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  1. I saw on facebook some people were going protest outside warner bros don't know if it will happen who knows whats going to happen in the next couple of days i think people are upset because how its been handled with cbs warner bros chuck lorre and jim we have no interviews with any one only jim on instragram where most people are venting there anger and some is not nice its going to be very interesting next couple of days especially Tuesday how is the audience going to react so who knows its just seams so weird to me
  2. true yes very interesting he might turn up
  3. i agree they have put jim the bad guy here and its getting worse before i saw a headline big bang ending because Sheldon doesent want to do it anymore yes it has gone quiet no cast members putting things up nothing from warner bros cbs chuck lorre i know i clasping at straws here maybe they might be reconsidering ther decision i know that's unlikely but people are saying to jim i never seen so mad people its got get back cbs warner bros dosent it
  4. just went on the cbs facebook jim is getting called selfish prick i don't know if cbs reads any of these comments but wow now news is out it was jim who what to leave this has caused some unrest in big bang theory land if i was jim i would lay low for a while there a lot of angry people out there
  5. Ithink there might me angry cast mates somehow i don't think its all rosy i would pissed of to
  6. I read that too jim has been getting a lot crictism people asking to reconsider i think the way they handle it was not nice
  7. hopefully we will get more information today
  8. if it was jim we don't know yet yes with ys its risky it will be interesting what he has to say he has been very quiet
  9. i think jonny didn't want too but i wish they would explain it will they might put interviews in the next couple of days i hope Its been great hopefully we get interviews with the cast in the next couple of days we can still follow jim and the rest of the cast instragram twitter who knows we might get another spinoff i know on facebook a lot of people are angry and sad
  10. just wish jim would put something up its not like him i just hope someone tells us why when i saw mayim this morning i think she was in shock
  11. I hope we here from jim soon the rest of the cast have putting something i am just go enjoy rest of season 12 hope Sheldon amy announced there pregnant with leornard and penny
  12. me too you never know we might get a spin off Sheldon amy wouldn't that be great
  13. Thankyou @NotWonderland for taping report hope you had a fanastic time
  14. i don't know if this should be here or not just want to know what happens if les moonves is sacked over this sexual harassment story coming out what happens if big bang theory renewal because cbs seemed to keen for more seasons but what happens if les moonves is not there does that affect renewal if there is any talks going on we don't know for sure if there is any talks going on at this stage does this development affect big bang theory
  15. i just thought that that maybe big bang theory is going to finish up soon that's why he selling up
  16. why would he be selling up when he is still doing big bang young sheldon
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