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  1. Hi shamyBabboos have you heard  any news about latest taping or is it to early getting a bit anxious big shamy fan

    1. ShamyBabboos


      It's still pretty early! They won't be out for another hour at the VERY least. But expect to wait until 2 hours or more :)

  2. is there anyone on the chat site

  3. Hi rachael do you think ther will be a season 11 or more i am keeping my fingres crossed i want more shamy

  4. kbp

    thankyou tensor for your reply can i ask you your opion do you think they willl go for season 11 i value your opion thankyou

  5. kbp

    i tensor when will we know we are going to get a seson 11 because i really want a seson 11will the y announce shortly i am getting very nervous thanks

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