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  1. yes that would be wonderful was there any cute shamy scenes thankyou very much
  2. i know she better hurry up but they have to get marry first when will that be that's the question
  3. Hi guys do you think the wedding will happen this season we only have 8 more tapings and Sheldon wanting 15 children wow
  4. Hi everyone hope we get some spoilers tonight
  5. ok thanksi didnt know where sundace is thankyou
  6. Hi vonmar isnt there a table reading next wed jim will be still in sundance on tuesday i dont how far sundance is from los angles
  7. thanks tensor it sounds like a good episode you have good night
  8. yes we do because at the moment its pretty hot here in middle of our summer
  9. So it might be a important one especially sweeps and if that only one in feb
  10. is this episode in the feb sweeps
  11. Hi guys just saw on other threads that a lot of people speculating that wiil weaton could have something to with shamy wedding then i thought maybe they are going to give sheldon a bucks party because will weaton is in the next taping on tuesday what do you guys think
  12. have a good trip tensor and enjoy the taping
  13. I know you didnt but they havent actually said it have they i i cannot believe cbs would let a show like this without a fight thats just my opion it might end at 12 we will probaly know shortly anyway
  14. Did mayim actually say they were ending at 12 seasons not want i read does anyone else think the same or am i reading the wrong article
  15. Hi everyone tensor arent you going to taping next week
  16. Hi guys just saw the press release for jan 18 episode sheldon rents his old room back for a quiet place to work what do you think of this are shamy fine
  17. What about johnny comments he said today
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