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  1. what do you me an by being blindsided
  2. thats true we dont know anything from episode 23 where was sheldon going
  3. i find verty unsual we havent got anything from episode 23 only small stuff what is going om
  4. Hi guys we dont know where what happen with sheldon at the picture theatre do we since there a resturant set up maybe thats we he went to book a resturant ?i know its a bit far fetched but who knows what happen with sheldon in episode 23
  5. i am still hoping for engagment or living arragments with amy moving in
  6. Hi guys we are now going into last three tapings of season 9 what do you think will happen with shamy?
  7. Hi i big shamy fan do you think there will be a big shamy episode in episode 21 or 22
  8. Hi guys is the new script cover up for episode 21 next tuesdayyet
  9. kbp

    thankyou tensor for your reply can i ask you your opion do you think they willl go for season 11 i value your opion thankyou

  10. kbp

    i tensor when will we know we are going to get a seson 11 because i really want a seson 11will the y announce shortly i am getting very nervous thanks

  11. merry Christmas from sunny hot australia
  12. merry Christmas everyone from australia
  13. merry Christmas to you all to from australia
  14. merr y Christmas to you to from australia
  15. merry Christmas as well to all shamies fans from Australia merry Christmas
  16. its even rich the papers in australia
  17. kazzie i love your taping reports its just some people are just idiots and i understand how you feel some fans are real jerks most of us fans appreciate you for whant are doing i am one of them thankyou kazzie for all your hard work
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