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  1. Thanks for articles the top article was very interesting jim said they have had disscuion on side does that mean might get more seasons of the bbt
  2. yws i want to know too did he say more or just because he said huh? that could mean anything i still think they will continue
  3. ok just have to wait i am keeping fingers crossed for 13
  4. so will be Thursday afternoon my time when do you think we will get some important news?
  5. what to ask a question when is cbs upfronts and do you think they will say if season 12 is last or not?
  6. minor injury lets hope so thanks for that vonmar
  7. just saw on broadway message board show is cancelled tonight
  8. Hope so where did you see that vonmar and is there updates
  9. me neither hopefully we can get a season 13 to see shamy babies fingers crossed
  10. we have to wait a couple of weeks here in Australia we are up to episode 17 here but look forward to all your comments after the show on Thursday cant wait
  11. thankyou so very much for the taping report it was well done can i ask you question if don't mind did Sheldon get a wedding ring?
  12. i like it seeing her in this photo with her dad its amy
  13. it dosent look like the same dress we saw on mayim instragram photo when they were taping the wedding we only saw the bottom but the dress in this episode dosent look like the one on taping day i know we only saw the bottom it might just be me but it look different
  14. it dosent look like the dress what we saw om mayim instragram photo on taping day i know we only saw the bottom of the dress but it dosent look like does it
  15. thankyou brilliantfool can ask one question did Sheldon amy have weddings vowels did they kiss as husband wife
  16. thankyou brillantfool i can relax now thankyou
  17. Hi can someone send me the short movie i cant find it i am dying here to see it please please
  18. no one knows exactly she had on twitter on Friday she had to cancel a book thing in la due to unforeseen personal ciricutamances Hope so
  19. It might not be her throat but that what a lot of people are thinking
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