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  1. Ship Zone

    so am I we haven't seen the latest episodes in Australia I think we up to episode 13 but I llike you idea because its going to be long three months
  2. Actor

    Hope we get some pictures
  3. Ship Zone

    I would to thankyou too kazzie very much I still cant believe it cant wait wait for season 11
  4. Ship Zone

    But this is pretaped right mayim even mayim skype was pretaped today by the looks of it so whats going to happen in the live taping tomorrow I know what episode called but I have had a feeling about engagement I know it might be wishful thinking they cant break up not what there done this year with shamy it dosent make sense
  5. Ship Zone

    Maybe the gang sees ramona with Sheldon that's where the misunderstanding comes in and its all innocent but they get the wrong idea I don't know anymore but if they breakup again I am def finished with this show thankyou
  6. Ship Zone

    what youe theory sah what going to happen you seem to be very calm do you thnk this heading towards an engagment
  7. Ship Zone

    Amy gets the wrong idea and Sheldon goes to Princeton to sort it out?
  8. Ship Zone

    Maybe they are just doing this just to fuel things heres hoping
  9. Ship Zone

    If mayim dosent come back I am wont be watching anymore
  10. Ship Zone

    My fear is now is mayim coming back?
  11. Ship Zone

    I know I just praying for a good outcome for shamy fingers crossed
  12. yes us Australian too wed afternoon I am really nervous
  13. Ship Zone

    wouldn't it be nice near the end of the show we see Sheldon with a suitcase and engament ring box he is holding then they fade out that my hope