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  1. thankyou hopefully we get something soon
  2. I want to know if there were any good shamy moments in tonights taping I need to know anyone please please the dispense is killing me
  3. Did we get anything from tonight taping at all
  4. me too still holding out for a proposal this season stil four tapings to after this one so fingers crosssed
  5. kbp

    taping episode 20

    it just seem so weird cant seeing Sheldon going to one of those places and being episode 20 I was hoping for more shamy advancement say a proposal we only have 5 tapings left
  6. Hi guys what do think about next week taping I seen that Sheldon goes to a western bar what could that mean cant see Sheldon going to a western bar sounds a bit weird to me will it have to do with shamy ?
  7. Hi guys I know this is off the subject where are talking about at the moment but I just realized we only have five more tapings to for the season what do you think will happen with shamy I am still wanting an engagement what do you shamy fans think
  8. Can some one send me the taping report please I cant find it either I am dying to read about shamy please please
  9. Hi does know anyone know what happen at the taping tonight or is to early
  10. The question when will they get engaged that's question hopefully by the end of this season
  11. just saw it wow that was a big blunder
  12. would iit be better when they come back next season just to stck to Monday night it seems Thursday night its not a good night for viewing its same in Australia Thursday nights are always low in viewing
  13. Hi live in melbourne watching new episode now
  14. If sheldon amy get married cant see why sheldon wouldnt have one howard got weding ring on so has leonard i am waiting for the day to see sheldon have a wedding ring but first they have to get engaged first we dont know if thats going to happen anytime soon do we
  15. hidden fiqures is comming to australia feb 16 i cant wait
  16. some people are saying he wasnt that happy about doing season 11 what did you think
  17. yes very slow we some news about something like contract negotitions or cast news or anything its to quiet
  18. Why would mayim taking headshot for?
  19. ffingers crossed for jim
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