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  1. Do you mean the big bang cast
  2. i not ready either we have to get news soon
  3. i to really luv shamy this season and hope its not last season because we need engagment and a wedding for shamy
  4. can you send me one pretty please
  5. Hi wasnt episode 14 or 15 valentines day episode in season nine so these two tapings comming up could be a valentines episode what does mean for our shamy perhaps a proposal ?i know jim got a broken toe but they can get around those things hopefully so guys what do you think
  6. merry christmas too from australia you too merry christmas from australia
  7. Merry christmas everyone from melbourne australia hear to next year
  8. I would like to wish all my shamy friends a very merry christmas from australia hoping next year we have more great shamy moments and fingers crossed we get annoucement about more seasons mery christmas
  9. Hi guys just went to mayim twitter and she had picture saying wardrobe malfunction on my birthday wearing fish net stockings dont it has to do with shamy for tomorrow taping but they would be doing some taping today right
  10. Hi now that amy sheldon have been to texas and amy bonding with mary how long to you think we will see an engagment?
  11. Hi guys by the last taping report episode 10 bernadette loks she having the baby in episode 11 so what do you all think will happen for shamy in this episode what are your thoughts i have this feeling engagment i dont know why so what do the rest of you guys think for our shamy
  12. Hi sven congralutions on getting tickets if possible can you give us fans some spoilers from the the taping please please if you can
  13. Hi shamyBabboos have you heard  any news about latest taping or is it to early getting a bit anxious big shamy fan

    1. ShamyBabboos


      It's still pretty early! They won't be out for another hour at the VERY least. But expect to wait until 2 hours or more :)

  14. is there anyone on the chat site

  15. thinking the same thing i was trying couldnt read them
  16. Hi guys is any one going to the the taping tomorrow night ? what does everyone thinks going to happen episode nine will shamy have coitus i am hopping it happens fingers crossed everyone
  17. can you please tell me what IGlink called
  18. whats the is the name of the IG cant find it
  19. some people are saying its going to fast this could be the last season i hope not
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