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  1. is there anyway we can protest about what happening to shamy because from this taping report they are going to loose a lot of vievers including me i am done with the show
  2. i agree can some one send me that promo to please
  3. why do take any notice of molaro so far he has given that many different inteviews in the last couple of weeks no one one knows whats going to happen but i have faith shamy will be back together or they run the risk of loosing a lot fans including me do you think they would risk viewers dont think so but that just my opion
  4. where did you this interview yes please yes please please please yes please can yo send me the the complete video please amy fowler please
  5. me too cant find the video of jim and his pelvis where did you this interview
  6. H everyone why is everyone so down today it making depressed about what moloro said he not going to say hay we will be getting shamy back next episode is he i am going out on a limb and saying they will heading towards getting back together by episode nine at least whaat do you think will happen in tomorrow taping come on people we have to believe dont take any of moloro comments to heart you know what there like full of surpries look at the season 8 finale
  7. what happened last year in last day of rosh hassanah with simon mayim
  8. thanks for that Hi i just saw on mayim facebook page she is signing off social media until tuesday evening so she might not be in episode 5
  9. Hi just saw on mayim twitter page thats she was baking for the jewish new year i was just wondering if she will be in taping tomorrow night i i dont know if she works on the jewish holidays
  10. agree dont watch but i would like shamy back togther soon please
  11. i go with episode 8 also thats is when sheldon i luv you to amy and engaged by christmas wishful thinking
  12. does any one think they will be back togeter by episode 7 can anyone give hope about shamy please at that the moment i am not feeling very opistmic about the whole thing i dont know if iwill keep watching the the show without shamy Does any one think they will be back together by episode 7 at least can any one give me hope about shamy please at the moment i am not feelling that opistmic about the whole thing i dont know if i can watch the show without shamy
  13. i hope its just a new roomate i just wish it was amy he new roomate
  14. ts on the spoilers discussion thread
  15. Hi guys just saw on instragram a picture of jim and friend of his from college who is this weeks episode what could this mean luv interest for amy i hope not please i just want them back togeher its too long
  16. i cant wait either i am hoping shamy start to talk to work things out fingers crossed
  17. Hi what timeline do you think the will back together i hope its soon shammy fan
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