wil so pissed off this show
  3. Agreed i watched that interview because live in Australia it seemed johnny and kaley didn't have any say in the decision to me is a bit selfish and i think when this show finish there is going to be a lot of backlash over it i just a hunch\\
  4. i watched it because i live in Australia i know kaley is devasted but i surprised how johnny seems to be devasted too like kaley said johnny devasted underneath i get the feeling it not all good t bbt land that i want i got out it it might be just me
  5. i read that to i know its not going to happen but wouldnt it be funny if sheldon said at the end bazinga see you next season and before everyone starts saying how stupid thats is i am only joking but mayim did say unexpected
  6. Anyone wonder why Jim Parsons never promotes TBBT any longer. I wonder if he is going to miss the show in the slightest. All the other cast members seem sad and are somewhat nostalgic as the show nears completion. He doesn't show any emotion at all. Makes me kind of sad as fan. I spent years watching him. And, yes I know and understand he is not required to post anything. But still...I wonder if he is thankful for his fans. Perhaps he hated his character and is just over it? Perhaps to deliberately put space b i etween him and his character? But even before the show actually ends? Just currious. i notice that to on the radio the other day he said to be totally honest when the show ends he probably be saying want am i doing to me it sounded like he may be regretting hes decision
  7. This wrong how they are doing this ticket s its not the vips wh made this show its the fans i am over big bang theory the way they have handled things with there fans they always say our fans come first its bullshit
  8. kbp

    Chuck Lorre

    Hi i liv in Australia its made headline here too mean it was a bit low talking about a women like it dosent matter what political side you come from you don't say those thing i know chuck has made remarks about trump before but this low and it could really affect all of his other shows including ys you talk about women like that
  9. I agree they don't seem to listen what the fans are saying but there so much backlash over this they will have to listen
  10. Theres a lot of backlash over this interesting how this plays out
  11. I seen that that people have the right say want they want to say a lot of people are upset about this article all over the internet and the delete them thats not right and its not a good look they are getting a lot of backlash over this article interesting to see how they handle it
  12. thanks for the taping report does this seem like wrapping things up it dosent to me i don't know i cant put a finger on it anyway it might be just me
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