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  1. Hi live Australia I heard about the taping reports are we still going to get the spoilers from each episode because living in Australia we wont see big bang until October some time iluv reading the spoilers its shame that some people take these things to far just enjoy the show but I need the spoilers please can someone keep me up to date esprcially abut shamy if you could I would be so grateful cheers from australia
  2. I mean it would bring them together not tighter sorry
  3. i read that two about theaccident wonder if its Sheldon or amy that would bring them tighter?
  4. why would moloro say that now when he said that the premiere would answer about the ring so whats going on
  5. how do you know if there are only two more season left have they confirmed that I reckon they can go to season 11 because I want to see shamy babies
  6. just saw the finale in Australia my verdict is that shamy engaged by episode 2 I hope it was so sad just saw it it was so sad they have to get back together they belong together please get engaged please shamy
  7. I think it could go to series eleven I hope
  8. I cant wait fir the finale tonight here in Australia finally then we have to wait for series nine luv shamy
  9. cant wait to see the finale here in Australia finally long wait yeah
  10. do you think big bang ratings will go up when it returns to Thursday nights
  11. hi I live in Australia how did big bang go in the ratings last night in usa we haven't got the new series yet hope it went great luv the show
  12. hi I live in Australia and would like to know when going to be on in australia
  13. hi iam from Australia too luv the big bang theory especially Sheldon amy
  14. hi tensor the big bang gets over imillion viewers in Australia every week very poular programe here luv it
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