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  1. Have a great time hoping a fanastic shamy episode
  2. is anyone going to the taping for 10x07 from here i need to know about shamy its killing me i need to know about shamy its killing me
  3. the big question do you think shamy will keep living with each other after the experiment
  4. Hi everyone dosent the jewish new year start this week we might not have much shamy in taping of 10.06 what do you thinki am hoping i am wrong
  5. so you think cbs will pay up its only the top comedy they have at the moment ?
  6. agree we need more seasons please please
  7. what kind of dr is dr stephanie was she on big bang theory i cant rember
  8. tensor do you think they will continue?
  9. I agree i am over the the emmy tbbt is still number one with the public i still cant believe modern family is still getting nominated lets hope we here some good news shortly about bbt being renewed more seasons
  10. Hope there many more seasons to come for shamy
  11. looking forward to season 10 lots more of shamy hoping its not the last season
  12. agree where are they gettings these rumours from
  13. i just wish they announce something this is getting really stupid just to stop all these rumours
  14. He has a fanastic smile he really handsome
  15. Hi rachael do you think ther will be a season 11 or more i am keeping my fingres crossed i want more shamy

  16. i dissapointed also i think there will be season 11 now but still hope for engagment next seson
  17. what do you me an by being blindsided
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