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  1. kbp

    Jim Parsons

    I agree i think he being evasive for some reason
  2. kbp

    [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 12

    Hi shamy fans since this is our last season do you think we hear amy pregnant
  3. kbp

    Jim Parsons

    I don't think he will its just mine opinion its all been so weird from day one when they announced it so strange
  4. kbp

    Jim Parsons

    to be honest i think hes regretting what he has done
  5. kbp

    Jim Parsons

    i think its a bit weird to be honest wouldn't you think he would come out say something its so weird he has gone so quiet he might be regretting hes decision
  6. Hi guys happing taping day do you think we will get interviews jim chuck before the season starts because jim has gone very quiet even on instragram what do guys think
  7. hope so i still don't know why we haven't heard anything from warner bros cbs or even chuck lorre everyone gone quiet its so weird to me
  8. everyday day its getting worse for jim won headline said you can thank jim parsons for big bang theory ending ouch
  9. yes see what happens you never know
  10. i don't think hes that unhappy about i think hes got another things going on i just saying this has to be affecting a lot this comments and people blaming him it would have affect him a lot isn't ys warner bros that could affect to so there a lot he could lose to time will tell but still buying all of this someone got to come out soonerall later and let the fans know everyone so quiet its seems so weird that's my thoughts on everthing
  11. i haven't got any hard feelings for jim but there is a lot of people out there are and that's going to have affect him in some way questioning his decision or not but there are lot people are not jim parson fan at the moment it will have to be affecting him i haven't seen so many comments about jim i haven't seen before so next couple of days is going to bee interesting whether he comes with something its sad i would luv the to continue but its not
  12. i know it wont happen with tbbt but with all this pressure on jim you never know you can reverse a decision some people are begging him to continue its all on his shoulder which shouldn't had happen i don't know how this rumour got out but i think it cause him some damage he has been very quiet which is not like him
  13. was it how i meet your mother they come back for a couple episodes after ending the series i am not sure
  14. i think might go for awhile a I agree i cant see ys surving without big bang which why i cannot understand jim decision you never know with these commentssaying is reason the show is ending could reverse hes decision its happen before because all these people are blaming jim which is going to hurt hes repiation and might affect ys who knows but think this not going away anytime soon and you know whats going behind the scenes with cast its there future too its sad this had to happen this way i luv jim I just saw kaley latest instragram with her husband and the comments are why don't you just get rid of jim and the show going this not going away its so sad for jim

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